Yesterday, we ventured out, to have a look at the snow situation and to get some groceries. The Maritimes and the New England states really got walloped. In a ‘normal’ winter, 2,000 truckloads of snow are removed from the city. In the last, three weeks, they’ve removed 20,000+ and they’re in no way finished. They’re not allowed to dump it in the ocean for environmental reasons. This snow dump [in the picture] is right at the edge, though, so it will eventually end up in the ocean anyway.


We didn’t even have to shovel out our car. Somehow the wind direction had made our spot totally clear — we backed right out!


43 Replies to “snowmageddon”

  1. Looks like my place here!!
    I am so relieved your driveway & entrances are cleared & you had no trouble getting out for groceries….
    Definitely SNOWmaggeden there & along Eastern Seaboard….
    Our planet is changing isn’t it Rebby? And not for the better….

    1. It sure seems that way at times. And it’s 30 days to Spring. Hard to believe when you look out here. Rain and fog will do a quick job on it though … once it starts, it happens quickly.

      I’m going to watch the new series, starting now on CBC: XCompany … Hugh Dillon is in it, if for nothing else LOL

  2. Its so beautiful to look at- in distance LOL, You take care of yourself- the 3 of you.

    1. Yeah, I liked the white and blue … A woman in the SJ group said she’d go out and build a snowman just to be able to punch him in the face LOL

  3. How was “X Company”? I watched the finale of “Two & a 1/2 men”…what a colassal waste of time!
    One hour of my life I shall not get back, lol.
    30 days til spring??? Oh yes please! I have had enough of -30 Celsius & snow…..UGH! ;0

    1. It was alright … I’ll definitely give it another chance. I like Hugh Dillon.

      We’re getting LOTS of rain on Sunday. Oh joy! But at least there’s Downton Abbey to look forward to 😀

  4. Just saw an AD for “X Company” to start here Wednesday nite! i will be watching for sure!!!!!!
    I like Hugh Dillion too…he has depth to his acting.
    We are supposed to have more snow here tomorrow…wonder if it will blow thru’ & be rain when it hits you???
    Thank G-D for “Downton Abbey”…Siddhartha Henry now likes Carson AND Mr Bates….
    I think ISIS will not survive…I love that dog….Lord Grantham will be so upset; she was ‘his’ girl….
    I wonder what will happen with Edith & Marigold…what a storyline! ;0

    1. I never heard the dog’s name until last episode! I thought they said that, but thought; «nah … can’t be!!»

  5. Sometimes Lord Grantham mumbles…I was furious when Thomas dognapped Isis & locked her into the shed far from the house!
    it was so sad. I am glad she got out tho’. Thomas gives me the creeps…I was actually glad he was sick!!! LOL….

    1. I guess he’d tried some kind of ‘treatment’ for his ‘issues’ … and it made him sick LOL

  6. It was a saline injection treatment. Not sure what the pills were meant to do…Thomas looked like ‘Death warmed Up” last Sunday…
    He has THAT issue plus he is a sneaky, low down, conniving scoundrel & that is on a good day!!!!!

    1. Yeah, those who can do that are really good! I remember watching a series I didn’t even like [Prison Break], and the evil character there … I can’t even stand him today, when I see him in other roles LOL

    1. Thanks … Yes, that’s the thing — it looks really pretty, just like after an ice storm, and that’s one of the most devastating things that could happen.

      1. Oh yes, them ice storms! Must have been so weird to experience that the first time as we do not have them here in Sweden!

        But you sure have got some awesome photos after an ice storm.

        1. I was in total awe the first time [our first Winter here in SJ]. I didn’t understand, then, how terrible they can be. The year before I arrived, there was a really bad one, that left great parts of upstate NY and Montreal without power for weeks…

          1. I remember now that my friend in upstate NY were without power! But he was lucky, it was only for a few days and not weeks!

            I am glad that we do not have them kind of storms here!

            1. Yes, it’s good … but strange! Why wouldn’t we have them there … nothing complicated about them LOL

  7. I loved “Prison Break”…ok I loved Wentworth Miller…what a gorgeous young man…
    Was it TEABAG you disliked? Played by Rober Knepper….he is always playing nasty characters….

  8. That was Teabag!!!! He is so creepy! I mean the character was…I saw him as a ‘good guy’ in a show last year & he looked so different & he was actually likeable as that character…..But Robert still gets typecast alot as a ‘bad guy’; his face is conducive to that isn’t it??? 😉

    1. I have seen him in other shows, but my feelings from the Prison Break character still linger so I’m kind of biased. He must be a terrific actor, though.

