28 thoughts on “WP Weekly Photo ~ Broken

  1. Wow, what a building – how did it get like that? Did it slide down the bank? Was it built on poles over the lake/river/estuary? I bet there’s a story there.

    It would be great to be in a boat and get some close shots.

  2. Yes, it was old; at the very least a century old, I would guess. All that work to build and then just leave it to go to waste, eh Bekah?!
    I (think I) see the remains of a stone construction just to the right (formerly a dock, perhaps?) but, judging from the massive support beams jutting out from under the front and the rectangular doorway still visible at the waterline, I’m inclined (pun intended; ) to agree with David on it having been at least partially constructed over the water.
    Also, having flagpoles at both front and rear, only one very small chimney (to heat an office?) and the extended (roof) ridge support beam (could have had a block and tackle for lifting cargo) it may have been a fish processing plant, warehouse or even a Customs Shed?
    Do you know how long it was abandoned; simply waiting for time and tide for years?
    Pretty sure that’s also a large patch of Rhubarb up the hill a bit…

    1. Hey Deb, I have no idea what it was there. I only noticed it when it started to go. There was an article about it in the newspaper a few days before it went out to sea, but it’s been a couple of years now, and I forget…

        1. from what I can see, it must have been off Riverview Drive … 384. I doubt it had a proper civic address, it was really off the road, must have been just a path to get there..

  3. That is a powerful image of ‘broken’ Rebby!!! You REALLY have an amazing eye for photography!!! Thank you for sharing this great photo with all of us!!
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

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