It’s been two years since I switched from Windows to Mac. I anticipated a steep learning curve, and was surprised that it went so smooth. Very few times I had to ask around. Considering I’d been using Windows since 1996 [longer offline], and was very proficient there, I was glad it was that easy and I didn’t have to pester mac-friends and support forums all that often.

Now … two+ years later … I’m not so sure. It has taken me a long time to admit this … perhaps even to myself. It’s been building up inside me and I’ve reached a point where I’m ready to explode.

For quite some time the computer [a MacBookPro] has been slowing down. When I, for example, want to open my photo editor [Aperture], I might just as well go and have a shower while it fires up. That’s just one  example, but a major one. I have a lot of free time on my hands, so it’s not as if I’m in any great hurry — what’s so unsettling is that it shouldn’t be  this way!

All this time,  I’ve had this feeling that Aperture is the culprit, so yesterday I thought I’d remove it. Just go back to Picasa. That was easier said than done. In Windows you go into the control panel and uninstall whatever it is you want to ged rid of. Here, you’re supposed to just drag the icon to the garbage bin, but that doesn’t work with all programmes. It didn’t have any uninstall programme with it. I read in the forums and followed the instructions to the point.

Later in the evening, I noticed even the external hard-drive started acting up! Went into the activity monitor and saw a red line there, which I of course didn’t understand. Searched the forums but, for once, didn’t get any straight answer. Instead, reading there just made me frightened. Got so desperate so I installed Aperture again … it was as if the external was looking for something all the time … something that it couldn’t find, so I figured Aperture must be it. It didn’t solve the problem. Had I not been such a calm and collected person, I could easily have become like one of those you see in funny videos … they who throw the whole thing out the window!

The slowing down is probably due to too little memory. I could upgrade, but that costs money and the only thing I really wanted was to  get rid of Aperture. sigh


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  1. How much memory have you got? How much free space have you got on your hard drive? How big is your TimeMachine local snapshot? For deleting apps it’s important to get rid of the other bits of cruf. There are apps that will do this. When did you last turn off your machine?

    1. Memory; 4G … 2×2. Plenty of free space on my hard drive. The part about the TimeMachine, I don’t understand.

      I didn’t know there were apps to do that … do you happen to have any name, or how I can find them?

      Rebooted it yesterday. Several times.

  2. Sure – I’ll get the details when I get home. Do you have TimeMachine on a backup drive? If so, go to the black Apple and click on ‘About this Mac’ and when it opens click on ‘storage’ and you will see a breakdown of what is taking up space. If you’ve got loads of space though, it isn’t an issue

    1. I’ve got loads of space on both. Besides, I turned off the TimeMachine in November, when it seemed to add to the slowness of the whole thing.

  3. Its nice to hear that you are happy about Apple. Have you any software to remove bugs that creep around/under/over your anti-virus and firewall?
    I had problems with adwares and other funny things and got hands on Spyhunter. It is amazing and I cant do without it. I have Kaspersky Pure 3.0 as primary protection, its very good but still I got these small cookies, adware, spywares – you name it. My hubby had big problems with his PC about a month ago, I recommended him to try Spyhunter. His PC was full of very bad things- even 2 trojans ( he has the same Kaspersky). Maybe its not at all your problem?
    I look forward to Win 10 I comes soon,and its free because not many has been happy about 8 and 8.1 ( I like it btw)

    1. Yes, I really like … it’s just that I know too little.

      I’ve read about Win10 being released. Now I’ve been away from it for more than two years, so I’ve totally lost the grip. If I were to go back, I’d be lost there too. Oh joy!

  4. The first thing I would do is to use DiskUtility – you will find it in Applications > Utilities and I would repair permissions.

    Then there are several choices.

    I would run AppDelete and get rid of some of the orphaned bits for any apps you no longer have. There’s a lite version and a paid version and I think they are pretty much the same.

    In future, I recommend that you use AppDelete to delete any apps because it also removes the library preferences and other bits of stuff.

    Then there are a couple of paid options.

    I have Cocktail – and that does a good cleanup job.

    and I have CleanMyMac2 and I would run that.

    1. I’ll run the Disk Utility soon.

      Had to reinstall Aperture since I couldn’t open photos in iPhoto. What a mess this is!

      When I had removed it, following all instructions to the point, the Aperture.library icons were still present. It seems like this is something you’re stuck with for life.

      Once I’m finished with the disk utility, I’ll check out these removal apps.

      Thank you ever so much for taking time out with this…

            1. Well, this is certainly not any Usain Bolt. Maybe I’ll have to consider a memory upgrade in the long run.

              As soon as I uninstall it, I get this red line in the Activity Monitor that says ‘uninstalld (not responding)’, so there IS something else that needs to be removed. Hopefully one of these apps will be able to take care of it. Exciting timed ahead. LOL

        1. Yes! There is a noticeable difference! The removal app found a whole bunch of orphans — I recognized them being from apps I had removed long time ago.

          Ran the Disk Utility and both the HD and the external seemed to be in good health.

          I feel a lot better now 🙂 … more at ease. But I’m back with Picasa.