  9. LOL that is why he got typecast>>always ‘bad’…
    I think he channels his ‘inner thug’ well.
    I have seen Robert on talk shows & he is a hoot; actually a VERY funny man with a great sense of humour….hard to reconcile the ‘bad’ images with a laughing Robert I can tell you! So yes he IS a great actor!
    P.S.: Downton Abby tonite; bring tissue as Isis will probably not make it…. 😦

    1. There’s another actor I really like, who was SO different to see in an interview as ‘himself’; Anthony LaPaglia … he was in Without a Trace, amongst others…

    1. Me either! LOL …but that got me always thinking of LaPaglia as Jack Malone… sort of depressed … and now I don’t remember whether he and Poppy ever became an item

  10. No Jack & Poppy never got together. She reconciled with her partner who was ex hubby.
    So how did you like “Downton Abbey” last nite? They sort of slid over Isis’ death but we knew when Lord G ordered a dog monument & I thought the stone for Mrs Padmore’s nephew was wonderful.
    And what about “Grantchester”??? That was one INTENSE episode!!!!!!!
    The show just improves each episode. I cried when Jordy (Robson) got shot.
    I empathize with Sydney (James) alot. He is a man haunted yet trying to be a man of God….very poignant!

    1. Yes, I noticed how they just slid over that except for the monument. I missed Grantchester!!! For some reason, it started later than usual here, and I was so tired I just couldn’t keep my eyes open cripes!

  11. I was not surprised how they made a small reference to Isis…Edwardians did not show much emotion as it was to humans & less to their 4 leggeds. So this was actually a normal response.
    Does your Public channel rerun Grantchester? Teh episode you missed will be on here Sat nite @ 11 pm. It was a very good episode!

  12. OK did you find it on Maine PBS station?? It was such a great episode I do not want you to miss it. I think you could watch it online…I should check that out….

    1. I’ve checked our Maine station, and couldn’t find a re-run of that episode. I might search again tomorrow. Now I’m so exhausted after a phone conversation I’ve had with Samsung. Some little Asian girl, tried to help me getting Netflix back up and running again. It didn’t work. Now they’re going to fix it remotely within 48 hours. sigh I’m okay dealing with computer stuff, and Bell, but NOT TV. That just freaks me out because I feel I have no control. It’s so complicated with this “Smart-TV that isn’t smart at all, with all it’s menus and whatever. It’s really nice … when it works.

  13. I am sorry you are having trouble with Netflix. I dislike when anything techie goes wrong. I am not techie minded at all. I hope you get Netflix back.
    I was wondering if you could find the episode on there…guess we have to wait til you are reconnected……
    I tired to find it on Youtube & I think it is there somewhere but I need to find the name of the episode to find it on Youtube…..OY VEY!!!! LOL 😉

  14. Watched “X Company” last nite. they showed 1st episode & then new episode…WOW! It is a vERY intense story & seeing all those Nazis’ freaked me out.
    Funny 1st episode said some scenes could be disturbing for “YOUNG” viewers…I said aloud “what about us older viewers???”
    The 2nd episode said some scenes disturbing to “SOME” viewers….”Thank You; that’s better!!”
    I will keep watching because it is a wel done story but I need to take my ‘Nazi proof pills’ b4 hand. I know I am a Holocaust survivor child…but that symbol & their uniforms & their brutality still touch me as if I were there……shudders

    1. I forgot about it! Arghhh … Got too caught up in that ‘binge watching’ I wrote about in the other place! I think that symbol instils fear in many of us, regardless … it has become the symbol of all that is evil and twisted — the biggest period of shame for all humanity.

  15. Oh NO Rebby!!! It was such a gripping episode…I was pretty shaken up watching it. I am watching it to learn more about the War & in memory of my Father. he would want me to watch it….Do you know the Swastika is actually an Native a/merican symbol for the 4 Directions….it is either Apache or Navajo…It has rounded corners tho’.
    The symbol has been corrupted & mutated & will instill fear for generations to come!
    I noticed something else last night: I HATE the sound of German. As I am 1/2 German & used to speak the language as a child it really shook me up to realize that subconciously the language repels me also….
    Very very sad…
    Here is the link to CBC site where you can view the missed episode Rebby!

    1. Somewhere, in the back of my mind, I vaguely remember something else about the swastika … like thousands of years ago in Egypt or some such. I need to look it up.

      Used to be pretty fluent in German, myself, but don’t remember much these days.

      I’ll watch that episode later on the computer. Can’t take any more watching right now though. It’s been too much. The show we’re watching is really haunting, it almost gets to me. I have a hard time seeing how it could have had any appeal to the North American audience..

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