binge watching

It’s probably a fairly new term … but with the advent of Netflix and various Tivo [it’s called something else here in Canada], where we can watch several seasons of a TV-series, it’s easy to be caught up in binge watching on a snowy/rainy day.

I got caught up in it already 1989, when I found out Herman Wouk’s «Winds of War» and «War and Remembrance» were released on video.

Now, thanks to a fellow blogger, I found out about a Danish TV-series called Forbrydelsen. That wasn’t on Netflix, but the American version of it was. It’s called «The Killing». The story is set in Seattle, and that’s a good thing … the story is extremely dark and the constant rainfall in Seattle really adds to the mood. Even though I haven’t seen the Danish version — which I would love to — I think they’ve done a great job on this one.

We watched two, full seasons, right off the bat, yesterday!  Today is a snow-day so …… 😀

7 thoughts on “binge watching

  1. “The Killing” sounds very interesting! Nothing like a good show when the weather is so crummy….& it sure has been crummy this Winter!!! 😉

  2. First time ever I’ve heard of “Binge watching”. Learn something new every day! 😉 Glad that you are enjoying the show! And indeed good to have something to watch when weather is no good.

    1. I think that expression came with Netflix and the likes.

      Perhaps the Danish version was on your TV?! It was called “Forbrydelsen” in Danish…

      1. I checked it up and it was called “Brottet” here in Sweden. It was on Swedish tv in 2013. I did not see it myself. But maybe my Mom did. Will have to ask her! 🙂

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