I love Shrimp …

Bacon too I would have a problem keeping a kosher diet.
Yesterday we went to a sort of farmers market thats held every Saturday in a nursery, which would normally be closed in the winter.
Bought a little decoration for my iPhone [look at the very bottom of the photo].

from Tassitus http://ift.tt/1FnJVrh

12 thoughts on “I love Shrimp …

  1. Nylabluesmum

    A Star of David! Very cool….
    You know in Hungary & many eastern European countires jewish people DID/DO eat pork. Not eating pork; ham; shellfish was actually a DIETARY lasw as the aforementioned took more water to be cleaned & the meat would spoil quicker than beef or actual fish.
    Somewhere along the way the Orthodox Jewry decided to be a ‘good’ Jew one ha to abstain from Pork & Shellfish.
    I eat pork a few times a year & occasionally shrimp…so far I am still here; don’t think Adonai minds whatsoever 😉

    1. tassitus

      Yes, so much has changed over the thousands of years since these laws were written. Nowadays we have all kinds of refrigeration, and I don’t think Adonai minds either! 🙂
      I wouldn’t eat meat from any animal with paws and that’s a personal choice.

      Sometimes someone fries bacon in the building and a hint of a scent comes in via the ventilation system — then I get overcome with an urge LOL. Watched some video on FB, where they said you can fry it in the oven so I’m going to try that next time — won’t have to stink up the apartment…

      1. Nylabluesmum

        Many things have changed…the 10 Commandments are what maaters as far as I am concerned. Whether I use 2 sets of dishes or 1 Adonai does not care. There are so many rules & if I had to follow them I’d be in a lock down ward! 😉
        I agree i would not eat anything with paws shudders
        LOL about the bacon. I cook mine in mocrowave for 1.25 minutes with a paper towel on top. It is not crispy but it IS tasty! 🙂

        1. tassitus

          Yeah, or having two sinks and an autoclave …

          I did try some bacon in Costco, that was made that way! It was really good … I was surprised! The oven version looked crispy, it took a lot longer time of course, but who’s in a hurry?! LOL

    1. tassitus

      Me either … I’m not interested in cooking — merely eating 🙂 but if the oven bacon turns out well … I’d rather do that than frying them in a pan.

    2. tassitus

      Did them in the oven today, for the first time … they came out awesome! Just the right amount of crispiness! 🙂

    1. tassitus

      30 minutes and approx. 350ºF. Great stuff. I put aluminium on a cookie sheet, the ‘rack’ [or whatever it’s called] on top. Sprayed with oil, and then lined up the bacon. Delicious!


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