Guest Post by McDuff

DSC_1475.NEF.minFirst off, please let me introduce myself. I’m McDuff … that’s my only name – I’m like Cher or Seal – and I bear it with pride. I was born in Quebec, but I only speak Meow. Have full understanding of English and Swedish, though. Now I live here in Atlantic Canada, with my two humans; one male and one female. I will refer to them as Mum and Dad throughout this post.

Mum always goes on about her blog, she keeps fixing with it, changing themes, poring over what to write or she takes pictures of me and posts them there. Now she’s finally come to the conclusion it’s about time I’d do a post myself.

Mum and Dad are very big and they have very little fur — I feel kind of sorry for them — but they are kind and loving humans. They’re not very smart, but I let them believe they are … after all, they give me food and lots of affection. Mum always makes such a big deal about me … how handsome I am, so fine, cute and whatnot. I don’t understand that really, I’m just an ordinary guy with some Russian blood in my veins.

I hear when she’s about to get up in the morning, so I sit outside the bedroom door and wait. Normally, I’m not in the bedroom while they sleep … I just walk in and check on them every now and then overnight. As soon as she gets out to the kitchen, she gives me a few candies/treats. I guess that gives her time to get that hot, brown, stuff she drinks, ready – she seems to be strangely addicted to that weird stuff so I don’t bother her until a little later. I’ve stopped trying to figure them out! They do the weirdest things, like in the room where my box is … quite often they go in there, one at the time, and place themselves underneath a stream of WATER!!! Sometimes, my mum fills up that huge, white box in there, with some white, very intriguing stuff! It actually makes little sounds, it’s light and fluffy when I touch it with my paw. My mum finds that incredibly cute, when I do that, apparently, and I just shake my head in disbelief.

Now, back to the morning routine; Once she’s finished with all her doings, whatever they are, it’s finally time for the wet stuff! I like that! Most of the days, it’s good stuff, but every once in a while she decides to test something new and that’s not always a hit. I don’t like those patés – I like gravy. At least once a week, I get tuna … real tuna, not cat food tuna! That’s the peak of the week! I notice when she brings out that pouch with tuna, and of course I get more excited then, compared to the regular stuff. They never cease to be amazed I can tell the difference between the pouches! Heh! They don’t fully appreciate my intelligence! Sometimes, my dad tries to outsmart me – he tries to get out of bed so silently I won’t hear him! LOL So far, he hasn’t succeeded! He thinks he hasn’t made a sound, but still I sit there, outside the door, waiting patiently, and he gets surprised. Honestly … after all these years!!!

Now I almost lost my train of thoughts … When she’s served me my breakfast, they both have their own … they only eat strange stuff that I don’t care about. THEN it’s time for the really good stuff [I love the mornings!], the brushing! This takes place on a table, I know exactly when she’s finished with her breakfast, so then I jump up! Again, they’re intrigued how I can know it’s that time! For Meow’s sake … I have a built in clock, I don’t need any of those stupid little things they have tied around their wrists.

She’s good at brushing me, I thoroughly enjoy this moment, I roll over on my back so that she’ll get to every area of my furry body.

cat_sleep-minThe remains of the day are pretty much devoted to one of my favourite occupations: sleeping. Late in the evening, I always bug my dad to make him go with me to the kitchen. I sit and look at him, beside his desk, and I make my eyes really big and gaze at him. If he doesn’t immediately notice me, I stretch up and touch him with my paw … he usually gets up! I know he’ll give me candy … he’s a much easier target than Mum. I bug her too – I know she finds it cute when I touch her with my little paw, but she doesn’t give me candy as often as Dad. I get lots of affection, she sits on the floor and talk with me, but she’s always so concerned about weight and all that stuff. Dad is more easygoing in that respect.

cat_yawn-minNow I’ve typed 820 words and I’m really fed up with the computer stuff. How can humans make such a big deal about them?! I’ll curl up on the couch instead, now that you know what my life is like here. I’m so blessed … I lead a great life here.

Yours purringly,


22 Replies to “Guest Post by McDuff”

  1. Awww, your mum talks about you often and shows us cute photos of you, but it’s nice to hear from you yourself McDuff. You are indeed one lucky cat having such caring parents as you do, but it’s good to keep them on their toes from time to time….cats are good at that!
    Ask mum to take a photo of you pawing dad for a treat, that would be cool.
    I hope you will get on mum’s computer again and talk to us sometime soon. You are such a handsome and regal looking boy, you must have lots of stories to share with us and I for one would love to hear them. Your Mum is very proud of you.

