wigeons are back!


I bet they regretted their decision. Usually, we have Spring when they get here. I also saw two Cormorants flying by our windows yesterday.

The part of the park where all the squirrels are … it was so full of life! Chirping everywhere! A guy, who stood beside me, taking pictures, told me he’d seen a hawk grabbing a squirrel just a few minutes earlier. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to witness that. I know, I know … it’s the law of nature and all that but I just don’t want to look.

32 Replies to “wigeons are back!”

    1. They’re smaller than mallards, they’re white on their heads. Later, they get a green patch on each side of the eyes… very pretty little duck!

  1. I saw a little bird of some sort foraging for food in the snow earlier today. I thought the same thing, that he must regret his decision to return.

          1. There was a robin on the rail of the back step here yesterday. My cat was pretty happy about that. There was snow on my car today too. I decided to stay home rather than clean it. I’m soooo done with brushing off the car. I’m officially on snow removal strike.

  2. It’s a pretty little thing, hope he finds enough food to keep him going till the snow disappears.
    I’m glad you didn’t witness the hawk getting the squirrel either….law of nature and all that.

  3. Normally the first birds to arrive in Spring are young males; who luckily (under Nature’s harsh rules of survival) would be of the least importance, genetically speaking, if they should perish because of a dearth of food from arriving too early.
    Mother Nature’s methods of controlling populations can, unfortunately, be extremely harsh. Meanwhile, thank you! I’ve never seen a Widgeon and your photo shows just how beautiful he is.

    1. Thank you! The first year we lived here, I had no idea what it was — thought it was some real ‘exotic’ duck we’d got in the pond. Told some real birder, I was really excited. They’re VERY common here 🙂

  4. Hurrah for the Widgeons…maybe they are ‘Snow’ Widgeons, lol…
    Oh I am glad you missed the hawk/squirrel episode.
    We had many hawk/pigeon episodes here over the Winter & it was not pleasant even tho it is ‘the circle of Life’….

      1. We have Widgeons in the Park here also.
        As for Raptors the Red Tailed Hawk (almost as big as an Eagle!) perched on my bench & looked right in at me defiantley….and then he took a Pigeon 😦
        Awesome & maddening all at the same time…

  5. I love the Wigeons and first saw them through you. I have never seen one in real life. I can’t take the laws of nature either.

    1. I love all the ducks, but the wigeons are particularly cute, and they go away for the winter. They don’t like white bread so they don’t get fed and stay, like the mallards…

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