after eleven years …

Out of the blue, McDuff has decided he wants to sleep with us, in bed, at night. All these years we’ve tried to convince him that’s a nice thing to do, he’s just ignored us. That’s what cats do.

Now, however, it’s on his conditions so then it’s okay. There’s a certain ritual to it. As usual, if I don’t get up and go to bed the same time as usual, there are the big eyes and then the head butts. I go and wash, brush teeth, he gets to smell the tooth paste and then it’s time for bed.

He used to position himself on G’s side so every night he had to move him in order to be able to get into bed, and the cat didn’t like that — sometimes he jumped down and left. Now I’ve started to place a cushion there, so he places himself in the middle.

It’s so nice to fall asleep to the purring sound … it resonates throughout the bed πŸ™‚

17 Replies to “after eleven years …”

  1. I wish I had a cat or tiny dog to sleep with. I keep thinking I should look for a little dog but not done it yet.

  2. LOL McDuff finally gave in for the comfort of the BIG bed. Aren’t cats hilarious? Everything is on their own terms. PERIOD!!
    When Siddhartha Henry came here he slept with me for the first 2-3 months…..then he decided he was a ‘big boy’ & sleeps in Nylablue’s condo in the livingroom….
    2 nites ago I ‘invited’ Dharth Henry to sleep with me & wonder of wonders; HE DID!!!
    I had trouble falling asleep last night but once I settled down Dharth Henry was there for a while….I miss having a cat there nightly like Mingflower used to do….
    Then again there is the 5:30 A.M. wake-up call for first brekkie….
    Some things never change even when the cat does, ROFWL πŸ™‚

    1. It really is hilarious! I think he gets up around 5:30 A.M. too … Sometimes he has taken his afternoon snooze in bed, but never with us at night.

      In any case, I hope it’s a lasting trend πŸ™‚

      1. Daybreak is an active time for felines whether domesticated cats or lions & tigers & panthers….they all awaken at dawn! πŸ˜‰
        Thankfully Siddhartha Henry is not waking me up @ the ‘crack of before dawn’!!!
        He woke me up at 6 A.M. today; a much more reasonable time, lol….
        I hope McDuff sleeping with you is a lasting trend also.
        Cats are very unique πŸ˜‰

        1. Quite often, I get up to go to the washroom around 3, 3:30 … then he’s stretched out, very comfortably, and doesn’t even look up. He never wakes us up when he leaves, though … guess he just jumps down.

          We have really miserable weather here today, so he’s literally β€œunder the weather” πŸ™‚

          1. Same here…aout the bathroom….now Siddhartha Henry does not dash over to see what I am doing! He is usally sleeping in the pedestal bed at that time….funny how he is creating routines for himself….finally!!!
            UGH I am sorry your weather is crummy! We had such a hot & humid day yesterday & we could not sit out it was so humid & with no tree it was nasty. Today it was only 10 C & even with sunshine it was COLD! Late afternoon a North wind sprang up & when I came home I had to put the heat on…insane!!!! 😦

            1. Yeah, it’s so much fun about the routines! He knows exactly when I’m finished rolling smokes, because then it’s time for his daily brushing. As soon as I get off the chair, he jumps up! So strange also, about that built-in clock they seem to have…

              There was even a tornado warning issued for QC. We didn’t get the promised thunder, now it’s fine again πŸ™‚

              1. Good grief a Tornado warning for Quebec?? This world is all topsy turvy!!
                LOL about McDuff & his internal clock…..cats make their own routines & we are the ones who adapt to them πŸ˜‰ We just ‘think’ we get them to adapt to ‘our’ routines, hahahaha…

                1. Yes, they had severe thunderstorms, but I don’t think anything came out of it.

                  Yes, and we adapt so well! LOL

                  We’ve just finished watching Foyle for tonight. Terrific series!

                  A bright yellow sliver of a moon is hanging in the sky … beautiful!

                  1. We were told we were going to get bad storms here but they never materialized either!
                    Foyle’s War is a bit too close to home for me….WW11 shows sometimes ‘get’ to me.
                    Tonight is “Scott & Bailey” & White Chapel”…I LOVE Thursday nights on PBS!!!
                    Siddhartha Henry is out in Nylablue’s condo & he is afapting a bit better. He also is not waking me up til 6 A.M. for his brekkie…that is ‘do-able’, lol. We now have snuggle time around 9 A.M.> that is a lovely way to be woken up: head butts an nose kisses & the purring is divine…..

  3. Makes me remember when I had my dog a long time ago. He always slept on my feet and in the mornings he suddenly were up close to my face. lol Guess it was his way to say ” hey it is time to get up now”!

    Weather has been up and down here as well. We have some nice warm days and then we get some days with chilly winds. I got a cold now and I think it is partly cause of the weather keep changing.

    I hope it’s a lasting trend with McDuff sleeping with you in the nights! πŸ™‚

    1. Yep, he knew it was time to get up! πŸ™‚

      Many people get sick when the temperatures go up and down, I’ve heard. I seem to stay healthy as long as I don’t take a flight anywhere! I’ve gotten sick after each trip now..

      1. Yes I have noticed that too! That’s a bad “side effect” on your trips that you seem to enjoy!

        I usually get a really bad cold or flu once a year. Sure I can get a cold more times but usually they are over fast and it was no big deal. I am almost over this cold already, I hope! LOL ( I do not want to jinx myself he )

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