self heal?

random chickadee
unrelated chickadee

Can computers self heal? In my MacBook’s case, it certainly seems that way. Back in January I was griping about how slow it was. Eventually I got the worst problems sorted out [had a few “orphans”, from deleted apps], but my woes weren’t over by any means.

Both the computer itself and the external hard drive [WD My Book] continued to act up. Couldn’t open the Finder [same as file manager on Windows], unless I right-clicked on it and selected ‘Open’. That was not only annoying, but a sign that something was wrong. The hard drive was constantly spinning — as it if it was working all the time! You could tell by the little blue indicator and also by touching it.

The Finder problem, I managed to resolve by doing something I found in Apple’s support forums. It came back once. I was so fed up with the whole concept so I was fully prepared to go back to Windows! I even brought back my six year old Dell laptop, which, at the time, worked better! I felt sad, though … thinking about how much I would miss DayOne.  They should be proud if they read this; that the first thing I thought about was that app, when considering leaving the Apple ecosystem.

However, I didn’t do that … after a few days, I switched back, and yesterday I noticed that magically everything was back to normal, hard drive included?! I will never know what was going on, but that doesn’t really matter now.

Getting enough fibre?
Getting enough fibre?

As if this good stuff wasn’t enough, we’re also going to get fibre optics here in the building!!! Yay!

A few years ago, there were lots of people here, wiring the whole city for fibre optics, and that was what it said on their vans. They all stayed in our building, because there’s one floor designated to short term stays. I talked with them, and they said we weren’t getting it here … had to do with the landlord or whatever.

The other day, there was this notice from friendly Bell, that said if they could get 40% of the tenants to sign up, we would get fibre optics here. I thought I’d start a campaign LOL, but then I met one of the Bell guys and he said that number wasn’t really true … we’re going to get it anyway!

This will change our whole online experience here! With the old copper wiring, we lose the wifi at least once a day, so you’re on pins and needles when you’re downloading something. Not to mention the speed….

33 Replies to “self heal?”

  1. Love love the photos!! I wish I could get my photos like that! Perfect light and crystal clear…. dream on Mona… dream on LOL

    And yay that everything seemed to have worked out mysteriously on it’s on!! Great news about the fibre optics too!!

    1. Your photos are beautiful, Mona … don’t put yourself down — you should pat yourself on the back more often 🙂 …but THANKS!

      That’s the best piece of news in some time, about the fibreops

        1. After this Winter, I feel as if I’m out of practice. Used to be able to shoot some half decent pictures of ducks in flight … not so now. I need to spend more time out there, as the weather gets better.

          1. I am out of practice BIG time LOL!! I wish I could get even half decent photos!

            Mjust admit that I have taken most of my photos lately with my smartphone… but will for sure use my bigger camera now when spring is here!

                1. We all make typos. I use the Chrome browser. It has a built-in spell check, it helps most of the time, but not always. I mean … if I type they’re when I mean their … then it doesn’t help.

  2. Are you on Yosemite? I am not sure whether it is still true for the latest software versions but it used to be that Macs did a cycle in the early hours to reset themselves .

    If I saw the bird in the UK I would say it is a Willow tit.
    Great photo 🙂

    1. Yes, but I think that started before Yosemite. It happens about the same time every day, only a few minutes later each time — I wrote it down for a while, to see how it ‘moved’, sort of like the tides 🙂

      Looking at Willow Tit now, they look an awful lot alike. The full name of these is Black capped chickadee.

      1. Macs used to run a self-heal program around 3am – provided they were switched on, of course – but I just read that this no longer applies to the latest versions of OS X.

        1. Wow, had I not had the latest OS X [installed an updated version yesterday], I would have thought that was it. I put it to sleep every night…

          On 10 April 2015 at 04:44, colderweather wrote:


  3. Glad your MacBook seems to have sorted itself out. Do you use DayOne regularly? It’s the first time I’ve heard of it, so I must check it out.
    That’s great news about getting fibre optics in your building, no more worries about downloading.

    1. I use DayOne every day. I keep a journal, but I do lots of other stuff there too. For a while I tried to move to EverNote, but that didn’t last … back to DayOne. If I wanted to, I could even publish a note as a webpage…

      So … if anyone asked me which app I wouldn’t be without, it gotta be DayOne [gawd, I sound like the spokeswoman for them LOL]

      1. So it’s like keeping a daily diary but where you can add photos as well. Do you use it mostly on your iphone or MacBook?

  4. Wonderful pictures. I think your Mac has undergone what happens to humans: spontane recovery lol. Good that it works again. I am still a Microsoft user, and doubt that I will change to Mac, its too expensive after my opinion. And I am happy with what I have- and thats a good thing ( smile ).

    1. Yes! That’s what it was — spontaneous recovery, and I’m so happy! Not just for the Mac/Apple part … when it comes to the computer, I think I could go either way [not the phone, though]. But as you say, it was rather expensive, and I’ve only had if for a year and a half!

  5. If anyone can sort a PC problem it is you Rebby…maybe the PC fairy assisted you this time? 😉
    I hope you do get Wi-Fi so you are not worrying about the service cutting out.
    That would be so frustrating!!!

    1. 🙂 The Bell guy said we’d get it within four weeks! Just today, I got an update for the operating system on the iPhone. I’m so scared, each time, that the wifi will go down during the installation but it went well.

  6. That is just weird! I had my data roaming grayed out and couldn’t get it back on the iPhone so I couldn’t look at anything unless I was on WiFi, so I had gone to all the forums and nothing applied to me. Today I was with Sarah and she looked at my phone and it was a setting in my restricted area. Sheesh! It all just makes me crazy some days.

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