slow progress

There was a place, not far from here, where I always used to spot the first crocus. It wasn’t anybody’s garden — it must have spread somehow, but it poked its lovely head through the snow every year. These croci will never come back, because they dug up the whole place for some reason … some pipes they needed to put down, I think. Please, mouse over each picture for date! It will take some time before we’ll be able to drive up on Fort Howe, methinks.

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  1. What a shame not to see these beautiful little flowers anymore. After a long hard winter like you have just had, that little bit of colour would have been a welcome sight.

  2. Oh WOW, what gorgeous crocus! Also accompanied by the first feathery leaves of Astilbe… And a dark-flowered one too, judging by the rich burgundy-green of the stems: ) or might also be some of that super early, ground-hugging perrenial Crane’s Bill Geranium. Did you ever go back a little later in the year to see what else was growing there?
    But they’re all gone now? How terribly sad!! This must have been someone’s garden at some point in time ):
    But LOL, at least you can’t keep the Colt’s Foot down; ). When I was a kid (before I discovered what it really was) I always thought their flowers were some sort of weird “early” Dandelion.
    Did you know that it was used historically for bronchial troubles?

  3. Your hamburger menu has taken over the left hand side of my phone screen and is squishing up your post): Similar to what was happening to Sheri-Ellen? (Looks ‘way better in landscape mode now though… ; )

    1. This was not the theme Sherri-Ellen had troubles with [they were sorted out btw.]. Looking at it now on my phone, and I see a thin, black bar to the left. When I tap on the ‘hamburger’ it slides out…

      1. Don’t know why, but on my screen, whether I tap on burger or “x”it, makes no difference, it is simply there – using up 6mm of the 5cm width (>10% of available space):

  4. So no crocuses yet in Saint John, this year!

    We have lots of crocuses in Edinburgh because the Council plant them on the Links and the Meadows – huge grassed areas near where we live.

    This year they got hit by the warm/cold/warm/cold spells and flopped over. But the daffodils are out – hundreds of them!

    Do you have Autumn crocuses – Colchicum Autumnale ? They are not actually crocuses but they look similar except the leaves die back and then they flower. They grow wild here.

    1. No, it will take some time before we see them in people’s flowerbeds. The first day, when I arrived in London, back in 1983, I was struck by the intensity of the daffodils in the parks.

      I don’t think we have the Autumn Crocus…

      1. Daffodils are the national flower of Wales – that may be part of the reason we have so many – and we have a gazillion roses for the national flower of England. Hardly anyone grows thistles – so poor old Scotland is left out again 😉

        1. LOL but what a great time to go! Now when everything starts to melt and look yucky — when they get back it’s probably all said and done! Perfect!

  5. It is a shame they were dug up. I love seeing these first signs. My tulips are already getting ready to bloom and my heat hasn’t come on but once in a couple weeks. In fact yesterday it was much cooler inside than out. I had a couple windows open.

    1. How nice! A little different here, but it will be oh so nice when it finally gets green again.

      How does my blog appear on your iPhone?

      1. It shows up with your header and the first part of your post on my iPhone. When I pull it up on the computer the header fills the computer screen unless I am replying to you like this and this area comes up on the computer.

              1. it looks fine across all my browsers except the bar doesn’t show in iPhone 6+. I wouldn’t worry about it. I can see all I need to see.

                1. Gee Bekah, maybe it’s an iPhone 5 issue. Looks like they’re trying to push everyone into a newer version already): Or have you had an iPhone long enough to have noticed that – that only takes a while before these annoying little “issues” start to crop up so that you feel the need to do an upgrade? My Grandfather called it Planned Obsolescence. Taught me to be cynical at a very young age…

                  1. ‘Planned Obsolescence’ … heh, no not since we have the same iOS on them … I think, that is.. These themes are made responsive for any phone…

                    1. You probably do have the same iOS unless Deb has not been able to upgrade. I would still have my 4 if I could have upgraded with a little more memory and of course it’s planned. That is the way of today’s society.

                    2. I could still have upgraded my 4S, but I had made up my mind long before … about the 6+, I craved the large screen. It’s just right for me.

                    3. Well I, for one, find it extremely annoying being forced into buying anything with a built-in expiry date even once, never mind over and OVER again. (And that’s putting it mildly; )

                    4. With regards to the iPhone … you can still use them, even though you’re not able to upgrade to the latest iOS. They don’t become unusable. My friend in Sweden had an iPhone 3, and we communicated on that … worked fine. I sent her my 4s as a gift…

                    5. I don’t really feel forced to do anything. I lived without upgrading the 4 several years and did fine but just couldn’t add anything. I took off all that wasn’t necessary and dumped my photos into Dropbox. I sometimes forget my phone and leave it at home.

                    6. I didn’t feel forced either. Just had heard that they were going to release a larger one, so I felt excited about that … otherwise I would have kept my 4S, I think… [but I NEVER forget my phone LOL]

  6. Such pretty Crocuses….
    Don’t you just hate when flowers/shribs/trees are removed & then not replaced?
    Our land looks stark & spartan & most people no longer have their wee gardens here. Mine is still under snow & I fear everything has not survived….
    So I am enjoying everyone else’s flower photos!!!!! 😉

    1. Yeah, but this is a strange area … really no gardens or anything. I think this particular one was left over from old times.

      Our time will come 😀 it won’t be long now!

  7. It saddens me to see places w/out gardens & shubbery. It makes things look cold & sterile.
    I am glad that Crocus was a ‘hold over’….
    maybe there will be more…
    It is 35 F here today…still cold but I feel more optimistic about Spring being on its way 😉

    1. There are three, strange little houses there — don’t know if anyone lives there. They’d have a lovely view of the river … but it looks vacant.

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