over the blogging years …

All these years I’ve been blogging … starting in Yahoo 360º, in 2006 … I’ve met a lot of people. A few of them have even become personal friends! It’s a wonderful thing and I’ve been so fortunate in meeting great bloggers.

There’s another phenomenon, though, that strikes me every now and then: There are people, in my circles, I’ve interacted with for years and I know nothing about them. They write blog posts and I look forward to reading them, but they manage to write in a way so that it tells absolutely nothing about the person. I wouldn’t even know how to do it! 🙂 There used to be three, in particular, and in the long run they made me curious … I’d never seen them, I didn’t know what they did for a living … stuff like that. That’s none of my business either — it’s their posts I should bother about and nothing else. Perhaps I’m nosy LOL.

There have been times when I’ve read blogs, not being able to tell whether it’s a male or a female writer. At times, I’ve taken for granted the writer’s male only to find out ‘he’ starts to talk about the husband … or the other way around. Another person I met, she’d stated it openly, she’d made up a persona … a name that sounded totally ordinary. She was teaching highschool in a medium sized town, so that’s perfectly understandable.   Tassitus isn’t gender specific either — perhaps I should set it to Becky Tassitus in the profile —  but the ones reading this already know who I am 🙂

I sit down here in the mornings and write from the heart [mind?], I go at it without even thinking too much about what personal matters I might share. It could be those people have stuff to write about, and not only about themselves, as opposed to me … I want to write but quite often have a hard time coming up with a subject.

At times, I’ve had ideas about keeping a real anonymous blog, but it got too tiresome to keep that in mind all the time I was writing, so those projects always fell flat to the ground. Now I’ve pretty much given up on that — I can’t change who I am or how I write so I just keep this semi-anonymous and social 🙂

28 thoughts on “over the blogging years …

  1. daydreamer2011

    I think it is only natural to be curious about something like that! I am serious too LOL

    It IS a wonderful thing to have got to know people online and some you have become really good, personal friends with that you can share personal stuff with.

    You know I often think to myself that the reason I have got so very good and close friends online, is just because it is so much easier to open up and say personal things about one self to someone that you don’t have to see face to face! And if you start off getting to know someone online, talk about sometimes serious stuff, then if you have the opportunity to meet for real one day, it is easier to talk about that too face to face.

    I do not know why it is so hard for me to get really close to someone that I have known for years in REAL life… Maybe it is cause I am afraid they will think I am a nutcase or something lol? But then again, someone I get to know online might think that too haha, but it is still easier for me to get really close friends online for some reason. And I am very thankful for having some really close good friends! 🙂

    I DO have anonymous blog, but to be honest, I haven’t been writing there in ages! I almost forget it exist from time to time and that should tell me something huh? lol That I do not need it most likely

    I LOVE your blogs and you know it!! ❤

    1. tassitus Post author

      LOL THANK YOU, for this wonderful comment! 🙂 I will get back to this properly, a little later … I’m on my way out the door right now. Your comment opens up so many other points of view … 😀

    2. tassitus Post author

      It IS easier to open up to people online, because after all, there IS a certain sense of anonymity. Real life friends [and I mean real friends, not acquaintances] we usually don’t have too many of, and it’s taken a very long time to build that friendship. To open up to people in real life, makes you vulnerable.

      I have written quite a few, really personal blog posts over the years. I don’t have a problem with that, but then there is, what I think, is a cultural difference. I’m not sure about that, but so it seems. When I’ve done it, everyone say stuff like ‘oh, you’re so BRAVE to write such an honest blog’. «Brave???!!» I’m not brave, I just write. So what?! All that talk about being brave just makes me feel like I did something stupid. I think sometimes it’s better to be shallow here.

      1. daydreamer2011

        True about the anonymity. And oh so true that it takes time to build up a true trusting friendship in real life!

        I do not have any problems with writing a really personal blog either. I did one in y360 that really told all about me from when I were a kid and up to the point I was when I wrote it. I think you remember it? But when y360 went down all that disappeared from the net.

