the iPhone did something to my brain

Back in October last year, I unboxed my new iPhone 6 Plus. I’ve written about that several times before. My first impression, as it came out of its protective plastic packaging, was; it’s HUGE! Felt as if I had to really stretch out my hand and fingers, just to hold it!

I’d signed up for the Plus without even seeing it in real life … only from what I read. I definitely wanted something bigger, as I hardly ever talk on the phone, I type.

As I turned it on, saw the beauty of the Retina screen, and then started to type, I was sold and immediately forgot about how big it felt in my hand. Besides, I didn’t have the problem with just using my thumb to swipe, as that was never part of my smartphone experience — always used two hands.

Now … this is many moons ago … and I don’t know when it happened: The size of the iPhone 6 Plus is perfectly normal! I couldn’t use anything smaller!!! That day, when I unwrapped the new phone, I took a picture of the iPhone 4s adjacent to the new. I look at that picture in amazement — how could I use that little thing for two and half year, and love it to boot?! It looks like something for pygmies! So yes, it certainly has done something to my brain, but I don’t mind it the slightest bit! 🙂

Now, on a totally different note: Last night, I was going to post something to the WP Weekly Photo Challenge «Depth». Logged on, wrote my post, uploaded the pictures … fine! Hit the Preview button, and got a red, ugly error message, that was too quick to even read, and I wouldn’t have understood it anyway.

Somehow, my post was magically ‘backed-up in my browser’, as they said, so I started investigating the problem. I never understood what it was, except that it had to do with Jetpack [a plugin used when you have a self-hosted blog]. At one point, my page wasn’t even up online. I was too tired, it was late at night, so I tried to save my ‘backed-up’ post as a draft. That didn’t work … that red message came up again. I did the usual things, disabled plugins, one at the time … blah blah blah … didn’t help. Finally I got so frustrated so I just thought «That post wasn’t meant to be», and went to bed, thinking it might still be backed up in my browser when I get up. Well … it wasn’t! However, everything is working flawlessly now, but it reminded me of the advantages of having an offline blog editor. The question is merely to find one I feel comfortable with. I’ve tested Mars Edit and it was not for me, there’s another one; Blogo, and that’s … ‘maybe’… I still find myself going straight to the browser when the inspiration comes on … like now. But now I feel almost hesitant to push the Publish-button 🙂

43 Replies to “the iPhone did something to my brain”

  1. Not surprised to hear this since you are using JetPack. Too bad self hosted demands the use of this for WP use. When i self hosted years ago, JP was quirky then too. Our previous Android phones were huge, we switched to different Androids, a bit smaller recently and changed carriers, your brain becomes used to the size difference quickly I believe. There is no good reason to make cell phones as small as the last few generation of iPhones, unless you have pigmie hands of course!

    1. But I like JetPack?! It has worked well for me all the time. Everything is fine now. Read in another comment, that she had the same problems last night, so apparently they were doing something!

      This size of phone feels just right for me now — not too small, not to big. But it was funny how quickly I became accustomed to it! 😀

  2. Wow the size difference is something! I admire you using a phone like that period. I so enjoy the laptop…I need at least a 15 inch screen & a proper keyboard or else I make a mess of things.
    I am sorry the post got fizzled. I make sure to Save Draft alot as I am doing a blog….that way it is safe in WP should I have to log off or get booted off…or Siddhartha tries to hi-jack the blog!

    1. On the smaller one, it was more difficult … my fingers felt like little sausages!

      That was the thing; I couldn’t save it as a draft!!! Something was wrong with the whole system!

  3. It doesn’t take long for the brain to adjust to something different. Glad to hear you are still happy with the 6 Plus, but I think it would be too big for me, my fingers are too short to stretch the screen!
    Let me know when you find a good offline blog editor, it might make blogging safer! WP must have been doing something at the time but all’s well that ends well!

    1. Yes, they were definitely doing something, this morning it was all fine, and Joss got the same thing last night!

      Like I said, I’ve tested Mars Edit [only for Mac], and Blogo. Always looking around for stuff! I miss Windows Live Writer … that was good.

  4. I went through about a year of your posts today. They had not shown up in the Reader or in an email to me. I do not know why and then viola’ today there are hundreds.

    Sorry, I missed so many lovely photos and thoughts.

    1. My phone kept making that sound, repeatedly, so I noticed you were going through old posts. Something must have gotten wrong there, with the subscription. I never thought much about it, after you stated at one point, you weren’t going to comment on blogs anymore.

