That’s what we live in here. When we moved in, we designated the second bedroom to be my «computer room» … other people might have referred to it as an office. That didn’t work for long, though! I spend so much time online, and I got totally cut off from the ‘ordinary world, sitting in that room. There were two things at play: at first we had the big desktop computer but later I bought the laptop, and then I pretty much deserted that room. Out drawing room is big, so I have my desk in a corner there instead, where I keep all my stuff.

Now, since that second bedroom doesn’t have any real purpose anymore it has turned into an awful type of storage room. I just dread to even look in there. G. isn’t too worried about it, but I find it disturbing … perhaps I’m having a little bout with OCD. Besides, in May my friend might come to visit from the homeland, and I really don’t want her to see that mess.

A couple of nights now, I’ve been in there, bringing the old Windows laptop back to life. Honestly, it works like a breeze and I have no idea now, why I thought it was on its last legs, two years ago. I guess I just wanted a Mac.

tassitus_molnI still have Photoshop on that computer, and that works too. Didn’t have much inspiration that late at night, but I made some clouds 🙂

2 Replies to “Two-bedroom-apartment”

  1. Great that it is still working and I like that graphic!

    I wish I had a computer/hobby room! At the moment I have my computer in my room and it is a small bedroom so I wish I had another room.

    Oh that is great if you’ll get a visit!

    1. Yes, it is great when you have some kind of hobby. I only have this. Trying to bring some order to the place … it still looks like a storage space, or like you just moved in.

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