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ByWord is a little app where I type up these posts here in Tassitus. It’s very basic and you can’t attach pictures – at least I haven’t found out how, only post them as inline links. I do this because I’m forcing myself to learn a little more of what’s called ‘Markdown’. I honestly don’t know why markdown came to be, but it’s what makes certain words in italics and others in bold letters. I can’t change the colours with it, like I can with HTML. Anyway … it’s there, so I’m learning it. When it comes to the web and computer stuff, I never want to stop learning! The more interested or curious you are, the easier it is to learn.

Long time ago … 1997, to be exact, when I first came online, I attended a chat room in a place called WBS [WebChat Broadcasting System], frequently. And by ‘frequently’, I mean as often I could sneak away from work … before work, lunch breaks, weekends – I didn’t have Internet at home. This was also where I met the man who is now my husband! There, I learned how to copy and paste! Also, that by copying a link, I could produce an image/avatar to my name in that chat. My, oh my … I thought that was the coolest thing since sliced bread! Talk about bringing out your inner child! In fact, that was probably my first introduction to HTML. I was hooked immediately.

This chat server, WBS, also had so you could build a simple webpage and link to that, so that was also a big incentive to learn HTML. It didn’t take me long to learn the basics of it and it was so much fun!!! I was perfectly able to design a simple webpage, back then they were mainly made of of tables. Nowadays I’ve lost the grip of the whole thing – there’s so much more to it now and I have no real reason to keep up with it. But this only goes to show how quickly you can learn something when you really want to. If I was really desperate to learn Hebrew, I probably could do that too if I put my mind to it. Heh!

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  1. I also use Byword. Mostly because the colours are restful on the eye. But I don’t post from it. I also have WriteRoom, which is another distraction-free writing environment. It’s so distraction free that I haven’t used it for ages. πŸ™‚

    I also find myself drawn to Hemingway, because it tells me when my sentences are too long or not in the most easily-readable tense.

    I asked for a refund on Desk because it is not to my taste – much prefer MarsEdit – and if MarsEdit had a phone app version… Ah well.

    It was John Gruber who invented MarkDown – aided by Aaron Swartz (are you familiar with his name?) – you can read about on John Gruber’s site at Daring Fireball – just click on Projects in the sidebar and you’ll see MarkDown as the top listing.

    On our site at Quillcards members can use MarkDown to style their messages. At first we implemented John Gruber’s version of MarkDown, but we found that it didn’t do automatic carriage returns with one ‘enter’. So we use Github-flavored Markdown’. It’s worth looking at to see how the styling differs.

    P.S. Seriously – Do I seem overly aggressive, pushy, or short tempered? I have a cold that has affected my hearing and I am feeling like ‘no more BS’ – possibly in completely inappropriate circumstances. Some feedback would be helpful.

    1. I’m beginning to like it more and more as I go along. It’s no too distraction free, like your WriteRoom LOL. The downside is of course the pictures. MarsEdit was too painful, I’m thankful I never went ahead and paid for it. I got a refund for Desk. Boy, do I remember Aaron Swartz … what a sad, sad story that was. In the DaringFireball I found a really neat page, where I can practice.

      I was immediately drawn to Hemingway, partly because my whole life I’ve admired his style of writing. Short, succinct.

      Have you seen in GitHub?

      To answer the last part; Wherever did you get that from?! To me, you appear just as cool, calm and collected as I’ve always perceived you, here in the blogosphere. My cold is affecting my right ear — unfortunately the ear where I suffer from tinnitus since more than six years. Bleh!

      I wish a woman in the support forums had asked me the same question as you did … I’ve had the chance to tell her what I really think πŸ˜€

      1. I just took a look at Hubpress – are you using it? A friend on Facebook just gave me a link to Aaron Swartz’s story. Have you seen it? I am about 20 minutes into it.

        1. I started, but took it down because I got such stupid URL. Think I must have made a mistake.

          Haven’t seen it … will watch…

            1. No, they tell you to rename your repository, mine was named, to So … I thought I’d get the URL but I got

              No matter what I did, I ended up with that … bleh.

