Succumbed … for the moment, at least

Back on my Windows laptop. Last night I just couldn’t take it anymore – the slowness of the Mac. There must be something wrong with it, that I can’t figure out. I thought it would be faster when I took it off wifi and put it on the cable instead, but that wasn’t the case.

Anyway, it’s morning now and I’m more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed than I was last night, and I’m writing this in my beloved blog editor “Windows Live Writer”.  I’ve said it before, I think … that was the one thing I missed on the Mac: WLW. I’m not alone. One time I googled whether there was some kind of work-around so that you could get WLW on a Mac. Oodles of people had asked the same  question, but the answer was no.

As if that switch wasn’t enough, I had other ordeals last night. Spent at least half an hour on the phone with some little Asian girl at Samsung. Netflix didn’t work on the TV, and after having talked with a nice young man there, he told me it wasn’t them, it was Samsung and he gave me the number. Nothing was resolved after that lengthy phone conversation and she said they’d fix it remotely (!!!). I believe it when I see it.

Secondly, I … in my immense innocence … thought that I could just plug in my external harddrive on the Windows computer. Oh, I could plug it in alright … but that was about all! It wouldn’t show up. So … after doing a little bit of research this morning, I find that if I want to use it on a Windows computer, I’d have to format it!!! Erase all! Cripes! That’s not gonna happen. Plugged it back in on the Mac, and put the essentials in OneDrive, for now … until my mind is clear over how I’m going to live: Windows or Mac.

So, instead I ended up watching one episode of The Killing here, on the computer. Today is a snowday so I think I’ll just vegetate on the couch, watching more episodes on the iPad.

15 Replies to “Succumbed … for the moment, at least”

  1. 😉 Another snow day huh? It is cold & Sunny here! Going with Sheila to Pharmacy; pet valu & out to visit MaryEllen & Tyrrone, Siddhartha Henry’s brother….
    Have a good day. Glad you got the writing program back….you are so clever!

      1. Hi Rebby: it was sunny but frigid here again today. i did get to Pharmacy & Pet Valu (& bought yet ANOTHER toy for Siddhartha) HAHAHAHA!
        Went out to the farm & had tea with MaryEllen & Sheila. Took pix of Tyerrone (brother) & Tinkerbelle (aunt) & Jade the dog.
        We got to go into the barn & I saw some of the barn cats & the 6 horses (did not take pix of them;flash would have scared them). I DID feed the horses tho’.
        Now in massive flare-up so had Codeine with supper; it was so worth it tho’.
        Tomorrow I shall read blogs & relax. Saturday will be groceries….
        When is Spring arriving??? 😉

  2. These are the kind of things that make my head want to explode. Things that take all day and you still don’t accomplish anything. I had two external hard drives that wNted you to erase all just changing from one windows computer to another. The last one was supposed to have a terrabyte and on its own started taking the backup. My guy never brought that one back. I will just buy sticks and print all other stuff out just to have a record.

    1. Yes, my head too. This Mac problems have been building up for quite some time now, and I haven’t really wanted to tell anyone because I felt sort of sheepish. Something is wrong with it … it really shouldn’t be that slow. Even though I have lots of free time, and I spend a lot of it here [online], it’s SO annoying when the simplest little command takes like five minutes.

      I have a USB stick with 64GB on it, and I’m transferring the folders that I use the most, right now. I’ll allow this ‘test’, and see perhaps I want to go back to Windows.

      Thought of another thing; This DELL laptop I got 1st of September 2009 !!! I’ve never had a computer that long, and right now it’s running like an Olympian athlete.

      1. I loved my Dell but when it quit it just crashed but I used it every day. Are there any computer geeks there that can look at your MAC?

        1. I do have one MAC geek … the same guy who had the camera course I took. He suggested upgrading the memory, and I’ve been thinking about that. Just checked now, and I see that this old DELL has just as much [or little] memory 4GB. I’ll think about it all …

        2. The worst part was while I had their photo editor Aperture! I kid you not, when I say that I could go and take a shower, while it fired up! And then; to remove the damned thing!!! I got rid of it, even though I’d paid a lot of money for it. Luckily I got a tips from an experienced Mac-user, about an app that could find all left-over ‘orphaned’ files, and after that it was okay. But all this together is more trouble than I asked for, it’s been going on for a long time so I guess I was ready to explode. I’m so happy this DELL is still working this good!

  3. Sorry about the Mac and the other problem with Netflix and the harddrive…. When it rains it pours eh?

    It’s good though that you have your other computer to get online, and yes your iPhone as well 😉

    1. Yes, that’s so true … about the raining.

      This Windows machine is working excellent now … but it has had a ‘rest’ for almost two years so … maybe that did the trick LOL

            1. I’m thinking of the two, very first, ones I got from work … but no, they weren’t that age either LOL

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