Three snowstorms

From being totally snow free, we’ve gone through three snowstorms within one week. Well … the third isn’t here yet, it will arrive tomorrow, but there’s no doubt about it. It will be big.


IMG_0632 (1)-minFor Christmas, the ground was bare — everything was drab, greyish brown … now it looks like this!

That’s all for meow!

25 Replies to “Three snowstorms”

  1. Just like here! We had a green December & then got buried under 5 feet of snow….
    we only got the tail end of the last storm that is on its way to you. It was vicious 300+ miles south of here.
    Isn’t Winter grand?? LOL>
    Love the photo too!

    1. Just read that SJ got 96 centimetres of snow in a one-week-span, and now they have declared State of Emergency (!)

    1. After yesterday’s nor’easter, it’s 148 centimetres. I think the thing here, is that it came down in almost one fell swoop — there are cars parked along all streets, now the snow is so high, and the streets so narrow so firetrucks can’t get through. We had a major fire downtown, two days ago — 20, 30 people became homeless, and I can only imagine the disaster if the firetrucks hadn’t been able as soon as they did …

  2. WOW that is ALOT of snow! hat is what happened here in Januray…we got 5 feet in 12 days. The atmosphere is a mess! The entire planet is a mess. I can just imagine what it looks like there…
    I am so sorry about the people who lost their homes….this is my worst fear…..
    Thank goodness the fire trucks got thru 😉

    1. This is a strange city, in a way … there are hardly any ‘regular’ apartment buildings/complexes! I think perhaps five, big ones, like ours. All others are old, like private homes with a few apartments in, and all made of wood. They’re really close together so I don’t dare to think of what a major fire would do here, on a windy day.

      Also, when they build new ones, they’re still built with wood … and close. If I were the chief of the fire dept. I would like to have a word in…

  3. Now that does not bear thiking about! It sounds quite scary about the houses & them being so close together.
    I wonder why they use so much wood?? Cheaper?

    1. I’ve wondered that so many times. Tradition, perhaps?! One would think those prefab modules, made of concrete [or whatever] would be just as cheap.

      I really love this city … with all its quirks. It’s a gem … a little rough around the edges, though 🙂

  4. I just had a thought Rebby. Maybe stone is very expensive out there? Are there alot of quarries there? We have alot of quarries up the Bruce Pennisula so most of the homes are built out of stone or brick.
    I think tradition does play a part of it too.
    I hear you about quirky; Owen Sound is one of the quirkiest places in Ontario! 😉

    1. There are several quarries and one big concrete manufacturer. I think it’s tradition. They built one, high-end condo building down at the harbour front, extremely upscale. That one is built with stone.

      I’m going to put up a new post soon and you’ll see what it looks like … the wooden buildings, that is 🙂

      Hope all is well

  5. Hmm ok then lack of stone is not the issue…..I guess it is tradition to build with wood.
    The condo sounds lovely; we have 2 really gorgeous ones down by the water on the west side here! I can walk to the blue one but not the salmon pink one…
    I will await your post with anticipation…
    I am going to venture out to the Pharmacy…it is -12 C with windchill -19 Cbut NO wind; wish me luck!

    1. Storm is over, brilliant morning but -20ºC. Hope all went well at the pharmacy. I put together a little portion of North End 🙂

  6. Storm over here; heard another ‘Clipper’ is on the way….we are ready for it…no room for more snow but ready…
    it is -4 C with windchill of -11 C so almost a ‘heat eave’, hahahaha!
    Pharmacy walk was good altho the sidewalks are not level plowed….I made it; that is all that mattered & enjoyed the Sunshine!
    Will check out your new blog entry soon.

    1. Ahh … batten down the hatches LOL We’re supposed to be storm free for the next, four days!

    1. As much as I enjoy to be at home, it will be nice to get out tomorrow … will bring the camera too.

      But tonight I have Blue Bloods to look forward to! 🙂

  7. I hear you on THAT Rebby! I am goin gut Sunday….we have an adoption event on the West Side at pet Valu…oh to be with other people & talk & hang out with little kittens…(don’t tell Siddhartha). I have to remember to take my camera too! Thanks for reminding me now….
    LOL so you like tom selleck?? 😉
    Tonite I am watching “Coronation Street”; the NEW “Yes, Prime Minister” & “Heartbeat” & “Time Team”….hhhmmm.,, I sense a British theme here….let the weekend begin!!!

    1. Yes, I like him … I love those Jessie Stone movies!
      Then we have Sunday night, with Downton Abbey and Grantchester or whatever … I’m growing to like that more and more… not ONLY for Robson Greene LOL

  8. Do you watch a Britshow drama called “Vera” on Saturday nites? The 1st episode I was like “MEH!” & then I watched 2 more & I am hooked. There is something about her character that resonates with me….she is a Detective of our age w/out children & she lives for her job. She sometimes comes across as harsh but she is anything but. A tough but tender sort of character!
    Sunday both Siddhartha & I will watch Downton Abbey & Grantchester…..
    Siddhartha likes Carson at the Abbey & he likes the Vicar (James Norton) on Grantchester…what a cat…mind you he DOES have good taste in television!!!!! 😉

    1. No! I haven’t even seen it go by in the grid … is the title of the show Vera?

      LOL @ the cat’s taste in television 😀

      We have Netflix, so we can watch all kinds of series that have been on TV. We’ve found one now that we put on when there’s nothing else on [and that’s most of the time], called White Collar. It’s kind of funny and cute — no violence. About a criminal [mainly art forgery and such] who gets released into the custody of an FBI agent … It’s the kind of cute stuff you can watch without great engagement … just a lot of smiles. Don’t know what network it was originally aired on.

  9. Yes the title is just plain “VERA”. it is on WNED~PBS here in Ontario. (Public Broadcast channel).
    Funny how cats’ watch TV just like us….
    Mingflower & Nylablue loved “Heartbeat”. It was a tradition for 26 yrs. Now the show is in re-runs but Siddhartha Henry is NOT interested….LOL.
    Never heard of “White Collar”~ sounds like an itneresting show….

    1. McDuff isn’t interested in TV at all … not even nature programmes, he doesn’t react at all. I have a neighbour, and she has a channel with aquarium that she puts on for her cats — they’re mesmerized! I don’t think any one mine have cared for TV. .

  10. Funny isn’t it how some cats like TV & some like McDuff do not care.
    I have a few friends who have videos of either fish or birds their cats watch…..seems sort of funny but whatever works right?

    1. I think she just discovered that she had the Aquarium channel, turned it on and they got fascinated. She has so many cats, I’ve lost count now.

      I would have thought he’d react at least to the sounds of animals, but no…

  11. Maybe having more than one cat has soemthing to do with it??
    Siddhartha Henry has not really reacted to animal sounds on the TV.
    Nylablue would awaken from a deep sleep if there was a cat meow…she was VERY territorial tho’.

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