Morning has broken

Seventeen degrees below freezing, but it’s still early. I hope, today, to finally be able to bring the real camera out … get out and shoot some pictures. I’ve missed that. The walls of snow are very high all over the park, but at least around the pond there should be some photo-ops 🙂 .  And there are always the squirrels. Last time I was there, I had only the iPhone, which I keep in a sort of wallet. As I was standing there taking a phone picture, a chickadee lit on the side of the wallet!!! Wish someone had been there to take a picture of it!

When we came back from grocery shopping, yesterday, I met the little old [86] lady, next door. She’s a Brit, but has been here since 1957 and still has the lovely accent … she’s so sweet! Now, however, she was sad because tomorrow morning she has to put her cat Polly to sleep. My heart goes out to her, especially since I’ve been there myself and know what she’s going through, and will go through. Polly’s close to sixteen, just like my Hadassah was. I adopted a new cat about three months later, but that won’t be the case for my neighbour, obviously. Good thing, though, that she and her daughter will go on a trip on Monday, so she’ll get some distraction.

Netflix, magically, came back to the TV! I guess they did fix it, remotely, as they said they would even though I didn’t believe it. While it was gone, I found that it was quite okay to watch TV on the computer, but you get totally cut off from the world around you. Also, since both G. and I, are watching this series together, it’s much better with the TV so that we know we’re on the same episode, and can discuss it. It’s one of the most haunting crime shows I’ve ever seen.  It’s very dark, but the characters are so ‘real’. I must say, the Danes are great at making films and series. My favourite movie [Aberdeen] is also Danish.

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  1. I also hope to get back to photographing! Usually I get the inspiration back in the spring 🙂 Awww I too wish someone could have taken a photo of that chickadee!!

    She sure seem to be a sweet lady and I feel so sorry for her… I too know how it feels to put down a very dear pet…. It truly is like a family member that pass away 😦 And yes that is really good that she is going on a trip so she get some distraction!

    Goopd thing you got Netflix back again! My Mom is into Danish tv series, a lot! I must admit I am not so much into them. She is also very much into the english detective/chrime series. I do not look on them either lol.

    I must be very Americanized I guess! I rather watch sitcoms from the states.

    1. Yes, now … as it is here … it’s all monochrome! It’s too much fun, to have the photos, to give that up or lose it.

    2. I missed part of this comment at first, for some stupid reason. Usually I like Scandinavian … but it’s not only that, I’m drawn to rather dark, and this «Forbrydelsen» certainly was dark.

      Before I moved, I used to think I was too [‘Americanized’] … probably because it’s cool to be that there. It went away after some time. I am what I am 🙂 and that’s certainly not an American!!!

      1. I am the opposite! I am so NOT drawn to the dark…

        I think I need to watch a lot of comedies to balance my life where I easily can get a bit low. If I would watch a lot of dark things I seriously think I would get really depressed!

        Good thing that we all are different and have our own taste in things. Would be boring if everyone were 100 % alike! lol

        1. Well, you do have a point … because this one really ‘got to me’, so to speak. Could be also because we watched it almost in one fell swoop, but it really got into the very darkest spots of the human psyche. The Bridge was also very dark like that, but it had so many moments of humour mixed in with it, and the interaction between the two main characters was just hilarious, so that was different.

  2. Hurrah your Netflix is back!! Excellent!
    I can see the chickadee in my mind’s eye….they are such cute little birds.
    I am so sorry for your neighbor’s loss. I always worry when elderly people have to put their 4 legged to sleep; sometimes it just finishes them off….good thing she will go on a trip…hopefully that pulls her thru the worst of the grief.
    Saying GOODBYE is never easy is it???
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

    1. Yes, that was my first thought too … about the elderly. She’s really spry, but over these last few months, I’ve seen her go ‘down’ a little bit. Good she has this really caring daughter who took her on a trip to Montreal.
      No, saying goodbye is hard, and stupidly enough, I worry BEFOREHAND…

      1. I figure if Siddhartha Henry lives to be 15 yrs old I will be 74~ so that is a weird thought! Best to live one day at a time right? 😉
        I am glad you neighbor wil be with her daughter seeing the sights. It will help.
        It IS NOT stupid to worry beforehand!! We have said “Goodbye” to our fair share of beloved 4 leggeds & it does not get easier. I almost did not adopt Siddhartha Henry thinking about saying Goodbye in 10, 15, 18 yrs time.
        Then I gave my head a shake & took him into my arms…..I would rather love & be loved than sit here alone for the rest of my life & become bitter an miserable being petless 😉

        1. «I would rather love & be loved than sit here alone for the rest of my life & become bitter an miserable being petless» … that’s such a GREAT outlook. I guess I thought something along those lines too, after Hadassah. McDuff will turn 11, and I will turn 60 this year … I worry about many things. I wish there was an ON/OFF button for thoughts. It’s difficult to live in the now, even though one knows so well that’s the way to go.

          1. It is how I seee things. After all I am not able to go out & volunteer at teh local Shelters or help with the ferals one on one. So having a 4 legged to love helps ease all that. I do donate food & items to feral cat group & also do adoption events so I give back in some way.
            However to be w/out a cat seems like a living death sentence to me….
            I believe McDuff will be with you for quite a few years & I see you having at least one more cat…
            Alot of my mature friends have decided to adopt a senior cat. That makes sense to me. If a person is 68 & adopts a 10 yr old cat the cat can have a good end of life & the person is happier too.
            I too will be 60 this year! Where did the time go??
            Where IS that On/Off button Rebby??? LOL….

