New Home ~ New Start

Tassitus has been down for some time because it moved. Finally I pulled myself together, decided to pull up the poles in GoDaddy and relocate to ONE.COM. They were my first host ever — don’t know how I could have forgotten about that. They’re in Denmark [amongst many other countries nowadays].

A domain transfer can take its time, but now I’m here. The sad partΒ is the exported file with all old posts seems to be corrupt. I can’t import it here, I’ve tried three times. Oh well, it was nothing earth shattering and I’ll just look at this as a fresh start … from scratch.

The high-rise to the left in this photo is ‘affordable housing’, or subsidized living. They sure have a grand view there at the waterfront. The next, tall building is Hilton. The lower ones in between are high end condos. Unfortunately, that high-rise doesn’t have balconies. In fact, very few buildings in this city have balconies. Maybe it’s a ‘cultural’ thing, but at least ours has.


13 thoughts on “New Home ~ New Start

    1. No, I think it was something wrong with the whole file! Nothing would import … just got a long list of ‘FAILED’…

  1. Oh so that’s why I couldn’t get your page up!

    Am sorry about the posts that you lost…. But it sure looks great on this page! πŸ™‚

    1. It feels so good, Mona! I don’t know how I could forget about this Danish server … this is where I had while I still lived back home!

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