Coming back to, I wanted to apply a fresh, new theme to my blog. If for nothing else, so to ‘mark the event’ 🙂 .

At this point in time, there are 337 themes to choose from. Out of those, 183 are free, the other ones are premium. When you look at this line-up of fancy themes, it’s easy to become drawn to the ones with spectacular photos, so I have to stay focused on what it is I really want. For one, I have to like the main font, as I don’t have the paid upgrade. Fonts have always important to me, and I think even more so nowadays, with all the mobile devices. Got to be ‘readable’! 🙂

So, yesterday I was looking through the newest, free themes. All the older ones, I know pretty well — I check them out as they’re being released. Over the years, I’ve found the themes made by Automattic [=WordPress], are the best in the long run … most stable. Mind you … that’s only ME, and it’s just a feeling I have.

Right away, I fell for a brand new one, called Scrawl.  I loved that theme! But wouldn’t you know … turns out that one of my friends couldn’t comment! From what I understand, in her view, the sidebar is constantly displayed, covering the whole comments section.

With stuff like that, I get like a terrier with a rag … I have to figure it out! I pored over this all afternoon, yesterday — we wrote back and forth, she and I, I tested it on the other computer with Windows on it … there just wasn’t any way I could reproduce the problem. Eventually I gave up and applied the default theme Twenty Fifteen, which is nice too.

On a different note; just for fun I’ll post these three photos of our snow levels right now! In a week or two, I’ll take the same pictures again, to see how far they’ve gone down. After all … yesterday was First of Spring! Ha ha!

44 thoughts on “Themes

  1. I think you are very brave! The first flake of snow sends me into a panic – I kid you not! As for the theme – I couldn’t get this one to do what I wanted – and have tried a variety since. I think this looks great – very glad you are back 😉

    1. Thank you … it feels good!
      They were all shot from out balcony on the 9th floor — no risk of being snowed in here 🙂

      If you put very little stuff in the sidebar, this one is great.

  2. Wow, that is some very deep snow!! The next set showing the snow melt will be interesting to see. I believe many of these free themes are poorly coded, and to get decent functionality you must purchase a theme with better coding and options. Not surprised the Scrawl theme was acting odd. It may have been an issue with your friend’s computer, or not. no matter, any theme should work, cross platform with zero issues. Frankly, I think WP should remove dozens of the old themes down, free or not. They are stale. But who’s opinionated here… 😉

    1. Once the fog and the rain starts, it could happen very quickly. That’s not so good, lots of flooding.

      There are oodles of themes that should be removed — ‘stale’ is the word!

      These days, I always check them out on the computer, iPhone and iPad before I make up my mind, and Scrawl was so nice!

      I once was a member of a blogging platform, which, the owners told me, worked BEST with FireFox. I left immediately. Imagine that; the whole site worked best with FF. This was quite a few years ago, though 🙂

  3. Hurrah I can see the post & i can comment Rebby!!!! I am so-o relieved!! And I adore this theme; it is so YOU! Thank you for changing it for little old me so I could visit you here….nothing like this has happened in the 10 yrs we have known each other…it sure was odd wasn’t it??
    Say do you watch “Death In Paradise”? It is back on PBS tonight at 8 pm EST….

    1. That’s great. This is WordPress’ default theme for 2015, so if that didn’t work, I’d be doomed LOL.

      No, I don’t know it … must check it out..

      1. I am relieved you found a theme that works properly here. That was so odd. Never had this happen before.
        Here is the link to “Death In Paradise”. It is a quirky murder mystery set in the Carribean with British Inspector.
        We are now into the series with Kris Marshall as the new Inspector. I adored him in “My Family” with Robert Lindsay & Zoe Wannamaker….
        As you can see I KNOW my British Telly!!

        1. Great stuff! I’m going to try one more, right now [it just takes a second], and see how that works for you. If it doesn’t work, I switch right back to this…

          We’ve been watching a long series on Netflix, but the end is drawing nigh there, and now we just found a Danish one [with subtitles of course] that’s really good!

          1. This one works also. I liked the other blue one better…then again I like lots of color…..all I know is I am glad I can comment here!!!!!
            Excellent you have things to watch. This is why I watch Britshows; I find them better quality than American stuff….
            There are a few good shows American & Canadian but more British shows….say did you hear the announcement that Season 6 is the LAST for Downton Abbey?? 😦
            I am not happy about that news!

