16 thoughts on “WP Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Orange

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  2. Nylabluesmum

    Hi Rebby: I found a wee circle with a number in it (comment total) & I clicked on it & it opened the comment box for me. HUH! I am REALLY confused!
    However I DO LOVE that teapot!!!!

      1. Nylabluesmum

        I am rleieved this worked too….I hope it conitunes to work so we are not fiddling around with things instead of enjoying the blogging experience!
        That teapot is gorgeous….when you went home did you get to sue it at your friends?

  3. tassitus Post author

    Yes, I took care of a lot of stuff that was still with my EX-SIL. That wasn’t a good thing as she was using my stuff. Now it’s all good.

    1. Nylabluesmum

      SIL>Sis In law right?? LOL…it took me a few mintues to figure that out…
      I am sorry she was using your things; that can be a problem.
      Glad the teapot is safe; it is unique & beautiful>just like YOU!

  4. Nylabluesmum

    No ex Sibs from #1. I have ex Bro -In-laws from #2 I do not speak to; ex Sis’s from #3 who I do not speak to.
    ❤ Paul’s (#4) Sisters are GEMS & we are connected on FB & keep in touch regularly so I lucked out there.<3
    Kevin’s (#5) Brother died 5 yrs ago…he was a nic fellow altho had trouble speaking which made it hard to converse over the phone.
    My Sister is now divorced & there are 2 Ex Bro-In-Laws there who I want NOTHING to do with. They take turns ‘surfacing’ either via FB or phone….I have told both of them to forget all about me. I refuse to be involved in their drama 😉
    And you are welcome Rebby! You ARE special ❤

    1. tassitus Post author

      This is my brother’s ex-wife. They met when they were sixteen, and stayed together until they were close to fifty! Now they live in separate apartments in the same house. She’s a little …. … strange.


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