all those rams

This morning, I told Gerry, my husband, that I thought this new laptop computer gets awfully hot without doing anything in particular. «Well …», he said, «that’s all those rams at work. You wanted lots of RAM [Random Access Memory], now you’ve got them!»

When you buy a computer these days, they come pre-installed with a lot of, what’s often referred to as ‘bloat-ware’. I went and checked out what took up the most of the resources. Turned out the preinstalled, antivirus programme, McAfee used up 48%. They were on top. I’ve uninstalled that now – I prefer some free stuff. Defender, that comes with Windows supposedly isn’t bad at all, for example.

Can you have a favourite tree?

aloneatlastBack in the Spring of 2010, we were out driving around the countryside, when I laid eyes on this tree … or, in fact I think it was Gerry who saw it first. Regardless, it was so beautiful, in full bloom and the location with the rolling green hills! I’ve always treasured this photo.

DSC_6537Each year after that, I’ve insisted on going back there, to see if I manage to catch it again, in bloom, but not so. Still beautiful, though … here’s this year’s version Smile

24 Replies to “all those rams”

  1. ROFWL>>>now you have the ‘rams’ you want!! Gerry is very funny isn’t he Rebby???
    I have never heard of ‘bloat ware’…see this is why I love your blog! I always learn something new!!!!
    That tree is beautiful blossoms or no blossoms….

    1. Love that tree! 🙂

      Yeah, it’s when you buy them new … they come with lots of crap pre-installed! It’s a hassle to get rid of it because some stuff you don’t really know what it IS, and whether you can safely remove it or not…

      1. I asked them NOT to install a bunch of un-necessary cr*p on Tessa. There are a few things I am unsure of. I will not fiddle with PC tho’. I did that to Princess & then I could not open PDF files My own fault.

        1. I think it has to do with money, like everything else … some kind of deal between the manufacturer and for example McAfee in this case. I uninstalled it.

          You need Adobe Reader to open PDF 🙂

          1. Money is always a governing force in everything it seems….
            I told the PC guys NO McAfee because a lot of people are dissatisfied with it & they installed some really good programs that actually work!
            I have Adobe Reader XI on Tessa….no deleting that program, lol…

            1. Yeah, I don’t know but I found it to be a memory hog … and Windows comes with built-in Defender. Oh well, now I don’t have to worry about that for a while ..

    1. It’s a wondrous area, and that tree … or the location of it … is the icing on the cake for me.

      Back home, I most definitely had a favourite tree, but they’ve taken it down now, due to road work. It was on our property … a huge pine tree, that had stood there all of my life.

        1. Strangely enough, when all this was new … like back in 1997, I was totally fearless! Made one mistake once, that made me “computer-less” a whole Easter weekend … that was BAD 🙂

  2. Just stumbled across these photos of your favourite tree and wondering if you’ve ever gone back at this time of year to see what sort of APPLES she wears for fall? ; )

    1. Oh, and try earlier on in late May/ very beginning of June for the blossom. (The earlier the blooming, the earlier the fruiting; )

        1. It sounds like a good excuse for a bit of a hike (and the perfect time of year to do it; )

        2. So, can you find the date of that(those?) original photograph to tell you when it was? Around here it’s roughly the middle of May; but like I said earlier, it also depends on the species…

            1. Well, now you’ve got me curious – comparing NB bloom times to ON, that is…
              Is the date easily found, or would you need to do a bunch of digging to find out when it was that this tree was in bloom?

                1. When looking at the photo on Flickr, I noticed something white hanging beside the trunk of your tree – but I’m only on the phone right now… Any ideas?

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