WP Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Rule of Third

Last night, when I checked out what the challenge was this week, I really could have spent more time choosing my photo. Later, after I’d posted, I found other ones which would perhaps have been more ‘fit’ for the challenge.

However; nothing is preventing me from posting another one. This little wildflower, I’d added just a wee bit of vignette to … don’t know if that was unfortunate or not, but I liked it.


Just feels good looking at all these flower photos, when the temperature is 14 below freezing and the snow is piling up outside.

7 Replies to “WP Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Rule of Third”

  1. Do you happen to remember what we decided this plant was called? I know I bookmarked it on PFAF, but… ; )

    1. And this pic has (a?) Lovely bokeh!: )
      Hmm, Bokeh and flowers… Just seem to go together, don’t they?; )

      1. Thanks … I used to loathe that word, I thought it was something they’d made up LOL

        …but yes, they sure do 🙂

        The only thing I can recall is some kind of pea..

  2. Oh I LOVE that photo! Such a special mood in it… Depth! And yes a lovely bokeh as well! 🙂

    Love the background too of your blog!

    Yes it sure is nice looking at flowers this time of the year…. I were happy that at least the snow had melted away. But what do you know… were just looking out now in the night and it must have snowed as it is once again white on the ground! Meh lol

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