IMG_0963-minHere’s an excerpt from what my husband is reading. This is Tacitus’ writings. We order the books from Amazon, I have the account. If someone in Amazon were to take a look at my history, they’d think I have an extremely eclectic taste in literature LOL — all this Latin mixed in with almost romance novels.

He started out with Cicero, I believe, and then, after some time, he asked me to order Tacitus. «Tassitus» I heard … thinking, “that should have been my screen name from day one, instead of all the other silliness !” Went over to WordPress.com to see if it was available — lo and behold; it was! Set up the blog there but little later, I felt so good about it so I went ahead and signed up for the domain name.

IMG_0964-minThere are piles of these red books here. I so wish I could muster up an interest in this — I would have a wealth of reading — but I can’t, guess I’m just not wired that way.

On a different note; I managed to upload the old posts to this blog, but the photos were missing. Last night and this morning, I’ve gone through each post and added the pictures back. It was only since last December so it wasn’t too bad.

18 Replies to “Tacitus”

  1. G reads Latin? WOW-USS!! Ok seriously I am with you. I like readign to unwind. If my brain has to work too hard….it hurts, hahaha!!!!
    I am glad you have settled here. Hope the photo adding goes well…you have way MORE patience than I would have 😉
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

    1. Yes he does … he’s kept it up ever since his days in the seminary! But languages have been his job all his life …

      Sometimes I can be very patient … and other times; not so much. I’m almost finished 🙂

      1. Wow G is a very multi layered person…..
        As for patience I have less than I used to. soemtimes the chronic pain just makes me very impatient. I do not show it online or face to face…
        Did you finish the photo loading? I hope so & w/out any trouble 😉
        ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

        1. He is, indeed 🙂

          With age, I’ve begun to ask myself what is really worth my patience…

          And yes, I have only a few posts left now!


  2. Same here. I used to put up with alot of AGGRO aka sh*t from people in my life (family & friends). Now I just shut people down & walk away.
    People who do nothing but ‘take take take’ are finding themselves w/out me in their lives this year. I am too worn out from my health issues to be walked all over.
    The kinder/gentler S-E. has been replaced with a far more assertive S-E.
    Hurrah for almost having the posts almost done! You go Girl! You can do it!
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

    1. I would like to say that too, but I’m not fully there yet. I still get hurt. «I don’t take crap from anyone», used to be my New Years resolution LOL, and I’m still working on it. Then, there’s always that ‘guilt’ thing, that just because you’re blood, you’re supposed to ‘love’ them.

      1. LOL not allowing people to invade my space & hurt me was my New Year’s Resolution for past 3 yrs. This year it finally ‘took’!
        I do not appreciate people on the patio bangin on patio door nor banging on my apt door w/out calling first. It is a mater of respect…too little of tHAT going around these days.
        As for (so called) family I might LOVE mine in some abstract way but at present do not LIKE many of their actions. I have learned to seperate Love from Like.
        I love my Sister because I chose her however the way she neglects & ignores me I DO NOT LIKE> I have learned to just not feed into her or the family dysfunction. So I jsut live my Life. As for them I wish them the best…
        it has to be like that 😉

        1. Oh, if I were confronted with something like THAT … [patio door et cetera], then I’m definitely there!!! About ‘family’ … yeah well … ‘love’ is a difficult word… 🙂

          1. I knew you would understand Rebby!
            The Paperlady got to the point she would just ‘show up’ expecting me to dog sit while she delivered papers. I ADORE her foxhound but the woman’s behaviour REALLY got to me so I stopped sitting out in the mornings (last Autumn).
            What irks me is she is on her cell phone ALL THE TIME so why could she not call me & ask if she could drop the dog off in 10 or 20 mins.? Again simple respect……
            Also people in the building think it is OK to just knock on my door anytime! Between being a private person & being busy with blogs/blogging I do not need interruptions. So I had to put a stop to thier behaviour. Now they say I am snobby & not very nice….
            The ONLY time I show up at someone’s door is if my phone is not working. Other than that I always call first.
            Ah ‘family’; can’t live with them; can’t live w/out them… 😉

              1. 😉 the ONLY drawback to being on the ground floor I have found. I like it for access to outside & of course Nylablue loved the patio.
                So there are pros & cons with living on 1st floor or higher up 😉
                The other thing that is driving me crazy is WITHOUT the trees people are always gawking to see who is coming in & out. This happened to me today & it was awful! Ruth peering down from 2nd floor & a 1st floor neighbor coming up behind me & interrupting the chat I was having with Mobility Driver. At least the trees blocked peoples’ views…I just feel like screaming “Leave me alone!!”
                And I am not an anti-social person….. such is Life right Rebby?

                1. I’m too scared to live on the ground floor. I’ve only done it once, and I felt very uncomfortable … a bunch of weirdoes walking by outside my kitchen window. Once I met some nut job in a bar, and he knew my full name and everything because he’d read on my mailbox outside. I’m all for big, huge apartment complexes with lots of security. They have changed the security system, so now the phone rings if someone wants to come up, and I let them in with the keypad [when I want to] 🙂

                  1. It can be a problem living on the ground floor altho I have had no trouble here. Well there was the old guy who was a ‘Peeping Tom’ in the building. I soon sorted him out! Also reported him to Hosuing & they told him to stay away from my patio & front door & he did…thankfully. he & his wife moved out a few years later so no more worries there.
                    We have a security intercom here but the elder people let jsut anyone in. Thankfully we have peepholes so I check before opening apartment doo.
                    Another reason I prefer people call ahead 😉
                    Our system goes thru our phone too plus I can see front entrance from my place 😉

                    1. That sounds good! 🙂

                      I’ve just watched Blue Bloods and that was just as good as usual … this week’s fix LOL

                    2. I think we are far enough away from downtown & the Polcie patrol regularly so we are not targets in this building!
                      I am watching some Britcoms & then “Time Team’….

  3. I could never build up an interest to read books like that… :/ Like Sherri says, I read to unwind and prefer to read much “lighter” books.

    Way to go about the older posts!!

    1. Me either. In fact, I even have a problem with historical novels and movies. Now, I’m going to give it a go though … am going to try Jan Guillou’s series about Arn. Since I like his writings so much in general, perhaps I’ll manage to get a bit of history in me 🙂

      1. Oh I have a problem with historical novels and movies as well… And WAY back in school… I actually were half asleep on them History classes lol :/

        Good Luck with Arn! 🙂

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