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My husband’s computer had a fatal crash the other night, and yesterday I learned my friend Sherri-Ellen’s gave up its breath on the same day!

In Gerry’s case, it was not at all unexpected. Rather the contrary! Before it happened, I’d sat there trying to figure things out. When I went back to my own Mac, I finally realised how fast it is! LOL Guess I needed that … I’d been at his computer for probably an hour, and after that I could appreciate the difference.

Well … he has a brand new one now. It has Windows8 on it, and it isn’t easy. We’re both confused. If he only can hang in there until the last of July … then Windows10 will be released and downloadable.


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  1. Am sorry to hear about the computers!! Both for your hubby and then your friend as well …. But good thing that your man got a new one! 🙂

    I was a little confused as well at first when I had got my new computer with win 8 but pretty soon I got over it. I downloaded this little program… that I can not remember right now LOL Anyway, that program gave me back a start button and a front page instead of all those clouds or whatever they call them.

    Now with the coming win 10 the start button will come back again. I have already signed up for it. I got a pop up the other day asking if I wanted to sign up for the free win 10 when it comes. (I have win 8,1 at the moment)

    Enjoy the new computer G!! 🙂

    LOVE the new look on this page my friend!

    1. Yeah, the guy in the store told me about that programme. Things are better now. I’ve tidied up amongst all those ‘apps’ on the Start page … bloated with silly stuff. With an easy way to the Desktop, things will look more normal. It’s Win8.1 by the way. It’s as if every second OS they release is crappy. Win98 was good, then came Vista. Win7 was really good, and now this! They say Win10 is going to be good. Whatever happened to Win9??

      1. Yeah I was wondering the same thing about win9 LOL

        Maybe this is the reason?;
        “Microsoft dev here, the internal rumours are that early testing revealed just how many third party products that had code of the form

        if(version.StartsWith(“Windows 9″))
        { /* 95 and 98 */
        } else {

        and that this was the pragmatic solution to avoid that.”

  2. I had trouble with Windows 8 at first. Now i have a Mac. A real learning curve but learning. I had a friend help. I love how fast it is. And learning new things is good for the brain.

    Sorry about the dead pc but new is always fun!

    1. I used to think ‘new computer’ was so much FUN. It hasn’t been the case with Win8.

      I just said to G … when I got my Mac, I’d never SEEN, let alone USED a Mac before. After a couple of hours I was up and running. It’s intuitive. Win8 is NOT … I don’t know how less computer savvy people handle it at all. What were they thinking?!

  3. waves Hi Rebby & friends we are back online!!!
    I am glad Gerry got a new PC. I purchased a 1 yr old Lenovo Think Pad (lap top) & it has Windows 7 on it…I am breezing thru a lot of stuff. I do NOT have a proper ‘cropping’ program here tho’…UGH>>Paint just does NOT cut it! Any ideas?
    I knew ‘Princess’ was in trouble as she was looked at in January when I had to buy another power cord. Ron told me 6 months tops>it was 5 1/2 months…that man knows his stuff, lol……
    Now to figure out some more things on TESSA & all will be well…
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

    1. Great news! I took time out today, when I was calm, with Win8 and it looks a little better now. I’m finding my way around, at least.

      Cropping programme? Do it online: is a good one — not only for cropping — oodles of cool stuff there!

      1. I am glad you are getting the hang of Win 8>>I am relieved I have Win 7. It is so similar to Win Vista I am doing pretty well.
        Oh thank you for the link!! I appreciate this….It is driving me crazy trying to crop & Paint is useless & I want the photos’ done properly…I am on my way to open account there!! Thanks Rebby 🙂
        You always come thru’!!!!
        ((hugs)) S-E.

        1. Not saying I’m a fan of it [Win8], though … but we can hang in there until July when Win10 will be released.

          Nowadays there are so many, good programmes online … no need to download stuff for something simple as that.


      2. LOL I hear you Rebby. I will stick with Win 7 for now…I am happy with it.
        Pic Monkey would not accept my email addy; so I went back to PiZap & I am cropping pix there for th new blog. I think both sites are similar…why did not think of PiZap is beyond me, lol….
        I like the pix to look good; not excessive background stuff. I did 3 already & fancied them up a bit.
        I have some pix from the farm (where Siddhartha Henry came from) to crop b4 Saturday…I think I am ahead of the game at this point 😉

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