              I’ve watched 25 minutes now … and … wow!

        2. Now I’ve watched the whole thing, and that was time well spent. What a terrible loss … I have no words.

          1. I don’t get it. His brother said he didn’t get it. Swartz had previously downloaded documents and analysed them to show that there was bias in reporting cases that favoured the companies who were paying the reviewers. Swartz’s girlfriend told the FBI about Swartz’s manifesto, but there was no evidence that Swartz was going to ‘liberate’ the JSTOR records. Without a confession from Swartz, the prosecution case was weak.

            That’s strand #1.

            Look at Swartz himself. He liked the limelight. He was photographed many times. He was passionate and intelligent. He was on a mission to make the world a better place.

            And his response to the pressure of the case was suicide?

            Everything about says that his response would be to get it all out in the open – to have his day in court – to run rings around the prosecution – to deny he intended to publish to documents – to claim he intended to analyse them as he had done with other documents.

            It doesn’t add up.

            1. I thought about all this too, and I shudder to think about what really happened. JSTOR dropped the charges! The other guy, in the end, said they would probably have won the case. I didn’t get it either, and it’s very frightening to think about.

  2. YOU are simply AMAZING Rebby!!! I am definitely NOT as adventurous as you are, lol…
    I DO admire how you learn all this cool stuff & share it….
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

    1. Well … I have a lot of free time at my hands [too much?], and I like this type of stuff. Sometimes it can be very … rewarding, believe it or not LOL

      1. LOL no you do not have too much time on your hands; you have an inquisitive mind! Nothign wrong with this at all.
        I am a bare bones sort of PC operator. I have learned what I need to know but do not endeavour to upgrade my mind. A bit lazy I guess…
        I applaud you for your diligence!

        1. Let’s just say that I have the immense privilege to do what I like to do … not many people are that fortunate! πŸ™‚

            1. Yes, I often need to remind myself of that. I always feel guilty, somehow … for not working, for not doing enough house-work or whatever…

              1. I relate Rebby! I am always feeling guilty but then I remind myself how hard I worked from 16 until going to College @ 34. Spent 5 yrs studying & coping with health issues. When I moved back here I had plans for a cat sitting service which never happened. It was all I could do to take care of Mingflower & myself. I did manage 19 yrs of part time counselling at the Native Centre.
                Honestly after the assault in 2006 I have never been the same. Mind you caring for Nylablue was a full time job (G-D rest her furry soul).
                As things stand now I do the best I can to assist with feral cat rescue & caring for Siddhartha Henry. he needs medical care daily.
                So we are not as non productive as we think we are πŸ˜‰
                We jsut do most of our ‘work’ at home.
                As for housework it was ingrained in us to be clean fanatics. I am not THAT obbsessed anymore (thankfully).
                Still everything orderly & no clutter….a bit of dust does not bother me tho’ πŸ˜‰

                1. I’ve always felt guilty for something. Sometimes not even knowing for what. Bleh.

                  Haven’t heard about the assault 2006. That doesn’t sound good at all! My home used to be much more orderly … but it’s clean now, thanks to Dyson LOL πŸ™‚

                  1. πŸ˜‰ This is not something I share about Rebby…not a topic for blogging…
                    My then fiance at the time had a psychotic break & almost killed me. It has taken some years to get over it all & forgive the person & we HAVE made peace & he got help. however I am still scarred & somehow hearing from my Ex Brother-In-Law triggered some very unpleasant memories.
                    I really need some peace!
                    Now the fridge has broken down. My food is on the patio in a tote in snow. Frozen food @ my friends upstairs. Housing says this is not an emergency so repairman will be here Monday morning….
                    I am so fed up 😦

                    1. Oh my goodness! Of course not a topic for blogging or anything!!! We could have taken this to an email convo instead. I do indeed understand that it has taken time … I’ve never been anywhere close to stuff like that, but I do know that even minor trauma takes a lot of time.