  5. I use disk utility too when I remember. Having said that my MacPro laptop is well old now, 2007, but it’s not too slow. I use the iPad more for Internet and work, using Laptop for printing mainly. I never did buy aperture, don’t you like it?

    Getting rid of things isn’t quite so simple. You chuck them in the bin and they are still there, but Ive added very little to mine anyway.

    But compared with my iPhone and iPad, both 32GB, my laptop pro is 2GB! (Double Intel core 2.4) Ancient. It’s mainly used for youtube films though, and it’s fine for that, far better resolution than my terrible windows (HP) backup computer.

    Depends how we use our computers I suppose.

    1. Oh, I think Aperture is probably an excellent programme. I’ve never learnt it — one would have to take a course, methinks. It’s been good for what I do [which is very little], but it’s immense! All my troubles with the computer being slow, started when I installed Aperture, and it certainly didn’t get better with Yosemite. I use my computer for all photo editing … amongst others, so I’m rather dependent on it.

  6. Wow, nice thread, Rebekah! I use AppCleaner to totally remove apps I don’t want. I hope you don’t need to reinstall the OS at some point. It’s not easy (for me) to do. No matter what Windows you would use, I don’t think you would be happy going back. My wife uses Windows, it is so painfully slow and clunky… My Mac is an Air with the SSD, so fast and stable. I hope you get that Pro back to 100%

    1. Hey, and thanks! I don’t seriously think I could go back. It’s just that even after two years, this is still new … even certain ways to do things, because I haven’t had to. After all those years with Windows, I knew it almost inside out. This issue here now, made me scared and frustrated.

      Now I feel just fine 🙂 because I’ve gone through the steps above, and it’s actually remarkable how much faster it became! Wowzer…

        1. No, you’re right! It was just for a brief moment, last night, when I was tired … it felt like it was all spinning in my head. Usually, I find all the answers in the apple support but not this time [about the red line there]. The line is gone now also 😉 So … there’s no going back now — only back to being happy Apple person again.

  7. What a shame! I do the same thing as you. I work and work trying to find the problem and then I just go nuts because I can’t figure it out on my own and I have spent so much time doing it. Glad you are on the way to a faster PC thanks to friends!

    1. Right … there was no way I could figure it out on my own, and I was overly optimistic when I tried to remove Aperture. After that it just got worse, and I got more confused. All is well now 🙂

  8. Looks like I have come in late on this very lively and interesting post of yours Rebekah, but glad to see that you have resolved the problem thanks to David Bennett. I will keep those links that David has given you – just in case I need them in the future.
    I’ve only had my Mac a few months and I love it except for iphoto; I just can’t seem to get my head round how to organize my photo albums into alphabetical order and it drives me crazy. When I want to insert a photo into my blog, I use my old Windows pc, it’s a lot easier to find the articular photo I want. I guess I will master the iphoto one day and have it working the way I want.
    Aren’t our blogging pals just the best? We put a question out there and to get a response like this, is fantastic!
    Great post Rebekah!

    1. Heh .. yeah, it’s great! Thank you, Barb! And yes, same here, with regards to iPhoto. The Aperture, that I mentioned is just an upgrade of iPhoto … it’s like iPhoto on steroids. You cannot change the file system it makes up … just accept it and try and live with it. They tell me it’s the same with any photo editor you choose.

      What I have the hardest time wrapping my mind around is … the photos I take with my phone, that I have to bring them up with iPhoto [or Aperture in my case] … and ‘import’ them or whatever. Why can’t they just show up in the Finder in iCloud or whatever?!

  9. Wow, this has been an amazingly informative discussion here; thanks so much to all of you: ) and thanks for bringing this up Rebekah!!: ))
    I’ve got one more question though…
    Over the years I’ve heard lots of discussion about security for Mac and whether it’s necessary, or not.
    If it’s all right with you, Rebekah, I’d be very interested to hear (all of) your opinions about this and what, if anything, you do about it… Thanks in advance!: )

    1. Thanks Deb! It’s great now, when things are back to some kind of normalcy. It’s not running like any Olympic athlete, but still … LOTS faster than it was, and the general behaviour is much better too.

      On and off I’ve thought about what you asked. I don’t have any. At one point I did … someone scared my into installing something, but at that point, my MBP was already so slow and this thing made it even worse. I removed it. All of my online life, I’ve been _extremely_ careful about what I do and what I click on. So far, I’ve been lucky … never had any attacks, not in Windows either.

      Honestly; I don’t know. I would be interested to hear what other Mac users have to say.

  10. I must admit I have never seen or used any Mac. Been sticking to my Windows lol

    Good to hear that you somewhat got it better after the help on here! 🙂

    Just read about Windows 10 the other day and it seem it will come with a new browser!! Seem like Internet Explorer soon is in the grave! The new browser is called “Spartan” I am a bit curious how it will be…

    1. I’d seen one, but never used before I bought it.

      I’ve read about Windows10 and that they’re going to ditch IE. My last Windows was 7, and I think I’d feel a bit lost now there. It sure looks very different, I’ve looked a little in the stores.

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