  5. I love my phone BUT I do have that issue that my fingers feel like sausages and another thing is the text is so small! I know I can “zoom in” on the sites but still…

  6. I have not found a mobile phone that I like. They all are too small & I can not type on them. Must be challenged, lol…
    Everone tells me to get a tablet but i do not like them either.
    Just a good old laptop for this girl…do not want to feel like I have ‘sausage’ fingers 😉

    1. We’re all different. I think it’s the mobility of it all that I love the most … to carry the Internet in my purse wherever I go 🙂

  7. 😉 That makes sense Rebby as you are out alot more than I am. Being inside alot I do not need that mobility. Can you beleive how far technology has come since we were children??

    1. When at home, I do spend more time on the actual computer. I must say though, since I got the 6Plus, I more often respond to emails on the phone than I walk over to the computer or the iPad. It didn’t use to be that way.

      I often think of that and marvel over it. Not only since we were children, but since I was … say 30! Not only the computer and the Internet, but simple things we take for granted today, like Caller-ID on the phone!

  8. My electricity is quirky sometimes. I was having trouble with wifi shutting down so I started copying my text and pasting it in notepad. At least I will have the words if something happens. I went to post a comment the other day and it wouldn’t submit for some reason.

    1. Yeah, I was so used to doing that when we were in Y360! Then I got away from it, and also, I used the Windows Live Writer most of the time. Here, it’s not the electricity … everything, TV included, goes down approximately the same time a day. Bell has been here, but they couldn’t find out.

  9. I’ve “lost” enough comments (can you say “Frustrated?!”): that, if I’ve got to pause for a bit, I copy and paste, then save it to a Note… Clunky? Yes, but certainly ‘way better than trying to recover that initial rush of inspiration… ; )
    And, here it is AGAIN today… No “saved” name and address… What the blazes is going in at WordPress??
    And – something else I’ve always wondered about – why don’t you get automatic capitals when entering your name?
    Re “sausage fingers”… With the landscape option, there’s a TONNE of space available. (Too much for some of us; )

    1. Do you use the app or the browser. I’m assuming now, that you read on the phone. Is this a *new* problem, this sign-in thing?

      Yep — the landscape option is too much for me 😀

      Trying to re-write a post you’ve lost never works … I’ve tried that so many times and it never turns out the same, even though I remember very well what I said. Strange …

  10. The missing info is a fairly recent problem; which is apparently happening EVERY time now (as I see that it’s blank again): TRULY annoying! Unfortunately, I don’t recall exactly when it started. And you’re correct in assuming that it’s usually on the phone that I read your posts; although at the moment I’ve got it displayed on your “full” site.
    I try to purposely not read the comments of other readers before responding, just so I can retain my original reaction to a post.

        1. Uhmmm … No.

          And this has started recently, you say?! …it wasn’t always this way? Trying to think hard about what may cause this — I have NO idea. Nothing has changed here in many moons.

          Isn’t that so typical, that it had to be MY little blog causing problems…

        2. Commenting now as a person without a WordPress account. I’ve filled in my name and address. Will come back and see if I have to type it in all over again. However, I’m doing this on the computer — the phone cold be a whole different ball game.

          1. Wow, my credentials are still there — didn’t have to fill them in! Have to try this on the phone…

    1. I’ve been looking into my settings now, and compared them with another blog I have. I’m not any wiser.

      The only, two, differences I can see here, from the great majority of blogs: My blog is self-hosted … a little bit ‘outside’ the WordPress ecosystem, but not entirely. You don’t have a WordPress account. Neither of those should make a difference, as this is a new problem, and you’ve been reading this blog for quite some time now.

      I’m at loss…

      1. I’m back — replying to myself (!). On the phone in Safari. My credentials are still there.

        I’m unable to reproduce Deb’s issue.

        1. Doesn’t make any sense, it’s holding on to the “notify of new comments blah blah blah” request, and I’m still getting your posts automatically via email, but not my vitals… It also edited out my asterisks in the last comment (sigh)
          Whatever… No time for this right now. Ciao bella!

          1. You see? No asterisks this time either!
            What’s with the selective editing, for Pete’s sake?!

          2. Putting a word within asterisks makes it italics. Putting it within underscores makes it bold

            1. For whatever reason, that’s never been my experience on the iPhone, Jag (and thanks for your efforts here too, btw). Even here, where I put the word “sigh” inside (a pair of) asterick, there is no difference in type, that I can see, and until now, I’ve never not had them show up in my comment either…
              Oh, and this hasn’t happened in other blogs that I follow Bekah (yet, knock wood):. I just went and had a look elsewhere…

  11. Well, I don’t know what to say/do about the login issue. No matter what I do, I cannot reproduce it. My credentials stay in the box…

    1. Me neither, Bekah. Don’t worry about it… Whatever the problem is, it’s not your doing. (Frustrating, but not insurmountable; )

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