            1. You know … somehow I do too … see myself with one more. A senior cat would definitely be a sensible option then. I’ve never thought all that much about age, but now, the number of years seem much more … finite. I remember so well what happened, say, twenty years ago — it almost seems like yesterday. Then, when I think twenty years ahead … then I will be 80! That’s a whole different ballgame! Cripes! We better take good care of each day…

  3. I figured this was my last opportunity to have a young cat & I always wanted a male Burmese named Siddhartha so i got my wish! I would have adopted an older cat had he not come along!
    I hear you on how endless Life was when we were younger…now we see the past the present & a finite future…kind of scary isn’t it????
    Let’s not think of 20 yrs ahead just yet…lol…mind you we can go together as we are the same age…. 🙂

    1. Yeah, I try not to think about it and just live in the present. Very soon it’s Purim, and I named Hadassah after Esther whose real name was Hadassah 😀

  4. That is best. Mind you when Nylablue & Mingflower’s times came as heart wrenching as it was both times it was a bit easier to accept as they both were so sick at the end of their lives.
    Especially Nylablue. I felt I released her from her failing body & the Bowel Disease that took over her life…..
    I cried for the whole week an then met Siddhartha Henry knew he was ‘the one’ to help me thru my grief.
    Purim is tomorrow my Mewish friend!! Our ‘carnival/lunch was on Sunday but I was starting to get sick.
    Have full blown Flu now!
    Love your yellow header…makes me think Spring as the snow continues to fall….
    Sherri-Ellen x0x0x0

  5. Yeah, tomorrow … that’s very soon LOL

    You have the flu?! That’s awful!!! I don’t know if I’ve ever had the flu … at least not verified. Maybe once.

    We have a visitor … one of the sons just arrived from QC.

  6. Happy Purim!! In the snow! 😉
    Oh yes some weird Flu/virus: fever; headache; sore throat; sore sinuses; dizzy (more than usual, hehe); tired beyond belief.
    Tomorrow will be Day 3 which is always the worst for me….just got to ride it out. ..
    I hope the visit goes well with ‘the son’ 😉

    1. Happy Purim … we’ll got more snow overnight! 🙂
      Hang in there … this too shall pass! I always get some cold after a flight, usually real bad ones.

      Just watched 22 Minutes, it wasn’t especially good this time.

  7. LOL oh yes I am ‘hanging in’ there Rebby; feel like a limp dishrag….
    This suppressed Immune system issue has not bee so bad this season. Just some viral Sinusitis so I was due for a Flu, hahaha!
    I think our snow is on its way to you there; sorry 😉
    Never did like ’22 Minutes’; I must be weird.

    1. Sometimes it can be a little funny. In the beginning, when I’d first arrived here, I thought Rick Mercer was funny, but I’m sort of over that. I can’t stand when people are shouting all the time.

  8. Me too!! Abour Rick Mercer…he really is talented but the rants are a bit over the top! I enjoy the things he does with other people:bungee jumping with Rick Hansen was my fave!
    He has a good mind & sharp wit; now if he would stop ranting, hahaha!

    1. He certainly has a sharp wit, and he gets to do a lot of fun stuff! I guess it’s the ranting I can’t stand.

  9. He must have heard us Rebby! He did not yell last nite on the show & his ‘rant’ was short & sweet & not ‘ranty’ the way it usually is, lol….
    Tonite is “X Company”…looks like it will be an intense episode!
    Oh & I was bummed out no “Grantchester” this past Sunday…so fed up with these pledge drives; messing with ‘our’ shows, lol…

    1. We didn’t turn it on until 22 minutes started, so I missed him. Usually we DO watch him, though. Yeah, Downton Abbey was two hours! It will be back in January 2016 … that will be a long wait, but I liked the ending. It was sweet…

  10. “Downton Abbey” was FAB! I was on edge of my seat….I love Mr Bates & Anna….they have good chemistry playing those parts. Joanne Froggett (her real name) is a very good actress.
    We have a l-o-n-g wait don’t we???? 😉

    1. Anna is a terrific actress!

      I have another one, I’m waiting for its return. You wouldn’t get that unfortunately, with the basic package; «Homeland». Terrific series … it was based on an Israeli show. Really suspenseful, and marvellous acting.

        1. I looked at the Wikipedia … didn’t really recognize any of the others … possibly A Touch of Frost, but it’s been a long time since I saw that..

          1. You watched “A Touch of Frost” too?? I ADORE David Jason…totally in love with the man!!!!
            Remember Joanne’s character thought Jack Frost was her Father?? I cried when it was revealed not so, but she said she would keep in touch.
            I remember her on “Coronation Street’ & a few other shows from UK. Trouble is we do not always see ALL these actors/actressess are doing. I am so glad Joanne got onto “Downtown Abbey”. She is a star 🙂

            1. I did [watch a touch of frost], but it feels as if it must have been a very long time ago — it’s very foggy, and I don’t remember Joanne. Never really followed Coronation Street, but I’ve watched it occasionally, recently. She certainly is a star! What a talented actress, and so young too!

                1. We were still in QC then … didn’t pay much attention to the TV back then. G. watched TV and I did photoshopping stuff 😀

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