I do still have a graphics editor [Pixelmator] on my computer. Shamefully, I’ve never bothered to really learn it. You can’t just know stuff out of the blue  — it’s totally different from Photoshop that I had before.

Tonight, I decided to pull myself together, and start. There are so many, good, tutorials online these days, and that’s the only way to go for me; tutorials. To choose something that looks nice, that I’d be interested to learn how to do … like this cloudy text here above. It didn’t turn out exactly like the image I was looking at, but hey … I’m still learning the ropes!


3 Replies to “cloudy”

    1. I haven’t done that for ages … not read any either, for that matter. Just fired up Photoshop on the Windows computer, and realised how quickly one forgets … Besides, it’s not working very well.

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