Just Thursday Blog Hop: What Do You See Every Day?

mac-minNuvofelt is hosting this week’s “Just Thursday” bloghop, that Mara and I [and hopefully many more of you] take part in.

As soon as the topic “What do you see every day” came up, I thought about the iPhone.  Mara beat me to it, but after a lot of consideration I’ve decided to go along the same lines: the computer … my MacBook. I took the picture with the iPad, in order to get the phone in the same frame.

This is what I see when I get up in the morning: the computer and a mug full of black, steaming coffee. I see my cat also. I don’t see my husband because he’d still be in bed.

Often I read discussions about how people seem to think being online is somehow ‘bad’ for you. There’s something called “internet addiction” and whatnot. I have people in FB that feel that they have to take time off from social media, but somehow they’re in there anyway. Already back in 1998 someone said to me: “Watch out so you don’t become Internet addicted!” Wow! It was a Swedish person who said it to me, and I think we/they are very quick to see all kinds of dangers or diseases everywhere.

Fast forward seventeen years; Okay, so perhaps I am addicted — so what?! If I sensed that I got some bad consequences from my use of the Web, then I’d definitely stay away from it. I don’t. If the Internet is down for a while, I don’t get convulsions, they don’t have to call the ambulance. I do get a little annoyed, but that’s about it.

The Web has been a beautiful addition to my life … to both our lives, really. It was the reason we met in the first place! I find having easy access to it, wherever I am, is enriching.

Share what you see every day! Write a blog post about it, leave a comment with the link here or in Nuvofelt’s blog.

22 thoughts on “Just Thursday Blog Hop: What Do You See Every Day?

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  2. nuvofelt

    Yes, the iPhone almost won with me as well! However, in the end I couldn’t resist the outdoors.

    Where would we be without technology? 😉

  3. daydreamer2011

    Great post!! And I agree with you! When the internet is down I do get annoyed but won’t break down lol. I just do something else and check later if it is back!

    Love the new background you have and that color! I know it is one of your fave colors too 😉

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  5. Mara Eastern

    Thank you for this very reassuring post! I was thinking that you could still go with the computer when I stole the phone idea 😉 What you say makes sense and resonates with me – great to read! And obviously, the same situation here: I appreciate my phone a lot but can survive a while without it too…

    1. Rebekah

      Oh yeah, I can survive just fine … but then and again I think about how vulnerable we, as a society, have become with all this stuff! Imagine if all of the Web would go down … all around the world — nothing much would work.

    1. Rebekah

      That’s a wonderful thing … that you remember to enjoy it! It’s easy to get so used to things so you don’t notice.. 🙂

  6. Barb

    Your photo describes what I see every day too. Like it or not, the internet is part of our everyday life now and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages – and without the internet, I wouldn’t have met you Rebekah!

    1. Rebekah

      Exactly! And for that, I’m grateful! [that we met] 🙂

      There’s no going back, unless we all go Amish or something like that.

  7. suzink

    I think it can be and I also think it can be a problem for teens and young children. They grow up with it now so it is more common place. I do think most adults get their other things in life done. I love it for all the things you used to have to go out to get. Like going to the library and going out to research things like I had to do if I couldn’t find it in the Encyclopedia for school. Reading is wonderful. It is still amazing to me I can talk to you in Canada like you are next door. The wonderousness of it is still there for me.

    1. Rebekah

      Yes, I’m sure it can be a problem for teens and young children. Especially with the obesity epidemic in mind. We’ll see what happens with all that in the long run.

      At work, I loved how I no longer had to wander off, down into the big, cold archives to pick up files..

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  9. David Bennett

    Hey, nice idea this blog-hop – and I joined in.

    About internet addiction – I am sure it exists – I read people saying they must get off it – but like you I don’t think it is a problem in itself – I think it is a channel that people can abuse or self-abuse. If it was not the Internet it would be something else. We all have personal responsibility – and the Web can enable a person to lose themselves in the great mass of people and feel they are part of it. But I think the answer is to have a brain that thinks, not to blame the Web. After all, there is a huge flowering of creativity that only exists because the Web has provided access to tools and an audience. So for every ‘glass half empty’ comment, there is a ‘glass half full’ reply.

    Here’s my blog-hop article

    1. Rebekah

      Very well said. Everything can be abused, and the greatest weapon of mass destruction is the human mind.

      Thank for joining in … going to read now 🙂

    1. Rebekah

      It’s back now. I’d made a mistake. I tried to remove all the other sharing icons, but I don’t know how to do it. I only wanted the WP Like to stay, but all disappeared.

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