Monthly Photo Challenge ~ Changing Seasons 01

A photo challenge from Cardinal Guzman.

Once a month (on the 7th), he’ll be posting a gallery containing 10-20 pictures from Oslo’s city center. For my project, I’ve chosen Rockwood Park, because we go there, most every day, and also because there it’s really evident how the seasons change.

This is my gallery for January


29 Replies to “Monthly Photo Challenge ~ Changing Seasons 01”

    1. Thank you, John! I kind of like blue and white for web pages … You could do this too … from Las Vegas — would be cool! 😀

  1. Your beautiful winter photos are cooling me down somewhat! It’s 32 here today, and I’m sitting here with the a/c blasting away!
    The squirrels and the deers are my favourites.

    1. Oh dear … I’m so happy to be here then! 32º!!!

      We were on our way out of the park when the deer finally showed up — I was very pleased 😉

  2. Beautiful and fantastic gallery Reb! I love that you’ve captured different animals too, plus I like the DoF on the random icicle photo. I think that this park is an excellent place to watch the seasons change and I’m looking forward to see more.

      1. Awesome. Can you please add the tag “The Changing Seasons” to the post? Then it’s very easy to find all the entries because you can follow the tag in the WordPress reader.

  3. oh these are just stunning shots, the snow makes it just so magical and you got squirrels lol i am so jealous i can never get them to stay still long enough. I’m doing this challenge too it’s great fun. How is the thursday challenge going your part hosting? x

    1. Thank you! 🙂
      I love the snow, and those squirrels eat from your had — they’re that tame LOL

      The Thursday thingy hasn’t gained much traction…

      1. That’s a shame I am doing a blog hop and it does take a while, slowly does it. Wow they eat from your hand? Ours would not, but midn you we saw one eating a haribo the other day lol that would have been a great photo x

        1. Yes, I was thinking about that yesterday — it’s all about having the stamina to keep it up.

          They’re funny! I gave a hazelnut to one of them … he found that very confusing, as he couldn’t open it LOL

  4. Beautiful gallery! I’m finally getting around to checking out others’ entries into this challenge. I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful photography.

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