Main entrance ~ update on the storm


Went downstairs in the afternoon, to get a better idea of how much snow had fallen. Didn’t expect this though! Apparently nobody has been in our out the building all day.

13 Replies to “Main entrance ~ update on the storm”

    1. Nobody had shovelled!!! Really strange, considering how big this building is, and all the elderly — we have ambulance here almost every day!

  1. That is ridiculous that no snow removal has been done…
    With elderly tenants there should be access, pus G-D forbid if there was a fire!!!!! Even Housing here keeps the entrance/exit doors clear!!!
    Those snow devils in the video look VERY chilly! BBBRRRRRR 😦

    1. It was very strange, that they hadn’t done it — I was surprised. Today, I haven’t been out so I don’t know anything…

  2. Hopefully the entrance is plowed/shovelled soon.
    I am glad I am on ground floor for this reason. I can keep a path open so if Siddhartha & I have to get out we can! 😉

    1. Oh, today they’ve been shovelling and ploughing all day, the landlord has its own ploughing trucks. It was very strange nobody had done anything yesterday … and nobody had been in or out!

  3. What a relief!!! I am glad the shovelling is getting done.
    I figure everyone is just waiting the storm(s) out…
    I know most of us here are staying in.

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