I like sheep

Strangely enough I have very few sheep photos in my files. Just haven’t come across them as often as I want.

These guys are Swedish sheep, so they say bäh. It’s from my 2013 trip, and we’d been on a little outing. The grass looks lush and juicy — probably scrumptious if you’re a sheep … or a cow. 

This is posted from the iPhone because I wanted to see what the updated app was like. Before, there was no option of aligning the pictures, but that’s fixed now. Very good.

12 Replies to “I like sheep”

  1. LOL, at animal speech. I like their little faces in this photo. Their curiosity. There is an artist that does sheep in his paintings quite a lot. Stephen Quiller. I love his bright colors. He is in the town we visit in the summer.

  2. Nice photo and I just saw the sheep with the 4 ears LOL bä bä vita lamm… 😉

    I like sheep too! 🙂 Sometimes I feel like one as well LOL… a black sheep though …. te he

  3. I love sheep too. we have them here around from May to November ( its some rules about how to keep sheep, there must be a shelter if they have to be outdoors in the winter, and we dont have any shelter here because where I live its designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty, so no shelters. In Denmark they definitly say MÆÆÆÆÆÆH. And each of the have its own voice so you can recognize then from each other if you invest a little time. They are funny, if you feed them now and then, you have friends for life, they come running as soon as you come near to then. They are shy to strangers. They give birth to lambs too, they are so cute.BTW sheep are not dumb as may says, – and they are able to escape from the fencing, either by jumping over the cattle grid, or crawling on the tummy, or just stepping over it. Maybe they will come earlier this year, we didnt get any winter, and the grass is growing now, and it looks like april.

    1. Hej Annette!
      How wonderful to have them like that! I’ve never gotten all that personal with sheep, but I’d sure love to.

      Hey, we’re still watching Forbrydelsen [the American version], just finished season 2 now. As much as I’d love to see the original, I must say they’ve done a great job on this. It’s so dark and melancholic … it really gets to you. It’s almost as good, if not, AS good, as Broen!!! Both G. and I are totally glued to Netflix now, with two more seasons to go.There’s so much crap on TV so when I find some good quality stuff I get excited about it!

  4. I have just purchased Broen nr 2 yesterday, and expect it to arrive with the post very soon. I read in the newspaper-yesterday too- that they now are producing nr.3. I havent used netflix, but maybe I should find out if it is something for me, but it is a question of time, to find time for watching films.

    1. We don’t use it all that much, but it’s good to have when you’re really fed up with the regular programming. For $8 per month, we think it’s worth to keep it. They keep adding to it, so sooner or later we’ll get to see Broen 2 too.

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