How is it even possible…

Yesterday I had a little bit of email correspondence/conversation with a friend back in Sweden. We wrote back and forth a few times, and the name of a guy was mentioned twice. That person, who was mentioned, is not someone I know. I know OF him, but it isn’t anyone I would even say HI to if I met him in the street.

Now, when I was finished with my emailing, I went over to Facebook to see how things were going there. Imagine my astonishment when the first face I see there was the guy from the email conversation [which took place in Gmail]. In the right column in FB, where they put «people you may know», this guy’s face was staring up at me.

Nothing much surprises me anymore, I’m not overly paranoid, but I’m rather curious how this is even possible. I find it utterly creepy and invasive. This guy is not connected to me in any way, we don’t have any mutual friends and I’ve never seen his face there before.

Encrypted email or leaving Facebook seem to be my options here.

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  1. Leaving Facebook would be my suggestion. I’ve heard somewhere that Facebook can monitor other tabs you have open while being logged in to Facebook (to be able to give you direct and personal marketing).

  2. I am surprised about the Gmail connection. Are you friends on FaceBook with the person you were emailing? Maybe she had him in her stream and FB put two and two together? If not, then I also have to wonder about Gmail…

    That said, FB and other sites definitely share data – Have you ever visited a site and then gone to FB and seen an advertisement for the thing you were looking at on the other site? I have and I think it is offensive and invasive – but that’s the game we are in. As as has been said – when the features are free, you are the product.

    1. Oh, many times have I seen the ads for stuff I’ve surfed! So many so I’m no longer surprised. We are the product, indeed. This was different.

      I’ve signed up, and am on the waiting list, for something called

    1. Yeah, sure … just ME! Nah, I’m not that self-centred. Many people argue «I have nothing to hide» and that might be so, but I don’t agree. It doesn’t matter whether I’ve anything to hide … I shouldn’t even have to worry, or ask the question.

  3. Very creepy indeed, Rebekah. My first thought on this was that every single thing you send through Gmail is being filtered for Google’s insane advertising purposes. I may not be correct on this but it’s creepy no matter what. There are ways to get off of Google, but at some point, most people’s email seems to pass through Google’s trap anyway.

    1. Well, I don’t know if any one of the two is any worse than the other. I’m totally aware of the ads and all that, and as I don’t pay for the service, I don’t care. This, however was different.

      I think I had Facebook open in another tab, and signed in of course … that could have played a part, but anyway!!!

  4. I think ANY search engine/program has a buzz word capture that will come back at you in the form of email or social media ad. Himself was looking for a ring for me…ads for rings are still showing up occasionally in FB….I was looking for duvet clips and sheet clips…they are on my side frame right now….but I’m pretty sure nobody else sees them unless they are looking for them too. We bought a new bed from Wallet world…and Amazon slapped in an ad for the same thing. Some of the ads have proved interesting and useful so I can’t complain…all I have to do is mention something I have an interest in and if it doesn’t show up in a search it will surely show up soon in a side frame…but they disappear fast enough. The buzz words have helped me do Christmas shopping in the past too. Long as my interests don’t land me on a no-fly list…I’m okay with it.

    1. Hi Angh,
      I’m totally okay with ads! These are all free services — I don’t pay for any of this, and I know perfectly well there are no actual people sitting there reading. When it comes to a private email … not so good. I have not authorized any interaction between FB and Gmail.

      And yes, what would the «buzz words» to put you on a no-fly-list?! I’m not quite sure what they would be … and that gives me the more creeps.

      1. I know the feeling – I deactivated my page a long time ago and only lasted 6 weeks before I went back. Wished I’d been stronger because this time it will be even harder. (Sigh)

  5. Oh that sure is creepy!! :O

    I haver noticed that if I have been looking on some online shopping page with FB tab up at the same time and sure enough I see an ad on FB from that same online store lol. BUT only if I have a tab up. So now usually I just do not have FB up when I do some surfing and there is no problems 🙂

  6. That is creepy & invasive & wrong! I do not use Google for that reason & I rarely have FB open when I have email or WP open. Just in case!
    I hope you get thigns sorted & stay on FB….
    Good luck!

    1. If nothing else, it was an eye-opener! I’ve been, and will be, more careful about what I have open from now on. We’ll see about FB.

  7. There have been several times I have been thinking about something and seen ads in gmail and FB. Now they are in my mind! EEEK That is really strange but perhaps there is just SO much advertising that is bound to happen. I don’t miss FB at all. Glad I got rid of it. Because of the terrorist activity everywhere FB is supposed to be monitoring all the posts that talk about terrorism or key words connected to it. That is something I heard on the news.

    1. LOL yeah wouldn’t that be something! Their getting into our minds too!

      If you write about current news events, you’re bound to use lots of words that could trigger them. I’ve often thought about that, and that’s not just in FB but everywhere.

  8. Just one more example of how the Internet has gone away from its original intention and how carefully one needs to scrutinise all of the cracks and crevices of FB “permission” settings. (I personally would deliberately AVOID purchasing from those being shoved in my face, just on principle… (How long d’you think it would it take before they for the point?; )
    So, while we’re on the subject, anyone here watching Person of Interest?

    1. I feel that products are being shoved in my face _all_ the time, on TV. I’d never buy a product that has a commercial that pisses me off … usually the ones that shout! Oh, they’ll never get that point, there will always be people dumb enough to believe them. Advertising is always an interesting subject.

      I’ve watched Person of Interest occasionally, but now I seem to have lost track of it.

  9. Facebook has gotten out of control when it comes to snooping through internet use. I’ve started only logging on through an “incognito” window, but even that’s not always foolproof (and it’s a bit of a pain). It truly is amazing how everything intertwines on the interwebs – or just creepy.
    Love the new layout and kitty by the way! 🙂

  10. FB is only good for staying connected to people from blogs of the past & relatives. I ignore the rest of the stuff. I have not logged in there in a few days. WP is more important to me.

  11. That is unsettling and I understand how it is done through the sharing of cookies. I love to check on my family and friends in FB but I almost always sign out and reset history and clear cookies a couple times a day. I hate that so many other sites encourage you to sign up through FB.

    1. Yeah, the cookies … staying signed out doesn’t help. Since I wrote that, I’ve been more adamant about clearing out the cookies, even though it’s a bit of a hassle…

      Nice to meet you, DuneLight! 🙂

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