medium fog

We’ve been having a whole slew of foggy days, which I guess it’s only normal to this city. Today it’s not total … I can still see a bit of the neighbourhood.

Fog sometimes leads my thoughts to a fellow [former] blogger I had in my circles many years ago. She constantly suffered from something called «brain fog» (!). I don’t know what that is, but don’t we all feel a little “foggy” every now and then?! I wouldn’t consider myself sick just because of that. Many people are paranoid about the Web, but she was the number one! If I’d been she, I would have gotten off the Internet entirely … must be really though, being that scared. We eventually lost contact when I’d put up a widget — you know, one of those with flags, where you can see where your visitors come from — it only said the name of the city and country, not WHO it was.  That really scared the hell out of her so that was the last I saw of her. She always thought my font size was too small so I guess it was all good anyway.

The carpet cleaners are out in the corridor, and McDuff is very upset about that. He’s sitting by the door, hissing! As if that wasn’t enough, the postman knocked on the door, delivering a book. This morning is very hard on our little lad!

Lately I haven’t been online as much as I usually am. We’ve been watching TV! Found a British crime series on Netflix, called The Fall and it’s excellent! The thing is, I don’t think all episodes are on Netflix yet … it might stop before we find out!!! Eeeekkk! LOL

Normally, when I just sit here in the evenings, doing stuff online, I get tired in a normal sort of way, when it’s getting close to midnight. When I watch TV, I get so tired so I can hardly keep my eyes open, and that’s without exaggerating! There’s huge difference for me between gazing at the computer screen and the TV screen. Perhaps it’s just because, no matter what, when you’re on the computer, you’re most often doing something … it’s interactive, and TV is not.


5 thoughts on “medium fog

  1. Poor McDuff…so much commotion!! Cats do not like that as we know!!!
    I can hear McDuff hissing….lol…..
    We had so much fog here a week or so ago; i wonder if it finally got to you there. It is almsot cold enough tonite (Thurs) to put the heat on again??? The temps keep yo-yo’ing up & down!
    I think I rmeember the lady you wrote about. It was sad that she disappeared in a way.
    I have a flag counter on our blog & it just shows countries…some I have to look up.
    I have Fibro fog some is a brain fog where words do not come out right or I can’t recall a detail I know I know….that drives me crazy, lol…
    I just saw an ad on PBS about brain fog being an over worked brain….
    too many people like that…Life is not what it used to be. Mind you, I think we have it good 😉
    You are right PC is interactive; TV is static….
    I find by midnite I am ready for sleep with a little help from my sleep med!!!
    Ok off to watch “SCott & Bailey” now…
    I have to look “The Fall” up too!!
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

    1. Tonight we had a little bit of thunder & lightning … nothing much and not close — McDuff didn’t even care! They say we’ll get warmer weather tomorrow, today it was 9ºC.

      When I read about all the diseases and issues people have, I’m so thankful … every day … but one thing I particularly think about in the mornings, is how lucky I am to wake up and the brain is clear, if you see what I mean … to wake up, well rested and not hung over from anything — that’s worth a lot! 🙂

      The Fall was really good!


  2. Beautiful photo!!

    Yeah we all do have a little brain fog now and then. To me it seem I have had it a little more often lately LOL

    That lady sure shouldn’t have been online being THAT scared and paranoid!

    Poor McDuff!! But I am glad that the thunder storm today didn’t bother him at least!

    I haven’t been online as much as I used to be either lately. I too watch tv but I also been painting and crafting a bit more as well. 🙂

    Have a nice weekend! Kram!

  3. When I’m playing Bejeweled Blitz it sure feels that way 🙂 On the computer, I’m hopeless … I play on the iPad.

    Yeah, I think there has to be some limits to how scared you can be when being online. Cautious … fine! but this woman really went overboard. She left the blogosphere, but then she reappeared on FB … she signed up for 8 different accounts because she was playing some game! I never saw a picture of her during those years in Y360!

    1. 8 different accounts!!??? LOL And oh so weird to talk to someone for years and not knowing how they look like…

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