We’re re-watching the TV-series Wallander on Netflix. While it was on PBS, we missed several episodes, and it has also been quite some time ago. It is just as enjoyable as I KennethBranaghJuly09remember it, and of course, the fact that one of my all time favourite actors — Kenneth Branagh — plays the lead character doesn’t hurt. Apparently Branagh read all the novels in one month, then he approached Henning Mankell and asked if he could play Wallander. Good thing he did. The Swedish version of this started on TV there the year after I left so I’ve never seen it — hence I have nothing to compare it to. But … being a Swedish person and all, I must say the Brits have done a terrific job on it. Most of the time I forget that they are Brits playing, speaking English — that’s how well they’ve captured the moods and atmosphere of this dark story. I appreciate that I’m able to reflect on things and occurrences that I would never have noticed had I not left the country.

bridge to Denmark
Øresundsbron – Øresund Bridge

All these horrific murders take place in the tiny town of Ystad, at the southernmost tip of Sweden. If all of this had happened in such a small place, in real life, it would have been a disaster beyond comprehension — that’s the great thing about fiction. This is a part of the country, where I’ve only spent a few days in my life, 2011, this is just one of hundreds of pictures I took while I was there. In this photo, you see Öresundsbron — Öresund Bridge — across the Öresund Strait, between Sweden and Denmark. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any great pictures of the bridge … the time I spent there was rather … ‘compressed’, so to speak. “The Bridge” is another TV-series I thought I’d written about here before, but now I can’t find it.  Anyway, if I lived there, in the county of Skåne [Scania], I think I would bicycle a lot 🙂 it’s very flat, hardly any hills at all.

17 Replies to “Wallander”

  1. Jag har inte sett den engelska versionen så jag kan inte heller jämföra men böckerna är bra. Fina biler från skåne. Har faktiskt aldrig varit där.

  2. Jeg har læst en enkelt af Mankell’s bøger, den sidste hvor Wallander dør ( eller bliver han bare dement?). Jeg har – som sædvanlig – ikke set filmene på TV, men Ole har set dem på de svenske kanaler forstås, og han er meget begejstret. Blekinge og Skåne er ret flade, men Småland og de vidunderlige skove er meget anderledes. Altså, jeg er så betaget af Sverige, jeg holder ferie der hver sommer, igen i år- på Öland, nå det var et sidespring. Der er mange film jeg mangler at se. Øresundsbroen har jeg passeret et par gange, første del ( fra Danmark ) er en tunnel, måske for at flyene til Kastrup (CPH) ikke skal flyve ind i den?

    1. Jag kommer inte riktigt ihåg vilka jag har läst av Mankell, men det var några, och rätt länge sedan nu. Jag har sett nå’n svensk version, med Rolf Lassgård som Wallander, men senare blev det Krister Henriksson.

      Jag har åkt över (under) Øresundsbroen med tåg, men det var mitt i natten, så jag såg ingenting. Var knappt medveten om att vi passerade via bron, för det var en finne som var så full och envisades med att prata engelska med oss (!).

  3. This is so funny! I read this whole thing from Twitter and didn’t realize I was reading your blog. I thought it was some news account lol.

  4. Thank you for explaining about Wallendar series; I could never quite ‘get into it’…
    I hope PBS brings it back so I can rewatch it & understand…..

    1. Yes, all of these Scandinavian/Nordic series we’ve been watching now, have been very … ‘dark’, and very different from North American ones. People here must think we’re all like that LOL

  5. yrsa is a very descriptive wirter & she draws one into the story.
    “The day Is Dark” is the 4th in the series of Thora stories….there are 3 previous so I have to figure out how to get them thru Amazon or somewhere… ;0

  6. Let along watching the series — I wouldn’t even read the books, because they’re so dark. I don’t do dark. English cozies, a la Agatha Christie and her descendants, that’s about all I’m up for. Very interesting to see the country they’re set in, though. Not sinister, actually, (no dark pines and ravines and such) but maybe that adds to the horror.

    1. I like dark … maybe I am dark. They always start with a horrific murder, but once that’s over, it’s pretty much about solving it.

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