                      And then the fridge, as ‘frosting on the cake!’ Yes, you need peace. I’m so sorry … that landlord sounds a little weird. What if it had been the freezer?! Cripes!

                      It’s morning now, and we have a snowstorm.

                    2. Freezer part of fridge is shot too Rebby! All my frozen food is at friend’s upstairs. Fridge stuff in a tote stuffed with snow on patio. Have my milk buried in snowbank…
                      Housing does not care about the tenants anymore & they have no one to answer to.
                      All of our drains from roof are broken from the ice….bet they will not fix them this Spring….
                      Living here is a nitemare but I have no where else to go.
                      As for the assault it was traumatic & I suffered permanent damage to Lumbar spine.
                      2 yrs AFTER the fact my Ex offered to pay for Chiropractic care & I went from 2010-Apr. 2014. That helped quite alot until the bone disease attacked my mid spine. So I had to stop going. The ex has a girlfriend who does not ‘allow’ him to call me or help me out financially so I have no extra help now.
                      I DID forgive him because he is mentally ill & was a total mess back in Sept. 2006. He has never forgiven himself because he knows how I sturggle physically & living in this place. He knows HE put me here & it haunts him.
                      Sorry this has not been a good weekend at all & there is more to deal with this week….sighs
                      (((HUGS))) S-E.

                    3. That’s terrible, about the landlord, and the place in general. The only upside of this, is that it happened in the Winter.
                      So, there isn’t any other affordable housing there? I don’t think there’s a lot here either, and the waiting lists are so long. They’ve built a great deal of new ones, but they, of course, filled up immediately. There’s one building here in the city, with probably the best view — harbour front — and one would think it was upscale condos, but it’s subsidized housing! I’ll show a picture of it some time πŸ˜€

                      What a horrible and sad story about that assault. Only once have I seen a person in real, in a psychotic episode, and it was frightening, before they got her under control. I’ll never forget that.

                      The system here is so different, compared to where I come from. If you’d lived there, you would have been taken care of, financially and otherwise.


                    4. All affordable housing within a 100 mile radius is the same company so I would trade one Hell hole for another! We are viewed as 2nd class citizens….sure there are a few lower class people here but there are alot of people our age (disabled) & older (senior). It is abyssmal the treatment we receive & Housing knows most of us have nowhere else to go so they can do what they like! The City & Province will not touch them.
                      Waiting lists ARE long in this area. I would have to put my name on remote places far from civilization or in some hicktown to get a transfer…
                      My Ex IS a Paranoid Schizophrenic & he had a Psychotic break & I almost died. The good thing to come from this was he finally realized JUST HOW SICK HE WAS & he pled guilty; did his time & got counselling & got sober (for a time) & he made amends verbally & financially.
                      He has had a few mini breaks & ended up in jail but thankfully for not hurting anyone else….
                      For some weird reason when I was talking to the ex Brother-In-Law I was having flashbacks to thee assault???? I do not know why other than to think I felt threatened. Mind you Ex Bro is 360 mies away from me & I hope he keeps it that way!!!!

                    5. Here, it seems to be different, from what I understand [I’m not really sure about this], but I think it’s somehow the province that owns those buildings?! It’s called NB Housing.

                      This Ex Bro … is he the brother of the guy with the psychosis, or are they totally unrelated?

    1. I certainly don’t feel adventurous either. I’m just interested in this stuff … other people might do cross-stitching. My husband reads the old Roman writers in Latin all the time … I wouldn’t touch that.

      The phone … that’s a love story! To be able to carry the Internet in my purse all the time — the best thing since sliced bread πŸ˜€

  3. I used to do cross-stitching! LOL Were actually one of the things I loved to do BEFORE the internet!! I do believe I have some unfinished embroidery laying around some where LOL

    My goodness, I wouldn’t touch the old Roman writers in Latin either!! lol

    Oh it sure is a FAB thing to be able to have Internet with us all the time! And just to have a phone and be able to reach someone without having to find a phone booth!

