Several times I’ve written here about the difference between free WordPress.COM and self-hosted WordPress.ORG. My blog here belongs to the latter category.

Back in November last year, I was told by another blogger, that there’s this website that allows you to ‘self-host’ your wordpress blog for free. I didn’t believe much in it, but of course had to check it out. Fair enough, after a quick sign-up procedure, I could install WordPress and do the usual things, like choosing a theme and all that. You got a rather silly URL [address] for your blog, but when it’s free, you can’t be picky, huh?!

After that, I pretty much forgot about it. I’m of the conviction that if it sounds too good to be true, it usually isn’t. However, the other day, I remembered it and went to check on things. What do you know — still up and running!

Soooo … if anyone is interested to try and see what it’s like to have a self-hosted blog, I think this would be a golden opportunity. The website is HOSTINGER, and my little test blog I set up there is

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  1. I know that you have discussed this before but for the life of me I can’t remember what the cons were to self hosting – other than having to know how to do at least some coding, but I know they existed. Since you have a depth of experience on both sides, could you remind us again, please?

    1. There are many pros and cons … and all a matter of what you’re into. Here is a pretty good line up of them. I, who like to explore the graphic side of the whole thing, new themes and all that, it’s better with self-hosted, where I have the freedom to change around as I wish. I could pay $30 a year to wp.COM, and still don’t have full freedom + pay for the custom domain name. It really depends on what you want to do. No ads in self-hosted … it’s a long list of stuff …

  2. This isn’t truly free as you still pay the host.

    I have gone back and forth with this idea recently and still don’t have the guts to do it again. Being self hosted makes you an outsider in terms of the WP community, I love the community that is

    It’s a compromise situation as with many other things in this life. I allow to dictate certain terms of my website in return for never having to concern myself with the under the hood things that are a hassle in any website’s operations. The tradeoff is worth it to me.

    BlueHost seems to be the same thing as this host, unless I missed something here which is entirely possible!

    1. Yes, it is still free. However … to make sure, I went there now and had a look at the sign up procedure. It seems when I clicked on North America, there was costs involved, but not Europe. I had clicked on Europe when I signed up in November and it’s still free of charge. So I still think it’s a good idea for people who might be curious about what it’s like to have a self-hosted wordpress. You get a certain amount of space [not much, of course] and there’s one-click installation of wordpress just as if you’d paid for it … not questions of credit card.

      The only downside I see nowadays, with self-hosted, is that when I tag my posts, they don’t show up in the the wordpress.COM … the community, otherwise I’m just as much a member as I was with the free.

      To me, it’s worth it … this is my little hobby 🙂

      1. I see why now, mystery solved. We have a common hobby!! I still have those stupid ads in the comments section of my site, keep forgetting to hack up thirty bucks to remove them. oNE WAY OR THE OTHER, THE AD freaks are gonna get you. Sorry for the caps, not shouting…

        1. LOL no worries [about the CAPS] … If it were all about the money, I think it would be even Steven, for hosting and domain name, or at least very little difference. Besides, with the ‘customizing upgrade’ you’re still limited to those fonts that they choose. You can’t use Google Fonts, because you have no access to the ‘head section’. I’ve been weighing this so much, back and forth now, and I’ve settled for this. Before, there used to be a lot of trouble moving your followers but it isn’t so anymore.

          1. The Followers and my photos are yet another scary issue. If only we could actually get to the PHP style sheets, that would be so nice!!

            1. Last time I moved the followers, it worked perfectly … they didn’t even know what happened 🙂 It’s the Jetpack thingy … it just keeps getting better.

              Photos … there, there HAVE been some issues…

              1. I did some digging into the JetPack thing a long time ago, people seem to think the software is up to no good. Not exactly sure but it had been known to make a huge mess of things. Without JetPack though, you are an island unto yourself on the web.

                1. The only thing about it is that you have to connect it to a blog. Like here, in my case, I have, but I never do anything with it. And yes, like you say … it gets to be a very lonely experience without it — almost like Blogger.

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