        Yes could be a cultural difference. Oh I wouldn’t think of it as being brave, when you write a very personal blog. It’s just you being open and honest! And my friend you should absolutely NOT feel like you did something stupid! Cause you sure didn’t! But I can understand why you would feel that, from getting comments like that.

        I actually think many people want to be open and honest, but yes something holds them back and I guess it is about security and privacy. It’s all up to one and each.

        And for me it is also depending on how I am feeling. Some days I can be extremely open and other days I just want to be anonymous.

        1. tassitus Post author

          I don’t really feel stupid … it’s just all that about the «brave» thing LOL Also … in my circles in the other blog, nobody else writes blogs like that. On the other hand; perhaps they have stuff to write about, and not only themselves, like me grin. I do, however, sense a difference between North America and Europe. There are subtle differences that I’ve noticed over the years, that are hard to put words to … to really pin-point.

          Nevertheless, I like to write those cathartic blogs every now and then, when I’m in the mood … and yes, I do remember your blog there. I managed to save a few of my Yahoo blogs, but far from all.

          1. daydreamer2011

            Yes I knew what you meant about the “stupid” part 😉

            Yes I am sure there are some differences. And no need to put words to it, cause I think I got the idea!

            I am kind of in a period now when I have no idea at all what to write in my blog… I feel everything I write about is so boring LOL BUT I won’t dump or ignore my blog that I used to do before. Nope, I will keep this one and hopefully I come up with something soon that won’t be too boring… 😛

            1. tassitus Post author

              That’s good … keep it up! It’s so nice to have!

              Sometimes one can just take a random photo and write something about it … old or new 🙂

  2. Nylabluesmum

    The one thing I strived for when I first starte blogging was for people to KNOW who I was. I too have found some blogs where I wonder who the person ‘is’ behind the blog & it drives me mental to not know a person’s first name or some sort of ID. I have a friend here who only signed her blogs as *************Girl. So for months I just called her HRCG (the initials to the pseudonym). Once we built up a rapport she emailed me with her actual name. Funny thing is I feel more comfortable still calling her HRCG on her blog!!! Ironic yes???
    I know some people are worried about online safety & privacy & I respect their reasons for that. It is hard to not be personal on some level when blogging tho’. To me it makes no sense to blog if you are not willing to at least let people know your gender & first name….
    I remember your nameless blog & I quite enjoyed it. I DID have to re-read & edit a bit but it was thought provoking & I learned a lot about myself & our topic!

    1. tassitus Post author

      There’s always the fine line … I’ve had some trouble at times, on which side of it to stay. Then, like you say, there are always concerns about safety and such.

      Yes, that nameless blog was pure catharsis and it was good. It’s still there should need be LOL

      1. Nylabluesmum

        I am fairly open as there is not anything to hide. I do not mention certain things at all or much & most of the time in Anonymity if necessary…
        Nameless blog was great>>it DID help me a lot. It was good to have a place to have that dialogue 😉

  3. Cardinal Guzman

    I started out my blog anonymously, but after a while I didn’t give a shit. It’s still semi-anonymous, but there’s self-portraits there so you don’t have to look very long and hard to crack my “anonymity”.

      1. Cardinal Guzman

        Yes it does. It doesn’t matter if people don’t like me, my photos or what I write and it doesn’t really matter if I’m anonymous or not either.

        1. tassitus Post author

          Nah, I know so few people here, I could count them on one hand … and if they were to dislike me that badly — so what?! Who gives a eff. I’ve connected it to Twitter but I doubt anyone reads it … Twitter was never really my thing.

            1. tassitus Post author

              I know!!! It feels as if I’m missing out on some important aspect of it, because many people seem to really enjoy it. I signed up 2006 and I still haven’t understood it. It’s good for news, though … I must give it that.

                    1. tassitus Post author

                      That is terrible … such a unique id. I got Tassitus dot com, got it in WordPress, Instagram, FB but not in Gmail or Twitter.

                      I googled it, and I see that it’s some guy who plays some type of computer games, they have tournaments ‘n stuff. Not the Twitter guy though, he has never tweeted.

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