Every morning, the same ritual. When I’m finished with my breakfast, I make smokes and after that it’s time for his dailIMG_0861-miny brush.  He knows this very well, and he’s extremely patient. He would never try and crave attention until I’ve carried out my little tasks. As soon as I put away the tray I use for the tobacco, he sits there, waiting for me to drag out the chair, and he jumps up.

This is the time for bonding, not only brushing and it’s a delight both for him and me. Afterwards is usually a good time for taking photos of him 🙂 He’s such a fine and timid little lad and we love him dearly.

He’s a little less scared of the new Dyson vacuum cleaner, he only hisses once at it, when I bring it out. The other ones, he went into hiding.

8 Replies to “Groomed”

    1. It sure is … a very nice routine! I LOVE the vacuum cleaner! It’s the best thing since sliced bread … it was worth every $.

  1. McDuff is so handsome Rebby….you take such wonderful care of him….
    Nylablue liked her brushing at 11 P.M. b4 I went to bed…every night…how I miss that.
    Siddhartha Henry does not care about being brushed. he just wants to run & play, lol….
    And he is not too afraid of the vacuum either!

    1. I don’t remember when the brushing started … certainly not when he was little. I think the real routine has started since we came here, and that’s six years ago.

      That’s a wonderful thing that he’s not afraid! Hadassah wasn’t afraid of it either, but rather mad … she wanted to attack it 🙂

      1. Same with Nylablue not being interested in brushing until we had moved into this place. Maybe she felt more at home & relaxed?
        Hadassah & Siddhartha henry; two peas in a pod! I want to give him a relaxing brush & he goes bonkers on the brush……

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