Just do it!



a little dark, but there's a space underneath the top, and two drawers!

a little dark, but there’s a space underneath the top, and two drawers!

I have a coffee table in front of the couch. It has a glass top that rests on a wooden rim. Somehow, magically, dust creeps in there, underneath the glass … and in between the glass and the wood. Anyway, I sit there every night, get irked by seeing the stuff there, thinking I should really clean that out. For months, I’ve been thinking that.

Today I finally pulled myself together and did it! It took one minute, at the most. Wanted to take a photo with lots of white and some blue in it, and needed the glass surface. That was the trigger, I guess … to finally lift the glass up and wipe off the dust.


From above, the sheets of paper are under the glass.

From above, the sheets of paper are under the glass.

On a side note; Why, oh why do I get so much noise already at ISO400?!

16 thoughts on “Just do it!

  1. David Bennett

    That’s what I thought.

    OK, let’s make a start with some questions šŸ™‚

    What noise are you seeing at ISO 400 ?

    Do you shoot RAW or JPEG?

    What do you use to post-process your images?

    1. tassitus Post author

      In the darker parts … .RAW. I don’t do much of post-processing nowadays, since I removed Aperture. I don’t know what I’ll do…

    1. tassitus

      In the comments or the post itself? šŸ˜€ Night after night, I’d be sitting there, like a damned fool, looking at that dirt underneath the glass, not doing a thing about it . All the other stuff was camera talk LOL

      1. annetteholmboe

        It was the camera talk LOL, I did understand that about the dirt, I have some of that stuff myself

  2. Nylabluesmum

    All I know is I love the photo…. šŸ˜‰
    As for glass tables never did like them! A pain in the BLEEP to keep clean!
    Sherri-Ellen (who adores WOOD tables alot!)

    1. tassitus Post author

      I would never have bought a glass table, had it not been for that it had exactly the other ‘features I was looking for … and no other table had! LOL I’d have to take a picture of it to explain some time…

    2. tassitus Post author

      I’ve added two pictures of it. One criteria, when I bought it, was that it had to have a space under the top, and preferably, a drawer … this has TWO drawers! šŸ™‚

  3. daydreamer2011

    Dust creeps in everywhere! sigh šŸ˜¦ LOL

    Love the first photo! It has a great depth in it! I have a hard time to get photos like that!


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