This isn’t just any cat picture

This photo of McDuff, sitting on the bathroom counter in Quebec, means a lot to me.

Back in those days, when we were still blogging in Yahoo 360º, they, too, had almost the same system as WordPress; featured blogs. Here it’s called «Freshly Pressed», and I think Yahoo’s system was a little more random.

181605279_1f11592e7a_oEither way, at one point, my humble blog was featured and they happened to pick this particular photo! I think I got 125 ‘followers’ in one fell swoop! 🙂 Still, to this day, I’m in contact with several of them! My little blog picked up momentum and it got even funnier to blog! Thanks to McDuff I got a whole bunch of blogging buddies that I wouldn’t have met otherwise!

He wasn’t much older than a year in that photo! He was very sleek 🙂

Today he ‘materialized’ after a long, good snooze. I grabbed him, and sort of hugged him, sniffed on his head and he smelled of Tide! Then it struck me; he’d been in bed — I changed the linen today and even the bedspread had been washed! He likes that … he’s very fresh!

7 Replies to “This isn’t just any cat picture”

  1. I remember this photo…has it been that long?? WOW!!!!
    McDuff is so handsome….
    I love when Siddhartha Henry smells like Purex…sometimes he smells like perfume…I rarely wear any….
    Mingflower used to smell like lavender/lilacs…
    Nylablue smelled like fresh flannel. Funny how each cat has their own odor!

    1. Yeah, time flies … this was in the beginning of Y360! Yes, now that you mention it … they really smell differently, even without laundry detergent 🙂 He was in bed when I woke up this morning!

      1. LOL funny how each cat has their own unique smell…when i smell freshly laundered flannel I think of Nylablue..
        AH McDuff wasin bed! That is so cool. Siddhartha Henry used to sleep with me but he is ‘too grown up’ now it seems 😉

    1. Yes! I’ll be forever thankful to Yahoo for doing that! Got 125 followers at once … people I would never have met otherwise, like you … and Sherri-Ellen!

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