    1. Yes. He reads them as real book, paper books. I order them from Amazon, and it looks so funny, when I go in there and look at my order history! All the romantic novels I’ve downloaded as eBooks mixed with these Cicero, Tacitus, Plinius and whatever ROFL.

      It feels really good to have the Internet in my purse label me addicted πŸ˜€

  4. Our Housing is owned ny the County so they are their own bosses! It is highly frustrating I can tell you. They do not respect the tenants nor give us straight answers.
    Tomoorw (Wed) I shall be MIA all day with Siddhartha Henry at a friend’s house because of the new fire alarm/heat detector testing. Our lives are disrupted & we have no recourse. Wither listen to the damn alarm screech 58 times during the day & go mad or else leave….I choose to take thee Purrince & leave!
    As for the EX Brother-In-Law he is NOT related to my Ex-fiance Jon at all….
    They both have serious mental health issues tho’ πŸ˜‰

    1. I really wish things were different for you. Our landlord is alright, I guess, but we haven’t had any major issues. They come right away, and are very courteous.

      Here’s the other way around — can hardly hear the fire alarm so it’s no bother when they test it. It’s a bad thing though…

      1. I too wish things were different. I never thought I would end up alone in Housing & my family would not even offer to let me live with them. I have accepted what I cannot change…well for today I have!
        I would LOVE to not hear the sreeching squealing alarm so well here Rebby! Ours is FAR louder than it needs to be. We are treated like we are all deaf imbeciles….seriously!
        I am dreading tomorrow. I just hope I can get Siddhartha Henry out B4 they start the noise making!

          1. Thanks so much Rebby. Fire alarm testing took 1 1/2 hrs. I could have left at 11 a.m. & returned at 2 p.m.
            I was told to stay out all day: 9 a.m. til 4:30 p.m.
            I did come back @ 3:30 p.m.
            Still exhausted from this week as is Siddhartha Henry….thank G-D it is done til next March πŸ˜‰

              1. Siddhartha Henry is all right in cars thankfully! He was all right at Sheila’s altho’ he cried some when I was downstairs.
                When I came back after lunch I sat with him for 20 minutes. & he liked me being therehe is really turning into a ‘love bug’ πŸ˜‰

                1. That’s great, that he’s okay in cars! McDuff is so terrified each time so he pees. I feel so terribly bad for him, but it has to be done. It’s not like the vets do house calls … unfortunately.

                  1. Poor McDuff! Can you get some puppy pads for in the carrier so they absorb his urine?
                    As for housecalls…Dr Dave made them for Nylablue & did not charge me the $75. each time…where they get that price is beyond me….
                    he told me it was too much & I agree. It should be $20.-$25. in town & a bit more for out of town…..
                    Alas there is no more Dr Dave in our lives….
                    We have emailed once but he shows no interest in Siddhartha Henry at all 😦

                    1. I don’t know what puppy pads are. They give me some sort of ‘blanket’ each time … perhaps that’s it?! The are light blue.

                      I’ve asked around here, but nobody seems to know of any vet that does house calls.

                      That’s so sad about Dr. Dave that it hurts when I think about it.

                    2. I do not know what color ‘puppy pads’ are but I suspect that is what you are being given….
                      No Vet does house calls in your area? Well that is sad!
                      Same here about Dr Dave. I feel like I lost a best friend, which I did. He adored Mingflower & he admired Nylablue for her feistyness an toughness & even her stubbornness.
                      I knew when i took the photo of Dr Dave holding Siddhartha Henry something was ‘wrong’; I just had no idea what & how bad πŸ˜‰
                      I sent him a short email telling him Dr Becker gave him high praise & said she wished she was in practice with him. I mentioned Dharth Henry was doing well & I had him stabilized.
                      His reply was polite & curt. No mention of Dharth Henry& I ended up in tears. I guess I hoped he would reconsider & let me come back to practice….
                      It hurts still; it always will. I don’t do ‘rejection’ well & esp when I have NO idea “WHY” I am being rejected!!!

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