no creativity

I’m not a creative person.

There … I’ve said it, it’s out there in black and white on my screen. Just read an excellent post in The Daily Post, about ‘hacking’ creativity. According to the author, it can be done. I often come across posts like that but they only result in me feeling worthless. While reading them, like I did now, this morning, I’m in total agreement with what he’s talking about — it’s all so right and true. But while in the process of reading … on a side track, so to speak, my mind tries to come up with something that could apply to me, but I fail miserably. I click of a few of the commenters, to see if perhaps there are any likeminded people out there, only to find out there’s not. They’re all so good, they write flash fiction, or they are artists of some sort. I don’t even feel the urge to write flash fiction but what the hell is it I do want to write about, I ask myself. 

A well-known author once said; «Write about something you know well.» Okay, so I know a few things really well. Myself, for one. Who would want to read about me?! I’m not even sure I like me at times. I like to take photos, but that’s not something I can write about. I just like it, and I’m not very good at it. Besides, I would drown in an ocean of happy amateur photographers who write, very insightful about aperture, shutter speed and ISO. I’m not even sure I want to learn all that technicalities of the camera! [Oh my, this post is really getting to be so full of confessions!] I shoot in f8 most of the time and let the camera take care of the rest. Isn’t that why I paid thousands of dollars for the damned thing?! You can only shoot so many waterfalls, with silky-looking water. tide-min

There was a certain time in my life when I was a little bit creative, methinks. It had to do with Photoshop. Perhaps that phase is just over … maybe me life goes in cycles, and I’m out of that?! It was intense and it lasted, perhaps, three years.

There, I’ve already written 350 words, only about myself. I’m still in my comfort zone, and I’m not sure how to get out of it. It’s warm and cozy here, at my desk, the coffee is really good. Maybe I should get dressed immediately and get out in the -14ºC windy outdoors?! That certainly would put me in a not so comfortable zone. Would that make me a better blogger? Hardly!

I live in a dream of some type of social blogging, with lots of interaction, and I don’t think that’s around anymore. I’m like a drug addict who’s trying to re-create the first kick. Today, you have to be, either ‘a writer’, an accomplished photographer, an artist or doing some type of craft. That’s not who I am … I don’t have any ambitions of getting published, and I don’t want to sell anything. I just want to have fun online.

What is fun, anyway?! Well, to me, it’s the interaction of it all … meeting new people … not just “Nice blog!” But if I don’t have an engaging subject to write about, that’s not very likely to happen.

10 Replies to “no creativity”

  1. Well writtten & insightful Rebby. I enjoyed reading this blog & I have always enjoyed reading about YOU & your life & thoughts.
    I do not worry about all the fanciness of writing as such. Yes I have written 3 books & copyrighted them but never published, I HAVE published poetry back in the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s.
    Then I went into ‘hibernation’ from writing….felt I had little left to say. Then I started blogging on 360 in 2005 & had no idea what I was doing. I watched what you, Maggie & Pearl blogged about & sort of defined myself thru all of you. I never had the chance to blog as Mingflower. Even when i first adopted Nylablue I did not blog as her. It was only when I joined you & Maggie here on WP that I discovered blogging as Nylablue & we know how well that went…..I found a real niche here where many people blog as their 4 leggeds. Once Nylablue was gone I wondered if I woudl continue blogging…..then Purrince Siddhartha Henry entered the picture….the rest is history….I was not sure I could blog as him but so far; so good! People have taken to him like a ‘duck to water’ (groan at the pun).
    I am not sure I can offer any advie…I have enjoyed your blogs for 10 years now & hope to for many more.
    Thank you for guiding me even when you did not know it 😉
    P.S.: I saw just write from your heart. This is YOUR journey & your blog & you know I will always read…..

    1. Thank you so much! The post I referred to in the beginning, was so good so in a way I guess it inspired me to write all that, that morning. I find that mornings are best for writing.

      You have quite the following there, and I could never do that … write that way! I will try, however, write a blog as he … sort of conveying his thoughts and what’s going on, but in my own language.

  2. I think we all have our town style of writing. Different things inspire us. That is what maks blogging so much fun. I really enjoy sharing with others whether as myself or as Siddhartha Henry.
    I got the actual idea about blogging as the 4 legged from a friend who was on & blogged as her rabbit Trinket. She had a BIG Following. She also blogged as the other rabbits to a lesser degree. She was so creative. Then Trinket passed away & the woman stopped blogging. She had lost her ‘muse’. She told me this would happen when Nylablue was gone & I did feel pretty unsettled after she was gone.
    I decided when Siddhartha Henry came to me to continue being a voice for him. We are growing together as I learn about him. I am sure he will mature & become more vocal, lol….

  3. Like your friend said in her comment up there… I have ALWAYS enjoyed reading your blogs my friend!!

    And I can SO relate in many things you are saying, believe me…. I too miss all the fun that we all had in the begining. Yes going back to Y360 again. I want that kick again as well!

    You sure have a creative side in you, even if you do not think so. You were AMAZING with Photo Shop and PSP. But you know what, you are still creative with your camera! 🙂 You do have an EYE when it comes with how you take your photos.

    And FYI I am soooo LOUSY when it comes about the tech stuff on my camera, yeah still after having it all these years. Remember YOU had to help me in Stockholm lol.

    Some days, I think I am creative or maybe I am trying to convince myself that I am… but in all honesty I am starting to doubt myself more and more, the more youtube videos I watch from people that really ARE creative! It looks so easy for them!! I wonder how can they come up with all their ideas? If you only knew how many times I have almost given up painting and art journaling….

    I still really love to blog! Even though I am not doing it as often as I used to way back. Then I had no problems at all to do 2 sometimes 3 posts a day! These days I struggle to find something to write about…. Something interesting for anyone else to read. I know, I know. I should be writing for me and I do, but still you want the few followers that I have to not get bored to death when they read my posts lol.

    Oh and by the way, I envy you!! Cause that photo of the sily water therem is awesome and I have not yet been able to take a photo like that LOL

    1. Thank you! Question is; does everyone really HAVE TO be creative?! I think I’ll settle for being ME instead.
      Okay, I did have a creative period there with PSP/Photoshop, but that came to an end. I don’t know why … perhaps it was the stars LOL

      1. So true, we do not have to be creative! I guess for me it is something I really wish I were, for some reason and I can remember some people told me even when I were a kid that I WAS creative. But I do not know… maybe they were lying to just make me feel better LOL

        1. ROFL … Yeah! I often wonder about stuff people told me when I was little! I think they LIED 😀 …like you say, to make me feel better. He he!

          In my case, everything seem to go in cycles/phases. That PSP-time — I LOVED to do it, it was all I wanted to do! Now, I just can’t bring myself to make anything. It’s so weird … probably the stars! grin

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