    1. Meow, thanks Barb! This was kind of fun … I got carried away typing up that post! Yes, I’m a lucky guy and I’m aware of it — especially when I see all the pictures on FB, cats looking for new homes.

      Mum is always there, either with the camera or something she refers to as her eyefone or whatever … so I’m sure pictures will come =purr=

  2. Aww. Your post was purr-fect, McDuff. My boy doesn’t like pate either. I understand why. That stuff stinks! Tell me, McDufff, when is all this white stuff going to melt? Do you have any animal intuition about that sort of thing?

    1. Meow Amy … neighbour, sort of 🙂 Thank you … I beginning to feel good about this blogging business now!

      Nope, all this white stuff coming down today … I wonder what it is! Today, it was big, fluffy flakes! My animal intuition can only predict thunder-storms and other changes in air pressure. Then I go into the area under the kitchen sink and stay there until it’s over!

  3. Mjau från Madde, Ludde och Yra. Matte lämnade datorn så vi kunde läsa hur du har det. Dina tvåbeningar verkar vara bra kattskötare. Det är viktigt att skaffa bra slavar som gör som man vill. Tyvärr kan vi inte skriva på engelska men det kanske går bra ändå. Skriv gärna mer, det är roligt att läsa hur det är att vara katt på andra sidan havet.
    På lördag kommer vår matte att skriva om stora nyheter på vår sida, hon är väldigt glad och säger att jag (Ludde) jobbat väldigt bra.

    1. Mjau Ludde! Va’ kul att höra från er! Svenska är helt okay, jag är helt och hållet tre-språkig; Mjau, Engelska och Svenska. Jag har mina aningar om vad det kan vara Du har jobbat med, får se på lördag om jag har rätt!
      Vi hörs!
      Spinnande hälsningar 😀

  4. Incredibly handsome, über intelligent AND totally photogenic… Wow, what a guy! ; )

    1. Meow, Deb!!! Now I’m so humbled so if I could blush, I would! But I hear you’re quite the gal too, Deb … my mum always talks about what a shame it is you don’t have a blog — she so admires your writing. Please, send my purringly to your fluffy friend! I’ve seen her lovely winter fur! 🙂

      1. lol, P’tit Mineaux sends her regards
        Speaking of blushing…
        You’ve got me speechless!

  5. Mee-you McDuff what a furabuluss bloggie!!! 444 pawss up mee furend!
    You did grate an mee an LadyMum enjoyed reedin bout you an thee Pawentss….yur Mumma iss mee Aunty you know?? Shee was allso Nylablue an Mingflower’s Aunty bdfur mee came along. Yur Mumma iss a ‘good one’ fur sure. Shee meeowss bout you allot to LadyMum an on her bloggie an shee adoress you!
    Trust mee you are ROYALLTEE beein a Russian Blue kitty.
    If mee had not come along LadyMum was gonna get a Blue like you 😉
    Innstead shee got a Royalle Burmese frum a humbull barn mew mew mew…
    Funny how you like thee gravee wet food (like Aunty’ss Nylablue an Mingflower did) as mee onlee likess thee patess!
    Mee NOT had REEL tuna tuna yet…LadyMum sayss shee iss waitin fur mee to grow up….
    Mee did get sum chopped ham tho’ 😉 Yummie!!!!!
    Mee finkss wee hass thee BESTEST Pawentss inn thee werld!
    nose bumpss an ❤ LUV ❤ Purrince Siddhartha Henry ❤

  6. Well what a surprise!! So nice to hear from you McDuff!! Seem like you and your Mom and Dad are living a really nice life together! And like I told your Mom many times… you’re one handsome cat!!

    1. Meow, thank you, Miss Mona! blushing And yes, we’re leading a good life here — I feel safe and secure most of the time, except when the weather changes, or when they’re vacuuming the hallway. In the latter instance, I hiss and make myself looking very dangerous but … it doesn’t help. Eventually it goes away, though, doesn’t last long.

  7. Such a good-looking guy you are – so photogenic. And understand three languages – impressive. I could let you in on the secrets of showers and baths, but let’s leave that for another time. Let me just tell you that sweet-smelling has something to do with it.

    Yes, there’s no fooling a cat over cat food.

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