First post of the year

Happy New Year,  to all! We’re already four days into the new and nothing much has changed, but welcome 2015 or MMXV! 🙂 After all, it’s just a number, made up by man, but we need something to focus on — beginnings, ends, years, months, weeks, days … I could break it down even further.

filofaxI used to like the feeling of bringing out my new calendar/agenda on the new year — get all philosophical over it, pondering what the arrival of the new year might entail.  Now I have an iPhone instead and gazing at that didn’t really mean anything. I still have my trusty Filofax, of course, but now it’s empty. Would be pointless to send for a refill for it. There’s nowhere here where you can just go out and buy one.

Today, I’m looking forward to watching Downton Abbey in the evening, while I embrace the first, winter storm! It’s rather tame, we’re not even under any weather warning, and the snow will soon turn into freezing rain. Yuck.

19 Replies to “First post of the year”

  1. Sounds like you’re going to be getting the same storm that’s passing through here… Good luck with minimal accumulations of the icy stuff; ).
    Looks like we’re going into the first bout of below zero temps since before Christmas. Got a poor couple of inches of snow at the beginning of this system, but then it poured last night.
    Temps are going from a high of +7 today to -10 by dawn tomorrow… *sigh*
    SO hard on the gardens when we have no snow cover going into a January freeze):

    1. We’ve had quite the cold spell, and absolutely NO snow … it’s not good! Overnight, it went from -14º to 8 or 10º this morning. They say that the roads are a mess.. Still snow left, even though we’ve had some sort of rain since midday. Haven’t been out..

  2. I, too, have so much information on my iPhone. Notes, appointments and etc.
    I still love the feel of a nice looking leather binder. I bought a new one recently with 2015 engraved on front and beautiful quotes all through it. I’m using it as a backup and sort of a diary too.
    It just feels good to me.
    Hope you’re doing well and have a fantastic 2015.

  3. I got my little black chalendar book that fits in my handbag lol. It is there I write down birthdays and appointments. Don’t use my smartphone for anything else but using the phone, and once in a blue moon send text messages and I do take photos when I do not have any cam with me.

      1. lol that is true!

        I for got to say though that I do check out FB once in a while as well when I am out and about and load up pictures directly from the phone to FB is a great Feature!

        And that I couldn’t do with a regular cellphone! 🙂

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