WP Weekly Photo ~ Muse

«What subject keeps you coming back? This week, show us your muse.» Well … in my case, it got to be ducks … mallards, in particular. Over the five years I’ve been taking pictures, it has evolved to waterfowl in general, but the mallards are always there. I even remember the time when we got a digital camera at work, much have been back in 1998 or so … the first thing I went out and shot was a mallard.

Being new to the DSLR camera, learning the ropes, it was a little difficult to start out with birds, but that was what I wanted. Photos are clickable for your viewing pleasure 🙂 I held myself back, and only put in three!

16 thoughts on “WP Weekly Photo ~ Muse

  1. Lola Jane

    Mallards are beautiful so it is understandable 🙂 The first shot with the wings wide open is lovely!

    I took mallard photos at our local vernal pond for the first time earlier this year, and was so surprised (and found it amusing) that their feet were orange. There are mallard photos and information too at Just Another Nature Enthusiasts’ blog (http://justanothernatureenthusiast.org/2015/01/19/what-do-you-know-mallard-ducks/ ) in case you want to view more, and with a link to a mallard photo gallery.

    1. tassitus Post author

      Thank you! We have a nice pond nearby, so they’re always handy 🙂 Their feet get even more bright orange during the mating season …

      Will go and have a look now …

      1. Lola Jane

        The ones I saw at our pond had very bright “safety orange” colored feet, so it must have been mating season for them! (resending this, as the first reply disappeared)

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      1. daydreamer2011

        You’re definately the best mallard photographer that I know of! And I really mean it to!

    1. tassitus Post author

      ❤ that’s sweet!!! We had a couple that came, once a year, and landed in our pool in QC! It must have been the same couple. They stayed for a day or two, and how they could stand the chlorine is beyond me …

      1. Nylabluesmum

        I remember the QC pair!! They were adorable…..
        There has been a pair of ducks that come yearly here for years>>>I bet it is the offspring of the original ducks…generation after generation…..
        And how DID your ducks stand the Chlorine???

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