Just read a blog, where the group Squeeze was being mentioned. It brought back memories from the early 80’s and one of my favourite songs. Here goes …


18 thoughts on “squeeze

    1. tassitus Post author


      If my memory serves me right, it was either Nick Lowe or Elvis Costello who managed this group.

      Did you do try that GitHub thing in that blog?

      1. David Bennett

        Just today I was tempted to try to install Ghost – another app that has to be installed locally using Terminal and then SSH into the server. But a few days ago I came across a WordPress version of Ghost – that is, it looks similar but without the front-end editing. I am using it on one of my blogs. It’s very minimal and I like it.

        1. tassitus Post author

          Yeah?!!! I did that Ghost thing once, but felt the same way as I did about GitHub … too much effort.

          Where did you find it?

  1. daydreamer2011

    Must admit that I have never heard of either the group or this song! He has a nice voice for sure! Nice song too!

    Songs can make us travel back in time… 🙂


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