Yesterday, I got an email from GoDaddy, telling me that this page … Tassitus … had the same issue as my other one! I almost freaked out, because this one isn’t going anywhere. My other page, there I was aware of some problems, as it took so long to load. Not so here. Hope it was just some temporary glitch.

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    1. Something about ‘using up too much resources’ or whatever … I have very few plugins installed, maybe three. Before I moved the other page, I disabled them all. Didn’t help.

      1. That usually means that a script is running that is consuming memory. And because memory is shared on a shared hosting package, it affects other sites on the server. However, I have had instances in the past where the host wrongly identified my site as the one that is using resources. And I have had times when I have been the one to point out to the host that the site is slow and it turns out that it is because other sites are using memory. A good host should be on top of these things and should be the one to knock errant sites on the head before I have to warn the host that this is going on.

        1. When it happened with the other site, I also kept getting notifications from JetPack that my site was up/down. That hasn’t happened with this site, so I hope it was a one time occurrence.

          In the first case, I most definitely think my site was being wrongly identified. I didn’t have any scripts or anything at all … a simple WordPress installation. Even applied the most basic theme in the end. Nothing helped.

          In the long run, I’ll probably move to some other provder … probably, but I’ll think about that another day 🙂

    1. They’ve been quiet since last night. This page isn’t going to move … this is my ‘playground’ LOL

    1. Hopefully, I won’t have anything like this to post about in the future LOL … that would be the best. I just wanted to get it out — felt frustrated.

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