Pointless picture

Pointless picture

Apple, in their infinite wisdom, has decided upon a new photo editor, aptly named PHOTOS. They discontinued the Aperture, which I’d paid $75 for and loved to hate. Either way, I can live with that because I really loathed it. Halls

I needed a photo from the camera, to see which photo editor would open when I plugged in the camera, so I took one of what happened to be closest to me; a heap of Halls. This only goes to show what happens when everything you take a liking to gets discontinued – you buy bunches of it while it lasts!

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  1. It’s the Apple event tomorrow, I see. Maybe they will talk about PHOTOS then. Or perhaps it will be all devoted to the Apple Watch.

    I just deleted Aperture today – I haven’t used it for years. I have kept it up to now in case I had trouble accessing PhotoShop.

    I agree, Aperture was painful. And Lightroom is much, much better. And yes, I guess now that you mention it that I also paid for it – but it was a million years ago. All in all, I am looking forward to the new app just to see what it is like. Whether I use it or not is another matter.

    Which photo editor opened when you took the photo of the Halls?

    I have a lousy cold at the moment. Could you breathe some of that Halls vapour across the Atlantic?

    1. PHOTOS opened when I plugged in the camera. It’s … nice. I think ‘nice’, is the word that would describe it. I’ll just forget about what I could do in Aperture. It was that [Aperture] I tried to remove, when you told me about that app that could find all the orphans and whatnot. That was a godsend, because I had really screwed things up … I bought Aperture because I thought it was cheap [compared to PhotoShop].

      When I activated PHOTOS, it searched my computer, I guess, and found that there was no room in the iCloud [or whatever] for all those photos, so they suggested I’d pay $3,99 per month. I’ve paid for one month now — we shall see what happens, I might deactivate that cloud.

      I too have a nasty cold, but those vapours might travel across the high seas 😀

  2. LOL love the photo to go with your post!!!
    I did that when Zeller’s was closing; bought a bunch of things I always got there & clothes.
    I miss that store so-o much!

    1. LOL yeah, I really like the lime taste. Lemon is good too, but not as the lime. I’m sure they will be discontinued very soon.

      I miss Zeller’s too … immensely, because we had one here, two, three minutes’ walk from the building! It was SO convenient! When they shut down I bought mostly towels. I don’t know why, some had ducks on them, but now we have towels for the remainder of our lives and much more.

      The stuff they’re selling out in Target now, is supposedly MORE expensive than before. Haven’t been there.

      1. Lime Halls?? Why have I not seen these anywhere here?? MMMM they sound fab!
        LOL funny what we bought from Zellers isn’t it?? Towels are good. I bought Gloria Vanderbilt jeans & tops because they actually fit me…..
        Bought mugs & stickers & greeting cards; random things….
        We never did get a Target here; no loss as people who went down to Fergus came back disappointed. And yes prices seemed to go up & then the reductions are added but the prices of things there are not a bargain at all. They are being very sneaky so no one will miss them when they are gone.
        WalMart is all right but I miss the real department stores & specialized stores (electronics or furnitur or lighting).

        1. The pharmacy in Sobeys still have them here. They’d opened a new box now, since I bought all the others ROFL. Right, I also bought some beautiful pots, KitchenAid.
          Any American department store, thinking of expanding to Canada, surely will think both twice and thrice now after the Target disaster. Millions of people in Canada live in border communities and do cross-border shopping all the time — they see the difference in prices between US and here! No wonder they got mad, but it must have been something else too. We’re not a border town, but there were never any people in Target. It was almost eerie … to be all alone in that huge store! So … now it’s only Walmart and SEARS left. Sears, I have a feeling it’s a matter of time … hope I’m wrong.

          A real department store, like The Bay, would be yummy! LOL

          1. You are right there is only Wal_mart & Sears & it seems to be a matter of time. I love their clothing an towels but their prices make things prohibitive for me. I try to go when they have clearance sales.
            I have heard this about Target stores all over in Canada….basically tellers & a few customers & eeriely empty!
            I would LOVE The Bay here too!!! Totally YUMMY!!! We can wish Rebby, we can wish!

            1. I hardly ever buy anything in Sears. I go there to look at times. The prices are too stiff … for anyone. I badly wanted a winter coat last Fall, and kept looking around, I’d seen this nice down coat in Walmart, but once I’d made up my mind, it was gone. Went to Sears to look at them there, but that was insane!!! I was going to wait until the Boxing Day … maybe. Then I found EXACTLY what I wanted in the grocery store [same as Loblaws] for $69 plus all the points which were $10 also. I love it!

                1. Yes! It sounds so funny, but it’s one of those huge Loblaw stores, where they have almost everything.

                  1. LOL you can read my spelling mistakes, hahaha!!
                    I have heard of those Loblaws stores. Our Zehr’s stores here in Ontario where much the same & it was lovely to go shopping there. Of course many things have changed which is sad…..
                    We are so limited here!

                    1. After having lived in Quebec City — which must be shoppers’ paradise — for five years, I feel that we’re really limited here too.

                      Here, those Loblaw’s store are called Atlantic Superstore, in QC they were just Loblaw’s. They’re the same, though. The brands, like President’s Choice and all that…

                    2. Yes, they are … sometimes. I haven’t been back once in these six years.

                      How did it go today?

                    3. Yesterday was the fire alarm testing extravaganza…..
                      Siddhartha Henry & I were out at Sheila’s from 9 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.
                      The fire alarm testing was from 11:45 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. Sheila took fab care of us….
                      Still I was exhausted when we got home.Went into flare-up; needed Codeine.
                      Today I managed the dishes & playing with Dharth Henry. Went on FB for an hour & now trying to do replies.
                      I will catch up at some point!

                    4. Sorry about that, but good thing it went well with the cat and the visit and all that!

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