WP Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Wall

This is a portion of the wall around St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church, here in Saint John. I’ve admired it since I first laid eyes on it. My husband tells me all these little rocks were brought there from the beach [Saints’ Rest Beach]. His father, who was born 1903, had told him that the wall had been there since he was a boy, so it must originate back in the 1800-something.

I really like this wall, so therefore I’ve chosen it for this week’s photo challenge.

14 thoughts on “WP Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Wall

  1. It’s an interesting wall Rebekah, quite old too and still standing…..they were built to last in the old days!

  2. I can understand why you like the wall. Lots of lovely colours and texture. I’ve used walls as inspiration in textile work for about 20 years – there is always so much to see there.

  3. Oh love that wall and the photos!

    We have a stone wall around our small church as well and if I remember right, I have taken pictures of it… hmmm but do not remember where I have saved those photos lol

  4. The self hosted site had some serious difficulty loading, I had to close the window and start over twice to get it to load up. This site just pops right up as usual. I hit the follow button!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks! πŸ™‚
      Yes, I know … that’s why I closed the comments on that post, as I would never have been able to to respond there. I haven’t bothered to get back in touch with GoDaddy to determine what the problem is. I moved instead.

      1. I have read some bad stuff about godaddy, how they misrepresent clients and such. i would never use them. WP.com is the best way to go in spite of it’s restrictions.

        1. It’s pure laziness that had me stay there for all these years. I was used to their ‘interface’ or whatever. I was very upset when they supported SOPA, and then he shot an elephant and posted the picture all over the web. That’s when I should have left. Anyway … it will be fine here now, once I get my followers back πŸ˜€

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