Monthly Photo Challenge ~ Changing Seasons 02

One month has already gone by, and I can honestly say that not too many photos have been taken. We got dumped with a metre and a half of snow … three snowstorms in one week, and there’s more to come. In between those nor’easter storms, it has been bitter cold and still is.

We’ve been to the park as usual, to see how our furry and feathered friends are faring, but mainly taken cellphone pictures. The above were all shot on the 7th of February.

In a Facebook group I belong to, there have been endless discussions about whether to feed the ducks. It all started with one person who argued that now that people have started to feed them, they won’t migrate as they should and then they should take their responsibility and go out and feed them even though the weather is bad. AND buy duck food instead of stale white bread. There are big, informative signs by the pond but noting seems to help … people always feed them bread and they won’t migrate. Last time I looked, the hole was totally frozen over.



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23 thoughts on “Monthly Photo Challenge ~ Changing Seasons 02

  1. Cardinal Guzman

    I see that you get lots of snow there. Probably not that different your hometown in Sweden?
    People always feed the birds. It’s the same situation in Oslo: there are signs at popular feeding places warning against rats and such things (if you feed the birds, you also feed the rats), but people don’t seem to care…

    1. Rebekah

      Yes, it’s a very similar snow situation to my hometown.

      In Quebec, they got fined if they fed them, so nobody did that … only place I’ve seen!

  2. David Bennett

    Ducks in the snow – great shot. Really unusual.

    It always amazes me that their feet don’t freeze.

    I heard that the reason not to feed bread is that it is dangerous for them. They gobble it up dry and then in their stomachs it drags water out of their bodies.

    1. Rebekah


      Must have something to do with blood circulation.

      If people so desperately want to feed them, they could at least go and buy duck food … it’s not that expensive. Bread is not good for them, they can’t digest it properly.

  3. Barb

    Love those shots and my word, that is a lot of snow.
    It’s hard not to interfere with nature – then those ducks will do their thing and migrate, but it’s hard for us to not want to help them in the freezing weather you are having, and so feed them. I read recently that bread is not good for ducks but it doesn’t stop people feeding it to them.
    As a matter if interest, I found out recently that bread is not good for ducks….just sayin’.

    1. Rebekah

      I was, and still am, inspired about this challenge, but I must say … for this month, it wasn’t good. The days there was no storm, it was so cold so I could only hold the camera for a minute or so.

      Drove by the pond today, and I saw the park people had put up new signs. They really should close off the area for cars, so they at least had to get OUT to feed them. The ducks congregate underneath the cars, then they drive away and some get killed. It’s awful.

    1. Rebekah

      No, and these photos don’t really do justice to the snow levels. I did see a lot more snow, but that was the Winter of 07/08 and that was special. We didn’t live here then.

  4. daydreamer2011

    Great photos!! And sure a lot of snow!!

    There is an older lady that started many years ago to feed the ducks at the river here in my town. She is now my neighbor since a year or so lol And she feed them with bread that is not really that good for them to eat… and that is why I think we have soooo many ducks now. They are not afraid of people and dogs, as she always bring her dog with her.

    The lady is 84 or 85 years old now and she said herself the other day that it is a lot of work plus she has spent a lot of money on them ducks. It sounds like she will stop to feed them soon. I just wonder what will happen with them ducks then? Now they are used to getting food at least once a day…

    Unless there is someone else that will feed them, I guess after a while they will get used to it and do the things ducks normally do!

    1. Rebekah

      I think the instinct will tell them to go … people will always feed ducks, it seems. It’s kind of sad, because it’s all in good will. They could feed them something else.

  5. Nylabluesmum

    Love the duck pix!!
    I miss going to Harrison Park & feeding our resident quackers…they come into the reserve & are fed twic daily by the Park Ranger & the public can feed them also. They never go hungry nor do the swans & the geese…
    I always fed whole wheat bread…no white & never stale!
    (((HUGS))) Sherri-Ellen
    P.S.: Stay warm! this Winter sucks!!! ALOT!!!!!

  6. Nylabluesmum

    HAHAHA!! Good you have your sense of humour…mine is buried under 5 freaking feet of snow….it is trying to snow as I type now….good grief!!!!!!
    Say can I borrow your Dyson to suck up the snow Rebby???????
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Rebekah

      I read somewhere about someone who used a flame thrower … sounded like a great idea to me, but he got caught ROFL

    1. Rebekah

      Yeah, I thought it was great too, but it was forbidden — now I don’t remember the details, but it was in the middle of the night and the neighbours were awakened by the light and the sound. I don’t remember where he got it from 😀


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