Import & Export

Was finally able to import the old posts here, but the photos wouldn’t fly. At first I thought I’d just leave it at that, but then I figured they weren’t too many, as I only started in December. Went through each and every post and inserted the corresponding image. It wasn’t all that hard, as the file name/number was stated in the empty space — made it easy to search. This is a common problem when you move blogs in WordPress … that the images don’t fly.

I’m glad a did it and I’m very pleased with my Danish, new home. They have nice webmail too.

6991244881_f203dcca02_z-minHere are more of those little people, coming out of a brick wall, down in Market Square. Sometimes, when you’re walking there, with your thoughts elsewhere, it’s almost so you jump, when you realize it’s a wooden thing and not a real person. This is an old photo, I think I took it with the BlackBerry, if my memory serves me right.

3 thoughts on “Import & Export

  1. Love those ‘little people’ Rebby!
    I ended up losing my pix from 360/Multiply days. I put text on disk & it is on laptop but I rarely read those old blogs; too busy staying current with the 45 I follow now….lol….

    1. I managed to save a great deal of text though … both from Multiply and Y360. Some have pictures, most don’t. The Multiply one, I imported to another account here in WordPress while we still could.

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