IMG_0945-minThe day before yesterday, we had fog. The dense, compact fog we get here. Yesterday, I went downtown, and was amazed to see what a great job the fog had done to the snow! And that was just one day!

The nights are cold, though, which is a good thing. We don’t want a quick melt.

Those carved men you see here and there around the uptown area. For some reason, they refer to downtown as ‘uptown’ here. These particular ones are sitting around something that’s supposed to be a clock, but there’s no way of telling the time. I’ll take a picture of the whole thing some time.

Was meaning to indulge myself with a Chubby Chicken at A&W yesterday. However, first I went to Starbucks to have a cup of coffee. As I stood there, reading the board, I ended up having an Espresso White Chocolate Mocha. After that one, I felt as if I’d had a three course meal, so … no Chubby Chicken for me!

If I’d written all posts here in ByWord, they would have been stored on the computer, but comments would still have been lost. I’ve never experienced before that an import wouldn’t work. Only problems I’ve had were the pictures wouldn’t come with. I don’t dwell on minor annoyances like this … like I said; it’s a new beginning and I’m very happy with my new host.

11 Replies to “Uptown”

  1. Wow there is still alot of snow there! Ours is slowly melting away & we can see brown-drab green ground….I LOVE the carved statues & can hardly wait to see an entire photo of them & the clock….
    Uptown is so lovely there.
    Our ‘uptown’ looks scruffier every year which is very sad as we have some great buildings here.
    I chuckled over ‘Chubby Chicken’….that was Nylablue’s 1st nickname, lol…
    The coffee sounds like it was VERY filling & tasty too!
    ((Hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

    1. A certain area of uptown is called ‘the heritage area’, and that’s well taken care of … well, reasonably well. Outside of that, it’s terrible.

      Yeah, that coffee was more like a dessert. Same thing when you have one of those blizzards at DairyQueen!

      1. Same here. the ‘heritage’ buildings are cared for while the rest of the place falls apart. We have a DIA group Downtown Improvement Association….they sit on their backsides & eat pastries & drink coffee all day. No offence to a) pastries b) coffee c) people who drink coffee or eat pastries……
        It just upsets me this once beautiful town is falling apart.
        OY DQ blizzards! So good but they are so filling…it is hard to walk afterwards, hahahaha!

        1. I’m sitting here in the laundry room, waiting for a washer to do its final spin. Still , to this day, I’m in awe that I can do these things on a little phone!

          Yeah, they’re doing a great job on the heritage area! I don’t know what they’re munching on down there — the mayor is quite skinny LOL

          1. HAHA that was funny Rebby!!! 😉
            Maybe they are not eating up the profits & actually taking care of business there….what a concept!
            I am chuckling about you sitting in the laundry room doing your thing on the phone….
            I just take a book & word puzzles; I am so-o old fashioned, lol…..

            1. In any event, they have surprisingly dumb ideas though. At one point there was a suggestion to build three hockey rinks down on Long Wharf [the picture you see in my very first post here «New Home ~ New Start». We have so many hockey arenas around this city that are falling apart because nobody using them. In the same picture is that building, ‘affordable housing’ we talked about…

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