to choose one’s battles

Sherri-Ellen and I were talking, the other night, about how taste buds seem to change with time. We loathe things we used to love and the other way around. I started loving broccoli at the ripe old age of 45.

Well … I’ve found that’s not the only thing that changes. Patience or attention span, in my case, has become much shorter. I remember back in 2006, blogging in Yahoo360º, how I could spend hours, working on some HTML just to get some stupid red line exactly the way I wanted it. That’s just an example — I had just as many hang-ups then about design, as I have now … down to one pixel. It felt very rewarding … very gratifying, once I managed to get it right … I miss that feeling.

A parenthesis about that time: We had a «help group». Every Friday night we had online chat. One woman in the U.K. wasn’t able to center her headline/blog title. This was easy enough, and we told her time after time to type in <center>blah blah blah</center>. Still wouldn’t center! In the end, it turned out she kept typing CENTRE.  We’re separated by a common language, as a famous person once said.

End of parenthesis. Nowadays, I just don’t have the patience with that stuff. A little … simple adjustments, but nothing more. Guess I want a ready-made theme that has it all, and that has yet to appear. I like many of them, but there’s always something … it might have everything I like, but then it turns out it doesn’t support ‘featured image header’.

Now … there’s something called _s [underscores]. There you can make your very own WordPress theme. You get to download the bare bones of WordPress and then you go at it. If you understand anything, that is. Honestly … this is not for ordinary people! You have to know something … I don’t know what it is, but I don’t have it. Now I’ll just accept that this is a battle I’m NOT going to choose for myself and move on. Instead, I’ll appreciate all those beautiful themes that are out there, and they’re free! I won’t take a single function for granted LOL!

Take the guy who created the theme SAGA [applied here right now] …Justin Tadlock. I remember him from way back, when he was teaching English as second language in Korea [or was it Japan?] … and he’d made a theme called Options on his spare time. This was the dream theme for me then, while I still had patience, because I could change more or less everything. I could have a slider on the front page … that was a new concept back then! Fast forward almost ten years, I think he does this for a living and has a framework called Hybrid.

If you’ve managed to read all the way down here: Hats off to you! As I said in previous post,  I’d gone a little overboard with the blogs and I will cut back on that. This means there will be a few, totally web related, posts here instead. Bear with me 🙂

Those lilacs in the header image, I shot today with the iPhone.


15 Replies to “to choose one’s battles”

  1. I can smell those gorgeous Lilacs from here Rebby!!!
    I am sorry I did not get here sooner…things have been out of whack (again)…
    I love the look of your blog! I remember when you would spend so much time getting things just right. I too no longer have all the patience to fiddle about with things!
    I came here & looked for a theme page & I have not changed to a different one. I am afraid I would not like anything & then mess up the look of the blog, lol…
    And you can blog as much a you want…I totally enjoy reading your blogs… 😉

    1. Yes, it’s a lovely time right now, with all the trees in bloom.

      I still find it fun to fiddle around, change, try new stuff … but not to the point it was back then.

      Thank you for your kind words 🙂

      1. As a lot of trees here are gone there is not much to look at. A lot of gardens are in tatters here.
        The tree removal fellow was here cutting the stumps down to ground level. The Property Manager spoke to me today (yes you read THAT correctly!) She said the stumps will be taken out by the end of next week. She explained the process to me….she was NICE to me!
        Tonite I check for pigs flyin thru the sky, hahahaha!!!!
        I applaud you for making changes & keeping things fresh; you are a brave & talented woman….I am a stick in the mud…. afraid to change…..

        1. Wow! There’ll be lots of flying pigs 🙂 Today, we were down at Long Wharf here, and I was looking at that building we talked about … subsidized housing. What a place it is … prime location, harbour front! The only thing it’s lacking is balconies … probably 11 or 12 stories …

          1. I saw something flying last nite Rebby!!!! HAHAHAHA!!! I think it was the space satellite… 😉
            It is good thatwe are at least speaking. Having bad feeling is not good for her or myself!
            The wharf housing sounds nice except for no balconies…..I would go crazy if I had to live in a palce without outside access. This is one reason I am glad I am on the first floor so I have a patio & access!!!

            1. I know … I feel the same way, and G. even more! I don’t know if it’s a SJ thing … very few buildings have balconies here. Ours does, though … There are hardly any apartment buildings anyway…

  2. I go through this battle a couple of times a week. ‘What can I do – and what is too much?’ It’s weird isn’t it that we think we can pick things up in a haphazard way. An aspiring artist or musician would be apprenticed to a master or go to school. I have a PDF book ‘Digging into WordPress’ and I get so far into it time after time and then just ‘retire from the battlefield’ and do something else to bolster my sense of worth.

    1. I’ve been thinking of this, with regards to leaders of countries too. If I want to apply for any job, I have to write a CV, be qualified, have all kinds of degrees [depending]. To become a powerful leader of a country, you basically just need a big mouth/the gift of gab and a lot of money in certain cases.

      When I started with HTML, it felt as if it was something I actually could learn. That was 1996. Then CSS came into play, and I still felt there was a possibility. Now I’ve lost the grip, there are numbers after HTML and the whole thing has taken on proportions I can’t even fathom. So I might leave the battlefield and just stick with «copy & paste» 🙂

  3. LOL at typing CENTRE!! Well actually that is probably something I would have done way back too! ha!

    When I were very young ( child and teenager) , I hated cooked potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower…. but in my mid twenties maybe I started to LOVE all 3 of them lol As a matter of fact one of my fave dishes is cauliflower with a ham stew.. mmmm lol

    1. Here in Canada, that’s how it’s spelled: centre, colour, favourite, fibre … and so on. Just as I was taught in school LOL Plow is spelt plough

      Yes, cauliflower with ham is good … sometimes I mix cauliflower with broccoli too.

      1. Yes it is the british english that we learned in school 🙂 I tend to write the american english these days. I don’t know why really, it just happens lol

        1. I made a decision to change, when I was 17 and started to work for that American company. I was young, and wanted to talk like them. Today … I regret that a little, but now I can’t go back.

          1. I have always preferred the american english actually. I think cause it is more you know “chilled” out and I actually find it easier to understand Americans than people from uk

            1. Yeah … I don’t know. I was just young and easily impressionable — wanted to be ‘cool’. I’m so over that now [trying to be cool], but it’s too late to go back.

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