            1. Good … that it worked. I really just wanted to see if it was just that theme, or any theme with a sliding sidebar.

              I too read that season 6 would be the last of Downton Abbey. That’s sad. It’s so damned good … I don’t want it to go away!

              1. I guess all good things must end Rebby….I also think they are having trouble keeping it real as it was a certain time of life: the Edwardian period…..which gave way to whatever came next 😉
                I am glad we got this theme page/slidebar problem sorted out. Boy it was frustrating not being able to read your blog on post a comment….bet you were not best pleased either!

                1. Yes, it all must come to an end. Like Sopranos … they came to a very abrupt end.

                  I wasn’t pleased at all — particularly as I really liked the theme! Other ones I don’t care too much about and switch easily.

                  1. I do not like when a show abruptly ends & there are loose ends…
                    I suspected “Downton abbey” had aonly a few seasons left which is sad. I could have watched it for years to come.
                    I never watched “The Sopranos” but I know many did.
                    My fave American show is “Sleepy Hollow” with British actor Tom Mison…he is gorgeous & the show has been amazing from the 1st episode. I figure when it comes back this Autumn that will be the last season altho’ they ahve not said anything…yet…

                    1. In Sopranos … the screen just went black! The family sat down to eat at a diner, he put on a song on the jukebox …then; black! That was it. I’d watched it from episode 1.

                      Back home there used to be a British show called Emmerdale Farm. I think it started in the mid 70’s, and it’s probably still on LOL

  4. P.S.: I love the Tassitus cat symbol too!
    You have more snow there than we do now (except for our snow piles)….please Spring will you show up already?

  5. This theme is fresh and clean, and easy on the eye, which I think is very important to our readers. I’m thinking of changing my theme too, but haven’t found the right one yet.
    You can enjoy all that snow from the best place – high up, and you don’t have to shovel it!

    1. The other one was really cool 🙂 In the other place, I tended to get almost lost in the immense supply.

      I’m enjoying it less now, when it starts to melt and look dirty. Once it starts, it will go fast.

    2. I’ve found one for the other site now, that has most of the features one could wish, and is easily customizable. It’s aptly named «Best»! 🙂

  6. Love your snow photos. I really miss having a winter and snow. Not healthy. We already have mosquitos and flies. Going to be a long long summer.

  7. I like the look of your page!! 🙂

    I always ONLY look at the free pages lol. As long as there is free things online I go for them! 😉

    And just look at them photos!! All of that snow! Will be interesting to see how it looks like in a week or two!
    Yeah it is SUPPOSED to be spring but we got colder temps again… and a few flakes were coming down when I were out shopping this morning. I know it was just a few flakes but still lol

    1. Yes, me too. Would be terrible if one had paid for a theme, and then some people couldn’t use it. But then again, they have that 30 days return policy.

    1. It could be that … I thought of it, but I must admit that it does something strange when you pull out the sidebar … something grey covers the whole window. The problem seemed to be that in her case, it wouldn’t go away.

  8. What a weird way to end a series…go to black out! Mind you it was “The Sopranos” so mayb it was a symbolic ‘lights out’ kind of ending?
    I watched ‘Emmerdale’ for about 5 yrs here & then one day it was gone & yet “EastEnders’ is still on… go figure!
    Yes ‘Emmerdale’ is still going strong in UK>>I guess we could watch it online.
    I miss Paddy the Vet & of course Cain Dingle the badboy…. 😉

    1. There were many speculations about what he could have meant with that ending.

      So many years since I watched Emmerdale, I only remember a guy named Jack, and the mother …. Annie. That was in the 70’s…

  9. By the time I started watching Annie was dead & Jack had the farm & had been married & was widowed & raising 2 sons on his own…I miss “Emmerdale” so much…

  10. Did anyone have a roof fall in from the snow? It still looks so deep! I just can’t imagine. Do you start feeling trapped after you have been in awhile?

    The theme thing reminds me of Multiply when people who did the themes didn’t really make them to fit across different platforms. I am surprised that Word Press doesn’t check into that sort of thing.

    1. No, not yet … not here in the city. Haven’t felt trapped yet. Multiply was insane. I wrote to them about some issue I had, and was told Multiply works best in FireFox. Priceless.

      In this case, I really don’t know where the issue lies.

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