In my early days online, I could spend hours on HTML. It was like an obsession … everything had to be just so. It still has to be just so, but usually somebody else has fixed that for me.

Over the years, the Internet and everything that comes with it, has evolved, as we all know. Things are much easier to accomplish, and I’ve begun to take that for granted. After all, I’m a user, not a programmer.

I’m saying all this because I’m testing an offline blog editor — Mars Edit — again! I’ve tried it before, perhaps six months ago or so, but decided it wasn’t for me. It’s [supposedly] the Rolls Royce of blog editors, and that fact had me thinking; «Perhaps I didn’t give it enough time?! So many people seem to love it, so what’s wrong with me then?»

So I went ahead and downloaded a new trial. That was yesterday, and I’m typing in it now. I still find it has a certain learning curve. From what I understand [and I’m not sure I’ve understood this at all], you have to make a choice whether to write in ‘Rich Text’ or HTML. If you choose HTML, you have all the code in front of your nose as you go along, typing up your blog. Perhaps some people like that, or I’m missing something completely.


If you choose ‘Rich Text’ it all looks fine. However … you might like to insert an image. Everyone wants a little bit of white space around it. It’s called padding.

I put in this picture here now and it doesn’t have the padding. It looks stupid without the white space.

Since I’ve chosen the ‘Rich Text’ option, I’m not really sure how to correct this. I thought there would be an easy way, and I shouldn’t have to do that all the time, if I’m going to continue using this editor.

DSC 7263 Now I’ve switched to HTML, which means I’ll have to type in tags for new paragraph et cetera. However, now it’s really easy to add padding to my image. At first, I thought it would adapt to my WordPress theme of choice, once I’d posted it, but it doesn’t. I honestly think I’m missing out on some feature here, otherwise it wouldn’t be so wildly popular. We’re all wired differently, and I’m not going to start writing blogs in HTML, but I’ll give it a little more time and read more in its forum, where they talk about highly technical issues.

This feels a bit like going back in time and even pay for it, to boot! Again, I’m probably missing something, but how smart do you need to be in order to use a blog editor?!

A little bit of HTML. A very basic example.

22 Replies to “Stamina”

    1. It’s a matter of preference.

      In my case; we have a bit of a problem with the wifi here in the apartment — it goes down once a day, I don’t know when it will happen. If I’m in the midst of writing something, I lose it at times. Other times, it’s possible to restore it in WordPress [not always].

      So … that would be MY reason … never having to think about whether I’m offline or online.

  1. This is why these outboard editors and I never get along. Can you use CSS? It’s so easy to set padding and margins that way.

  2. Call me weird, but it just seems logical that you’d want a frame (padding) around photos and not have text willy-nilly, all over the place or smack up against the picture… Wouldn’t it just make sense for this to be done automatically?
    So much terminology for a neophyte…
    What does HTML actually stand for and what is CSS? Is there a good website where one can find answers to these kind of questions?
    I know you like to be able to “fix” all the things that annoy you, Bekah and I’m pretty fussy about things I do too. So, I’ve not done any blogging yet – and hearing stuff like this is one of the reasons why I’m hanging back… (I truly don’t need any more aggravation in my life; ) and, if I did have a problem, there’s the distinct possibility of not even knowing the questions to ask to get an answer. If that makes any sense?
    Here’s a for instance of what I mean: every time I come on to comment, I need to re-enter my name and address each time… ):

    1. First off: HTML = HyperText MarkupLanguage. That’s what web pages are built of. CSS = Cascading Style Sheet. That can make all pages within a website to look the same [simplified].

      Not many need to know about this. You just go to WordPress in your browser and write your post. There are several reasons why one would want an editor, mine being our wifi issues.

      I certainly didn’t want to scare anyone off from blogging. Again; you don’t need an editor like this one I wrote about.

      I shouldn’t have posted this.

      I can’t answer your last question without knowing where you read it. Is it only here, at my blog, you have this problem? Do you read on the phone, if so, in the browser or do you have the WordPress app?

  3. I am sure you were speaking in a different language for this post. Sorry I do not ‘get’ the technicalities of the Internet world. I CAN say the 1st photo looks odd & sort of ‘shoved’ in the space whereas the 2nd photo looks like it is meant to be there.
    I am glad there is WP that sets up alot of the stuff so I do not have to figure it out 😉

    1. This post shouldn’t have been published. I see that now. And yes, in 99,9% of the cases it works just fine in plain old WordPress 🙂

    1. LOL

      If I would want to type in BOLD letter here, or even make them red and bold

      I’d have to type this: BOLD letter here, or even make them red and bold

  4. Me? I just muddle through as best I can and when i run into a snag that I can’t solve I call my friends! I always admire how willing you are to work your way through something Rebekah.

    1. Asking a friend, that’s my last option. Somehow, I think sometimes I set the bar too high and get so disappointed in myself when I don’t succeed.

  5. I find some things in Word Press irritating but I put up with them because I like their format. I also still have some problems getting around to the things I need here but I eventually find it. I don’t think I would even want to mess with the html for padding any more.

    I thought you used to use a windows feature for blogging offline. Is this correct?

    1. Yes!!! Windows Live Writer … and that’s the only thing that could possibly make me go back to PC 🙂 Well … MailBird too.

  6. 🙂 I am a basic sort of person when using PC however it is nice to know what things mean… are the 1st person who finally explained HTML to me & I ‘got’ it 😉

    1. That is great to hear!

      HTML always makes me think about how easy it is to learn something new, when you really WANT to! I started in 1997 [or so], and I wanted to learn it ALL, and fast! 🙂 I thought it was so incredibly fun … to get it right, just the way I wanted. Guess I’m a little obsessive! 🙂

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