photo bombing

Sometimes in the morning, I go to the webcam of our city. Just because it’s fun to see in which direction it happens to be pointed. There have been times when I’ve seen one of the cruise ships just docking, or on its way in to the harbour.

As I was going through files, yesterday, I came across this one, from two years ago … I thought it was funny enough to save it πŸ™‚


28 Replies to “photo bombing”

      1. I laughed at the photo last nite>>made my day! The seagull has the funniest expression on its’ face; like he or she KNEW they were ‘photo bombing’!!!!! ROFWL πŸ™‚

        1. Yes, he looks so funny! Some years, they [the gulls] have had nests there, right in the webcam’s reach, so they’ve followed it on the local news πŸ™‚

      1. Cormorants are not liked much either. They are fish eaters. However they were brought in to eat certain garbage fish (carp I think?). Trouble is a Cormorant does not discern between a carp or a salmon or trout….fish is fish to them.
        I think shooting them is terribly wrong also 😦

          1. Cormorants used to be coastal birds & could be found on either coast; in Alaska & New Mexico & Florida coastlines. The MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources) or as I call them “MaNuRe” thought it would be a good idea back in the late 80’s to bring a few breeding pairs inland to control the Carp population…..
            Cormorants like to multiply as much as they love to eat fish πŸ˜‰
            So their population went berserk & they eat any fish & their presence has unbalanced the ecosystem of many provinces. So much for the MNR ‘solving’ the problem!!!

              1. So true Rebby!! Human intervention either works well or it goes horribly wrong!
                I am watching a DOC on Shofye the Gorilla & they are going to amputate his left arm!! I am like the animal has been in agony & even tho he has a safe place to be it seems cruel. I would have put him to sleep….I know we want to save all the animals but sometimes it is not really feasible is it?

                  1. Love can blind us to an animal’s suffering. When we have feelings tied up it can cause so much problem.
                    When Mingflower went into Renal Failure I summoned Dr. Dave to put her to sleep at home. he wanted to try & save her & I refused! She was ready & I never felt badly about letting her go.
                    The same with Nylablue. She was so worn out from the IBD & then to develop Diabetes; it was too much for her body. I had an extra week with her & when I had her PTS last November I knew I was doing the right thing for HER! I would not want one of my beloved cats ever suffer at my expense.
                    My bestie (now in Newfoundland) has 2-16 yr. old Sister cats. both hav Hyperthyroidism. Allura got sick last week & she has a fast growing tumor beside colon….she is on her way out & I begged my bestie to NOT let her suffer. I KNOW how attached she is to both cats as they adopted them at 10 weeks old. Again it is about the cat not the owner…..I hope she will do the right thing by Allura as hard as it is!!!! πŸ˜‰

                    1. Yes, that’s probably the main reason. One must never forget that it’s about the animal, not the owner.

                      I think it was probably renal failure Hadassah died from. There was no two thoughts about it … sad as it was.

                    2. That’s what makes us such good pet owners Rebby! We put our cat’s health & well being first. I am sorry Hadassah had Renal Failure also. I KNEW when it happened to Mingflower; it was sudden & it was best to help her to Summerland & not let her suffer unnecessarily….

                    3. Yes … it took five hours. Since Peter, the vet, couldn’t say on the phone, what was wrong, he took her in as the last patient of that day. I pretty much knew, that this would be our last visit. Had a friend with me, and we had some kind of mourning party afterwards..

                    4. With Mingflower being PTS at home there were only tears. Jon was with her & I & once Mingflower was taken away he went home. I went upstairs to my friend Audrey & we wept in each other’s arms. It was awful.
                      With Nylablue being PTS @ Vet’s it was a bit easier. We listened to SEAL’S ‘System’ CD. Judith, Leon, Dr. Dave & I said our Goodbyes…then she was sedated. When the song ‘Amazing’ started to play she nuzzled my hand & it was time to let her go! We sat with her afterwards. Then it was just her & I.
                      Leaving her was hard but not as had as watching Mingflower being carried out of the house….
                      I pray Siddhartha Henry lives a l-o-n-g Life!!! πŸ˜‰

                    5. Yes, it’s really hard. I made a promise to myself, after Hadassah died, that never would I put myself through something like that again. Obviously, I broke that promise. There’s no way to really steel oneself, even though we know one day it has to be done.

                    6. Unfortunately when we love a 4 legged we have to accept they are only with us for 10-20 yrs.
                      Mind you the sadness over losing my beloved girls is outweighed by all the wonderful memories & photos & blog posts. I love Mingflower & Nylablue & they loved me….
                      Just think 18 1/2 yrs with Mingflower
                      8 1/2 yrs with Nylablue.
                      Longer than most of my marriages πŸ˜‰ HAHAHAHA!

                    7. πŸ˜‰ LOL I think we do better with our felines than husbands….there is a certain irony there isn’t there Rebby??? ROFL is right!!!!!!

                    8. LOL Rebby!!! My longest marriage: 13 years.
                      Shortest marriage: 6 months.
                      My cats: 20 years; 6 years; 18 1/2 years; 8 1/2 years…..

                    9. Shortest marriage: one month! I don’t like to really count it, but I have to, since it did happen 😦

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