On Facebook, I’m a member of a group for this city that calls itself a news group. I joined quite some time ago, out of pure curiosity. Now, that I know what it is, I think many towns and cities have groups like this. It’s made up of people who listen to the police/fire department scanner and post the dispatcher calls that come in.

In the beginning, I was totally baffled over what people call in for. Could be a guy, walking along the street, dressed in a dark hoodie — the hoodie part is important here, hoodies seems to be always suspicious — carrying something that could be a firearm [turned out to be an umbrella]. Quite often, these calls end with «Needs to be checked out!». Another time, it was two little old ladies in an apartment building, where one of them had not returned the cups she’d borrowed from the other one. Imagine to actually pick up the phone and call 911 for something like this. Since there is a call, they have to respond. After a while, you learn all kinds of abbreviations like BOLO [Be on the look Out], DOA [Dead on Arrival] and stuff like that 🙂  There’s such a waste of resources.

Anyway … the one listening to the scanner posts this to the group, and then there are all the comments. Of course a call like the one about the cups, gets a lot of LOL:s, but other times they have me mystified. There are always a few people who can turn something totally ordinary into something very negative and then the fighting starts. It must be something in the human nature. It’s like that in the Swedish expat group too … fighting. People just cannot keep the peace.

Anyway, this particular newsgroup I’m a member of [there are several], has sort of taken on a wider meaning so nowadays people are posting all kinds of questions … it isn’t just news. Well, I guess it’s news to them: «Are the schools open today?» «Are the busses running today?» «What’s the phone number to this or that Chinese restaurant?» The group has 14,000 members but you can see that there’s just a little group of people that keep posting.

Sometimes I go in and read there on Friday nights. Then they have «Name that song», and I get reminded of golden oldies that I haven’t thought about for decades. That’s at least a little fun.

5 Replies to “news”

  1. My goodness!! Can’t believe how them calls to 911 can be!! Must admit it was funny though about the cups lol But yeah such a waste when there are some that REALLY need to get through on that 911.

    I too wonder why there ALWAYS have to be some kind of fight in ANY group…. Sometimes I believe that there are some people that kind of just live for stirring up troubles. My guess is those people do not really feel well inside and get out their frustration/anger on someone else? Some are just bored too.

    Sound like fun though about that part where you have to name that song. My memory is really bad when it comes about remembering title and even lyrics on songs :/

    1. Yes, sometimes they’re hilarious … there was more to the cups: the other took out revenge and ripped out all the other one’s plants in some garden they had, so then SHE called about that.

      Yeah, there are a number of issues behind all these fights, but it’s the same everywhere, where humans get together … we have wars going on all over the world. It’s sad.

        1. Yes, people always fight … be it on a one-on-one level, or whole countries. We need to change.

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